What Is The Ending Of The Mobile Game S.I.M.

What Is The Ending Of The Mobile Game S.I.M. (Sara Is Missing)?

Since the S.I.M game is based on the player’s choices, so far from what we have found out while playing this game, there’re two possible endings of the game (spoiler alert):

  • Faith gets murdered by the cult leader. However, Sara will be secure. Images of Faith’s murder will be sent to Sara’s phone by the cult leader. Then, IRIS (which is Siri of Sara’s phone) will tell that Sara is secure and that you need to locate her. The game then starts again.
  • Sara gets murdered by the cult leader. Images of Sara’s killing will be sent to her phone by the cult leader. IRIS will then reprimand the player for letting Sara die. Then, the game starts again.

The Ending Of The Mobile Game S.I.M. (Sara Is Missing):


If you fail in answering within the time limit of ten secs, IRIS will select Faith by default for saving Sara.

The Ending Of The Mobile Game S.I.M. (Sara Is Missing)

Frequently Asked Questions Section:(People Also Ask)

Q: Is Sara Is Missing Real?

The story of the game is completely fictional. As for a few game elements, the creative team did a lot of research-based on fictional and real stories. The IRIS artificial intelligence was actually inspired by the HAL 9000 from Space Odyssey; the Red Room curse was actually based on the Japanese urban legend, the footage style videos found are from the Blair Witch Project and also the elements of witchcraft.

Q: When Did Sara Is Missing Game Really Come Out?

Launched on 23 Oct 2016, it also launched for the App Store (iOS), the Google Store, and also for steam, but this game was removed from Steam, also launched on itch.io, but it has not been taken down yet.

Q: How Many Endings Are There In S.I.M?

There are two possible endings of this game.

The Mobile Game S.I.M. (Sara Is Missing):

Simulated Gameplay:

Since we live in the digital age where we are glued to the phones, Monsoon Lab certainly made the breakthrough with Sara is missing by using the technological immersion idea with the found footage genre that’s been proliferating the horror film market (think paranormal activity and Blair witch). If that is not the case, the game abbreviation can be concise for the simulator.

You’re, after all, playing this game on Sara’s smartphone, although it is through your phone. How ingenious. Players will need to get through Sara’s photos, personal text messages, videos, and emails to find the missing girl.

There’s much reading that varies from email logs to text messages, so it may turn a few individuals off. Luckily for players, if they’re ever stuck in this game, they can ask IRIS (again, she has her own tool) to assist them in the phone’s contents investigation.

Sara is missing coordinates

Then again, actually, we do read material on smartphones for searching for info, so it is not really surprising for this sort of game.

Most of the time, you’ll be searching for important pr crucial info for IRIS for analyzing. There’ll be times where you will have to chat with her regarding some essential info. The majority of the conversation will be between IRIS and the player, but also other characters occasionally.

There is not much liberty throughout chats since you are limited to 2-3 responses. There’s a keyboard prompt, but just for aesthetic reasons for now.

The complexity is rather straightforward and combined with the touch-based controls of modern phone technology, players will locate themselves immersed in this game right away. Again, it feels really like a real smartphone.

Sara is Missing is also comparatively short, and players ought to beat this game in no less than one hour. A friend completed this game within 20 minutes, and that is only if you do not read through it all. I myself took a little longer and went a bit over an hour. My advice: trust your instincts and see what is really mysterious and strange from the information you find.

General Impressions:

I have to admit that I am not the strongest individual when coping with horror material, but the game really does a great job in keeping you anxious all the time. There’s nothing that can be contemplated ultra frightening, but watching this story open out in front of you and gradually making you a part of the game is really one of the most enthralling experiences I have ever had on the phone.

Unluckily, I cannot give you complete details because anything more, and I’d begin spoiling its story, but the creator did a fantastic job in making certain that this game closely resembles the normal dealings with any regular device. Getting through the gallery of videos and images, receiving voice messages and phone calls, and sending messages to other individuals is what really makes it so enthralling.

Sara is missing suspicious messages

It seriously feels like you are a part of it because everything feels really natural. There is a part where you’re getting messages from an individual. He answers really quickly, and the typical is typing animation has all of the messages.

However, there is an instant in which the animation stays there for a moment, and you do not get the answer. You really begin wondering what really happened to that guy and why he does not reply, particularly after reading the previous replies.

Sometime later, you begin getting creepy photos based on the choices. The device begins malfunctioning in a few instances. The messages you get and the choices you need to make get even creepier by the time. It all might sound like little things, but each little detail can add up to make such an appealing experience.


This game isn’t that sound-intensive. There’re a few sound effects all over the place, particularly those made by the messaging program. The audio from such videos you’ll need to get through is of decent quality and clear. Voice messages and phone calls can sound a little muddy, but I am pretty certain that’s done on purpose.

Since you are in a smartphone interface, you will not have any background music. The game, however, suggests you play with headsets on so that you can get even more immersed. That’s particularly good while receiving phone calls and watching videos.


As mentioned earlier, the entire game is simply experienced through a smartphone interface. If you consider how iOS looked before iOS 7), then you already acquaint how S.I.M really looks like. It makes this game look out-of-date. Why’d the smartphone interface of the Samsung Galaxy S8 look like an OS from 2012?

Sara Is Missing

The user interfaces for gallery, messages, and even keyboard look like Forstall was employed for creating the game interface. I can comprehend that it’d be a lot to ask for the user interface for changing according to the device being utilized, but if the creator desires to offer an iOS interface, then iOS 10 at least looks more modern.

One thing to see about its graphics is that it can reach astonishing performance levels with them. Each click right away triggers an action, sinuously and without frame drops. It is even better than the versions of TouchWiz from a few years ago.

What’s The Ending Of This Mobile Game Sara Is Missing (S.I.M.)?

It is really a small game. Whatever you say in a chat, the replies are predetermined to be the same. In the end, the killer will murder either Faith or Sara. If you select Sara to make her secure, the murderer will murder her instead, whereas if you select Faith, then she’ll have the same fate as James. So whomever you select, this game will start again in 2 diverse (actually same) manners:

  • If you select Sara, the murderer will send you the pictures of Sara being killed by the murderer. Then IRIS (the Siri) will say what you’ve done. We’re supposed to save Sara and all. And the game will start again.
  • If you select Faith, the murderer will send you the pictures of Faith being killed by the murderer. Then IRIS will tell you that Sara is safe for now. And this game will still start again.

The Bottom Line And Some Suggestions:

Sara is missing game has certainly been an innovative and immersive mobile horror game. It has the potential to be an ARG (alternate reality game) since it utilizes a real-life situation with choices that might change playability. From the simulated idea of using the phone technology combined with the horror scenario of locating a missing individual through the found footage idea, Monsoon Lab has really developed a breakthrough with such an indie game.

However, it certainly requires re-working its problems: the plot and the lack of scare. The initial presentation of the game of using a human-like artificial intelligence can likely be worked into the horror part more.

Would the facial recognition feature work also? If that were the case, that would be great and frightening at the same time; another fantastic idea for this game would be to use the battery life as the time limit. If the smartphone drains to 0%, it is the immediate game over. Another idea would be to trick the players into believing that their smartphones might be corrupted by this game itself. Anyway, these are only our suggestions.


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