White Lines On iPhone Screen

White Lines On iPhone Screen After Drop; Here’s The Real Fix

Dropping the iPhone is really a distressing incident. No matter what height the iPhone drops, it absolutely skips the heartbeat. The iPhone is such a favorite device that each owner loves it more than anything else. What would happen if you drop the iPhone and it begins misbehaving?

One of the common problems individuals experience after dropping the iPhone is the appearance of the white lines across the display. Such white lines emerge because of the loose connection. When the iPhone drops, it sends a shock to all the internal parts.

The impact might cause a few connections to loosen up. Utilizing the iPhone while such lines are being displayed can lead to a lot of severe problems. The erratic touches, misbehaving screen, and jumping cursors will cause you to lose patience.


Can white Lines Be Resolved?


Is it possible to resolve the white lines? If you’re running short on time, or if you don’t have access to go to the service center, you can fix the issue yourself. The iPhone makes use of the LCD screen for displaying content.

This LCD screen is actually connected to the logic board that can be found behind it. If the iPhone drop has affected your connection, it’ll lead the iPhone to display white lines across the screen. It can be resolved, and the white lines can be eliminated.

Are Such White Lines Permanent?

First of all, make sure that the lines are permanent. A few recent application changes may be affecting your display. Check if these lines emerge across applications and also on the home screen and lock screen. Check for your iOS updates and check if any of such resolve the issue. Once it’s established that such white lines are permanent, you’ll need to carry out some simple DIY tasks for resolving the iPhone screen.

Why Do These White Lines Emerge?

Lines on the digitizer screen are frequently a symbol of the loose connection. It’s because when you dropped the iPhone, its LCD connection to its logic board became loose. Therefore, not all the pins on your LCD ribbon are lined up with your port on its logic board. Besides such white lines being related to the loose connection to your display, if you dropped the iPhone in water, your device could also be water damaged.

In either of such two situations, you will have to cautiously open your iPhone and try to resolve it by restoring the connection between your LCD display and its logic board. Remember that the device might still be damaged beyond fix, particularly if the iPhone has come in contact with water.

Resolve The Loose LCD Connection:

The procedure for opening up the iPhone needs lots of precaution and patience. It’s better to be ready to spend a little extra time in carrying out such exercise. You’ll require a set of tools for physically opening up the iPhone. Also remember, that this procedure may affect the iPhone’s warranty.

As we progress, the basic assumption is that the connection between the LCD display and the logic board is loose. We comprehend that you do not desire to damage the phone any further while fixing it by yourself. Start the repair with a focus on the job and evade any distractions.

The Preliminary Solution:

  • In the first step, try to squeeze the top part of the iPhone screen. It’s to try and resolve the problem without having to open your iPhone at all.
  • Hold the back and front of the top part of the iPhone screen. Apply pressure gently; it may resolve the loose connection and repair the screen simply.
  • Relying on the iPhone model, the point at which your LCD screen connects to its logic board varies. We recommend you to do a bit of research on the location where the iPhone has its connection point.
  • Avoid squeezing really hard as you may end up cracking or damaging your screen. The loose connection will need a very gentle squeeze—no requirement of applying force in trying to carry out so.

The Advanced Solution:

If the preliminary solution does not repair your display, it’s time to make use of a few tools. The tools kit needed to open up the iPhone is simply accessible in the market or on all the top e-commerce sites. They comprise all the tools needed for opening any part of your iPhone, comprising the prying tool and screwdrivers for opening your device.

Once you’ve opened your iPhone, look through the assembly. There’ll be a wire that connects your LCD display to its main logic board. Relying on the iPhone’s version, the position of this connection will vary.

Once you locate this wire, attempt to simply put it in position and apply a little pressure for tightening the connection, excessive force isn’t needed; a loose connection is simply a misalignment and can be simply resolved with slight pressure on the connector.

Check If The Issue Is Fixed:

After reconnecting this wire, don’t reassemble your phone yet. You have to make sure that the fix works. Cautiously put aside your display screen and turn the iPhone on. Once your iPhone is powered on, you’ll see such undesired white lines are gone.

It works in most cases as the lines are just because of the connection problem. Once you verify that the problem is fixed, cautiously reassemble the iPhone. Put all the screws back in position and reboot the phone. You ought to now be capable of utilizing the iPhone as nothing had happened.

What If The Issue Continues?

If the white lines keep on showing on display, then the problem may be a lot deeper. In case your LCD is damaged, the lines will keep on showing. You’ll need to replace your LCD with the new one to remove the white lines. If you’ve sensitive data on the iPhone, it’s about time that you create a backup.

If the screen problem persists, you might end up with an unusable screen sooner or later. Not having access to your device or a dead phone might lead to data loss. The main task at hand ought to now be to take a careful backup of all the vital data before you keep on utilizing the iPhone.

In case of the damaged LCD, replacing the whole assembly by yourself isn’t suggested, as the procedure involves the detailed comprehension of the circuitry and the internal working of iPhones. Messing up the circuit can damage the iPhone beyond fix. In such a situation, take professional assistance or send it to the service center of Apple for a safe fix.

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