Windows 10 Volume Popup

How To Disable Or Hide Windows 10 Volume Popup?

If you are somebody who is all too acquainted with the new version of Windows 10, you’ll acquaint that when you try to increase or decrease the volume, a popup emerges on the left side of your screen. The popup is recognized as the volume overlay or the volume popup.

Volume Popup:

Volume Popup

Volume Overlay:

Volume Overlay

Through this, you can easily adjust your windows volume and see the working by hitting the key for the volume from the keyboard.

The volume popup was released in the Win 10 versions, and before it all the versions of Windows had a normal bar which showed the fall and rise of the volume on the side of your screen and as much as individuals like the new updates in Windows, there’re always a few goods and bad features in every version, and for the Windows 10 version, it was the volume popup bar.

As much as this Windows 10 feature seems all right when you’re doing a few tasks, the real deal comes when you’re making use of the platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, or a few other online media players on the PC system.

If when you’re on one of such platforms, and you attempt to adjust your volume, the overlay or banner will emerge on your screen and hide the entire area behind it, and the timing is set for a good ten secs or so, and it’ll not go away no matter how much exit, ESC, or space bars you hit, and therefore many individuals don’t like it at all.

But the thing is, it’ll not go away before the allotted ten secs timing finishes, and it can get maddening for individuals, but since the world is full of tech geniuses, somebody among the human race found out how you can close that pop-up, but before it let’s discuss why you ought to close that overlay or banner?

Why Should You Minimize The Volume Pop Up Or Overlay?


As stated earlier that there’re a few goods and a few bad things about each new feature, but there’re negative and positive reviews to it as well, and the Win 10 Volume Popup also had the same. While most of the people didn’t like the option of Windows 10 Volume Popup, there’re some people who didn’t mind it because it does have a few beneficial sides and goods to it. So what are such positive points about this new Windows 10 feature?

  • Like when you’re working on several diverse tabs on the web browser, and you don’t desire to switch between those tabs from the one you’re currently working on to the other one which songs are playing, you can always simply hit the volume button, which will enable this volume pop up and tell you what song is actually being played in case you don’t know it.
  • Aside from only adjusting the volume, you can also play the previous music video or the next one by simply hitting the arrows on this banner. So Win 10 did have some positive sides when they’re making and releasing this feature, but unluckily not everybody liked this feature within Win 10, and it became maddening for the public. Contemplating Windows had already released this feature in Windows 10, they stuck with it, but people figured out a way of minimizing the display timings of this popup banner.

How Can You Minimize Or Reduce The Timings Of Your Volume Pop Up?

Windows 10 Volume Popup had the appearance timing of about five to ten secs, but in a few situations, it can emerge for more than one minute, which can be maddening for people because if you’re watching a film and you attempt to adjust your volume, the overlay will stop your film for a good minute, but you can always resolve the timings in the Windows 10 Settings menu. Wondering How? Well, keep on reading to find out.

Make The Overlay Appear For Just 5 Seconds:

  • First of all, hit the Windows + X keys at the same time > click on the option of Settings.

Win + X keys

  • After that, click on the option of Ease of Access.
  • Now, navigate to the visual options part and locate the Show Notification for option.
  • Now, in the dropdown menu, select the five secs option, which is the minimum.


  • Next, whenever you’ll try to adjust the volume in your Windows 10 system, the overlay will emerge for just five seconds.


However, it’s not only limited to the versions of Windows 10 and can be utilized on any version.

Get Rid Of The Banner/Overlay Completely:

Aside from minimizing or reducing the timings of the volume pop up while changing your volume, you can also:

  • Get rid of the banner completely from the screen; however, we’ll not suggest you do that because as much as your volume adjustment was maddening you previously, setting the overlay display to five seconds will work okay, and it’ll rapidly remove the pop up on your Windows 10 system or any other version as well.
  • Getting rid of the banner or overlay completely will not give you the convenience of checking what’s being played on a diverse tab while you work on a diverse tab, nor will it let you move the audios backward and forward.


If you’re having any problem with the Windows 10 Volume Pop Up, we hope this guide may have assisted you.

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