Steam Download Get Stuck At 100%

Why Does My GSteam Download Get Stuck At 100%?

A lot of users get stuck at 100% while downloading steam games. It makes them install steam once again. But the end result stays the same.

After numerous tries, the majority of them are unable to fix the problem and keep on thinking, why’s my steam download stuck at 100 percent? Nothing to be anxious about; we have the fix. Before that, let us explain to you the steam game store briefly. Certainly, this data will make everything much simpler for you.

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What Is Steam?


For having an excellent gaming experience, it’s the ultimate program cum gaming platform from the game-developer house, Valve. It’s a great store to purchase your preferred video games and the most recently released one over the net. It’s even possible to preorder the new launches for your computer from the store.

The great thing is that it comes with a collection of easy arcades to hardcore games. For the users, it also provides discounts on publishers’ bundles of best games. Along with it, it offers suggestions for news (whenever released) and recent updates. But the only thing that makes users disappointed is when the steam install gets stuck at 100%.

A long wait of minutes to one hour isn’t even enough. At this moment, you can just wait for the settlement or cancel that for reinstallation. Though it’s not the issue of the authenticity of your game or any virus, users get stuck during the installation process.

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The Reason Why My Steam Download Get Stuck At 100%:

The reason your game is stuck at 100% is that it’s completed downloading, but your game has to unpack into the files for it to be readable to the computer. It can take some seconds or up to one hour, depending on your update.

How To Fix The Steam Download Stopped At 100% Issue?

The games on Steam can’t download completely and get stuck at 100 percent. Not to be anxious. It’s one of the common problems occurring to Steam. You can resolve the problem simply with the following methods and tips.

The steam download can stop at a certain point for a few unknown reasons. Before you try the advanced ways, you can try the following easy steps first, which might work for you like a charm.

  • Pause > resume your download
  • Reboot Steam
  • Reboot PC
  • Reboot routers and modem

If you have tried the above steps with no luck, then try the below ways one by one until the issue is gone.

Way#1: Changing The Download Region

When you play any game on Steam, the Steam client will detect the region automatically and connect you to the content server located in your nearby region. It’s for ensuring that you have the best gaming experience. However, the server in a particular region can be slow, albeit it is near you.

And it can trigger game download problems such as being stuck at 100%. For resolving the Steam download stuck at 100% problem, you can change the download region temporarily to a diverse download region and check if the issue persists. For doing so:

  • First off, open Steam.
  • After that, navigate to Steam > Settings.
  • Now, click on downloads from the left pane.
  • Then, choose a region that is near you under the Download Region from the right pane. Then check if the issue is resolved.

Note that not each region works. If one region does not work, try others. Besides, changing your region to somewhere else in the same country might not be good enough. You might have to try the regions in diverse countries.

Way#2: Clearing The Download Cache

Clearing the Steam download cache might assist you in resolving the Steam download stuck at 100% problem. After you clear your download cache, the Steam client will redden all the cached data and obtain it from the Steam servers once again. Here is how you can clear the download cache:

  • First of all, open Steam > navigate to Steam > Settings.
  • After that, click on Downloads from the left pane.
  • Now, click on the clear download cache option from the right pane and follow the on-screen directions for finishing the procedure.

Way#3: Reinstalling Steam

For resolving the Steam download stuck at 100% problem, you can try reinstalling your Steam client.

Warning: Reinstalling Steam needs you to uninstall Steam first. Uninstalling it will cause all the game content loss. Before you uninstall it, you might desire to backup your games so you can restore them quickly.

How Can You Reinstall Steam?

  • On the keyboard, hit Win + I (the Win logo key and I key) simultaneously for opening the Settings window.
  • Then, click on Apps > select Apps and Features from the left pane.
  • After that, scroll down and click on Steam in the right pane.
  • Now, click on Uninstall and follow the directions on your screen for uninstalling Steam from the PC.
  • Reboot the PC > download and install Steam once again.

How Can You Back Up Your Games On Steam?

  • First of all, navigate to Steam > Backup & Restore Games.
  • After that, choose Backup currently installed programs > click on next.
  • Now, choose the games you want to back up > click on next.
  • Then, choose a location you desire to save the backup to > click on next.
  • Configure the backup file size settings and name > click on next.

How Can You Restore Your Games On Steam?

  • First off, navigate to Steam > Backup & Restore Games.
  • After that, choose the restore a previous backup option > click on next.
  • Then, simply follow the on-screen directions to browse and choose the games you want to restore.

Way#4: Disabling The Antivirus Program Temporarily

If you have an antivirus program installed on the PC, it is possible that the antivirus program is interfering with Steam, or Steam isn’t appended to their exception list. To resolve that, you can disable the antivirus program temporarily and check if the issue persists. Or you can manually append Steam to the exception list.

Way#5: Connecting To A Diverse Network

If you are on a network whose Internet Service Provider (ISP) caches or compresses the online data for saving some bandwidth, the Steam download stuck at 100% problem can appear. If possible, you can connect to a diverse network and check if the issue still persists.


Definitely, many users are utilizing the steam gaming platform all around the globe. Also, at times, Steam’s content file gets locked; you can resolve the problem by following these simple steps. Hopefully, this information on how you can fix the problem of steam download stuck at 100% will work for you.

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