ePSXe Full-Screen Setting

What’s The Best ePSXe Full-Screen Filter Setting?

The ePSXe is actually a PS emulator for the iPhone and Windows. The plug-ins are the additions to the gaming console emulator that can boost the sound-producing and graphics-rendering capabilities.

The ePSXe full-screen filter setting is improved with the usage of graphics plug-ins, most of which can easily be downloaded free of charge. With the use of the plug-ins, you can acquire the best possible setting for your ePSXe full-screen filter setting.

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Best ePSXe Full-Screen Filter Setting

Screen Filter Plug-ins:

The screen-filter plug-ins can improve your game’s 3D model textures sprites and allow for the anti-aliasing, smoothing out the polygons’ sharp corners that are utilized for making the 3D characters. When utilized together with the custom plug-in shaders, your filter can make an image with stronger colors and can blend in a few of the shades for hiding the hexagonal 3D model faults that were common in the classic PS games. You can obtain the best full-screen filter settings of ePSXe by making use of the OpenGL2 PSX plug-in of Pete.


In addition to your screen-filter plug-ins, you can simply download and apply the Shader plug-in for your ePSXe, like the Eternal SPU Plug-in 1.41 and ePSXe SPU core 1.7.0. These Shaders can make brighter or stronger shade colors in the 3D graphics of PS games, improving the picture of the character sprites and the background graphics throughout the Gameplay.

  • If you want to enable the ePSXe shader, then simply click in Configure > choose Video.
  • After that, choose Configure Pete’s PSX OpenGL Renderer > click on the checkbox beside the Shader Effects option to choose it.
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, choose the shader effects, like the 3: ARB program for OGL2 of Pete.
  • For the fantastic shader settings, choose 4 for your Shader level and choose Yes for the Use pixel shader for ‘the PSX texture window’ emulation option.

How To Utilize?

First of all, download Pete’s OpenGL2 GPI PSX v2.08 plug-in free of charge from Pete’s Domain.

Then make use of any tool for extracting the plug-in files and store them in your plug-ins folder that can be found in the ePSXe folder on the PC. Saving such files there will assist your emulator in quickly finding the files and make use of them whenever you change the filter settings.

Configuring Your Filter:

  • First of all, run the ePSXe emulator > click on Config > choose Video.
  • After that, choose Pete’s OpenGL Driver > click on Configure for opening the Configure Pete’s OpenGL PSX Renderer.
  • While in the Configure Pete’s OpenGL PSX Renderer, simply click on the circle beside the Fullscreen mode option for choosing it.
  • Next, click on the Desktop resolution’s arrow for expanding the drop-down menu > choose the manufacturer’s suggested resolution for the PC monitor, like 1920×1080.
  • After that, enter 1440 and 1080 into the text boxes of Window size.
  • Tick the checkbox beside the option that says Use Window size in Fullscreen mode.
  • Choose 2 for the Internal X resolution, Stretching mode, and Internal Y resolution.
  • Now, set the Texture Filter number to 4 and change the Hi-Res textures to 2.
  • Tick the checkbox beside Screen filtering for applying the full-screen filter and get the fantastic graphic settings for the ePSXe.

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