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Fix Windows Online Troubleshooting Service is Disabled Windows 10

Microsoft is actually the company that introduced Windows. It has since launched a few remarkable features in all of the versions of the Windows that come in really handy in a PC user’s life every day, but the most fantastic feature in Win is definitely the Windows Troubleshooter.

What really makes the troubleshooter very unique is that it can assist the users in detecting different issues that have appeared within the Win and also recommends a few easy and effective solutions to overcome such issues on the Microsoft Windows OS. But when there’s a problem in online fixing, the Troubleshooter comes across different issues for many causes, among which the most common cause is that the Win online Troubleshooter service is actually disabled.

Since you’re reading this post, there’re high chances that the Troubleshooter has to be showing errors and not doing the Troubleshooting task successfully or simply showing a problem like the one saying something like Windows online Troubleshooter service is disabled.

The thing you have to carry out is to resolve the Windows Online Troubleshooting Service issue, and for that, the first step is always finding out what is the cause of the problem is and acquaint what an Online Windows Troubleshooting Service really is? Well, there can be many causes because of which the issue has appeared, and the most common ones appear because of the driver issues and other errors.

Though such errors aren’t difficult to solve and you can always do that yourself, it’s significant though to be confident, and if you’re uncertain about whether or not you’ll be capable of doing it, then it’s better to get assistance from a Windows expert because one incorrect move can cause you lots of loss.

What Triggers The Windows Online Troubleshooting Service Is Disabled Issue?


The Troubleshooting error saying something like Windows Online Troubleshooting Service is disabled is because of the Troubleshooter on the Win, which whenever attempts to carry out any task that is related to your internet, be it an online drive update or the online fix.

The major reason for the occurrence of this Troubleshooting problem on Windows is because of something that you had downloaded from your internet in recent times. However, Windows does provide you a liability to resolve such things, and the Online Windows Troubleshooting Service can work smoothly once again just by resolving the Microsoft issue.

Solutions For Solving The Online Windows Troubleshooting Service Issue:

Resolving the Windows Troubleshooting Service issue is no biggie; you simply have to acquaint the Windows well enough as well as be certain in what you’re doing. If you follow the below steps, we’re certain that you can simply eliminate the issue that the Windows is causing but always keep in mind that if you’re not certain about what to do or do not acquaint anything about Win, then always try to find help from professionals. Now, without further ado, let’s explain to you how you can solve the issue because we’re certain that’s why you’re here in the first place.

Solution#1: Updating The Windows

The first and basic solution to eliminate the Windows Troubleshooting Service problem is simply updating the Windows OS. Once you begin updating the Win with that, all your systems settings and drives will also be updated, and it can resolve the issue possibly more simply. In case you don’t acquaint how you can update your Windows, do not be anxious. We’ve got you covered on that too.

  • All you have to do is simply hit the Win + X keys at the same time > choose Settings.

Win + X keys


  • After that, click on the option of Update & Security.

Update & Security

  • Then, finally, click on the option of Check for Updates and do the pending update if accessible.

Check for Updates

The Windows update might take a little time to finish because it relies on what the previous Windows update was and how many files the PC needs to download, but once your Win update is completed, you’ll see that the issue has been gone. If not, just go on to the next solution we’ve got for you.

Solution#2: Cleaning The Temporary & Junk Files

Cleaning The Temporary & Junk Files

Temporary and Junk Files are frequently overlooked by PC users because they more often than not forget about their existence as they’re frequently utilized less or simply they don’t acquaint how to get rid of them from the system, but such files can really cause many issues and problems, and therefore it’s essential to get rid of them from your system. Once deleted, it’ll cause fewer issues, and also, there’re chances that the Windows Online Troubleshooting Service is disabled problem is also gone.

Solution#3: Running The SFC Scan

The SFC Scan is actually a scanning process that checks your entire PC and files for issues, and it’s one of the best solutions to check for problems on the Windows system. If the Troubleshooter issue is triggered by some problematic file, it can be simply detected by the SFC scan. For scanning through the SFC, all you have to carry out are:

  • Navigate to the Win Search Bar > look for Command Prompt.

Command Prompt

  • Then, right-click on the Command Prompt option > choose Run as Administrator.

Run as Administrator

  • Now, enter the sfc/scan command now > press Enter. It’ll take a little time to get finished.

sfc scan


Windows Online Troubleshooting Service is disabled issue can trigger a lot of trouble in the system, but it’s not hard to deal with it. Once fixed, the issue will be gone, and the Microsoft Win system will be as good as new.

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