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[ANSWERED] When Will Motherboards Be Back In Stock? 2 Suppliers Suggested

Motherboards are a significant part of any PC. Have you found yourself purchasing a new PC but cannot locate a motherboard in any of the local shops, and even online, they are out of stock? Do not be anxious! You are not alone.

This guide will tell you everything that you desire to know about motherboards, why they’re out of stock so rapidly for the past few years, and when they’re accessible so that the next time it happens, it would not be as maddening for you!

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Let’s start by figuring out why exactly they are unavailable all the time.

Why Are So Many Motherboards Out Of Stock?


There are some reasons for this.

  • A Lot Of Demand:

One possible cause is because there’s been so much demand lately from individuals who have finally constructed their first gaming computer or perhaps just have to purchase a new one.

  • Motherboards Are More Expensive:

Another possible cause is that motherboards are pricier than other PC parts (Besides GPU/CPU), so they are frequently out of stock preventing individuals from purchasing them when their inventory is not high enough yet (as the example).

  • Crypto:

Crypto is another cause, mining has been increasing in recognition which decreases the stock on PC components, and it’s been affecting the entire hardware market, not only motherboards. Mining can be money-making when done correctly, and the big miners know it and purchase numerous PCs for mining on them, hence, going through the entire stock of PC hardware.

  • Companies Don’t Restrict Supply:

Finally, it can be that motherboard companies desire to restrict supply for driving up demand and making a profit. Either way, the result is that everybody who requires a motherboard finishes up being disturbed because they can never locate any!

When Will Motherboards Be Back In Stock?

The motherboards have been obtainable for some weeks now, but it comes and goes on account of how quickly they get sold out. The boards that were at first out of stock are also accessible again, so we will see the situation regularize as time goes on and companies tweak production methods for meeting all the demand.

All hope isn’t lost! Motherboards will be accessible soon enough, but it is difficult to say when exactly they will be coming through. We have seen very few stocks trickle from different sources (MSI, Gigabyte), which ought to fuel new board shipments hopefully. But nobody knows how long before the motherboards become readily accessible again, perhaps days, weeks, or months? It is impossible to tell at the moment.

What We Suggest You Do Is Keep An Eye Out On The Two Big Online Hardware Shops:

  • Amazon And Newegg:

Newegg is one of the world’s largest hardware stores and gets its stock reloaded more frequently than most stores, so if you can keep an eye out, you can almost certainly locate one every few days.

Amazon is also one of the world’s largest markets; the brands themselves more often than not sell in Amazon, which is extremely significant because the manufacturers themselves frequently have some extra ones accessible for sale.

Why Is Crypto Mining Affecting The Hardware Market?

You might have already heard about the current cryptocurrency mining craze and how it is affecting the hardware markets. We think that this thing will continue for at least some more years with no plans to discontinue, so it is significant to know where your motherboards are going.

The cryptocurrency mining economics is such that individuals who can purchase or rent pricey CPUs (central processing units), graphics cards, and other hardware for a lower price per unit have a benefit over those who can’t afford them.

With a lot of PC components in short supply as demand has outpaced the production capacity because of this trend, costs continue to rise while accessibility goes down, which denotes more profits for miners and less availability for everybody else looking to invest in different new equipment.

Motherboard companies have been feeling the burn from such trends, too: GPU shortages triggered by crypto-mining skyrocketing costs denote far fewer gamers will be purchasing gaming-grade boards anytime soon, and motherboard costs are rising as well.

In anticipation of such a trend to continue, a lot of companies have begun blocking preorders or rationing sales altogether, ensuring shortage on their end for when demand unavoidably picks back up again.

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