“Impressum” On Facebook

What Is “Impressum” On Facebook?

The Impressum might be a mostly unfamiliar concept in North America, but it is a legal requirement for companies that work in German-speaking countries. A lot of site owners across the globe have to disclose their contact information and identities in an Impressum.

Read on to find out what an Impressum really is, whether or not you require one, and how you can make an Impressum for FB.

What Is An Impressum?



An Impressum is actually a statement of authorship and ownership of content that’s legally needed to be put on the published print media and online in the different German-speaking countries. For companies with an online presence, the Impressum denotes disclosing the contact details of the site or company owner, as well as the basic details about the business.

Impressum is actually an adopted German word with some Latin origins, denoting to engrave or to impress. The closest English equivalents to Impressum are the about us page, the masthead, imprint, and legal notice,

Do I Require An Impressum?

You require an Impressum if you run a commercial site comprising the business social media pages in Switzerland, Austria, or Germany, regardless of whether you’ve a .de domain or not, according to the German Telemedia Act.

An Impressum is close to the privacy policy of a business. However, privacy policies are more widespread and needed in more countries. Remember that the Impressum isn’t needed for the private pages, like the personal blog that does not make any income.

What Should You Write In An Impressum?

You ought to comprise the following in your Impressum, according to the Telemedia Act:

  • The name of the manager or owner of the page or business
  • Business registration details (comprising the registration number and register name)
  • The trade registry number or VAT ID number, if applicable
  • A registered business address
  • Contact details (for example, email address and phone number)

Impressum And Facebook:

A lot of companies have their own sites as well as different social media pages. Facebook added a feature that lets users make their own Impressum on the public page so that companies in the different German-speaking countries can simply comply with the law.

What Is An Impressum On Facebook?

An Impressum on Facebook is actually a section on the ‘About’ page that shows the legal identification numbers and contact details of a business. FB permits users to enter up to two thousand characters for the Impressum, after which the text is shortened, and a link to the full Impressum is appended.

Facebook’s Groups, Pages, and Event Policies need page Admins to obey all the applicable regulations and laws. It denotes that if you are subject to the Telemedia Act, FB needs you to include an Impressum on the page.

Impressum Facebook Examples:

There’re diverse methods of writing and presenting an Impressum for the Facebook page. The Facebook Impressum examples given below differ in formatting and wording while still meeting all the requirements for the Impressum.

  • Birkenstock:

The Facebook About Page of Birkenstock features the Impressum and business description. Although they have a comparatively short Impressum, they offer the needed business and contact details. You can change the length of the Impressum and the order of the details as long as the needed information is given.

  • Audi:

The Facebook About page of Audi features an Impressum that comprises the names of board members, contact details, VAT ID, and business registration number and name. They offer additional contact details and resources for users who desire to learn more about the fuel consumption data. The Impressum can have additional details about the business, as long as you have included the needed elements.

  • Allianz:

The Facebook About page of Allianz comprises their Impressum and business description. They give details about their business and staff, along with the links to their complete Impressum, Instagram page, and privacy policy.

Impressum is also referred to as credits or imprints on sites. Contemplate linking the Facebook Impressum to the full imprint of the website or Impressum page for the convenience of your users.

How Can You Add The Impressum On The Facebook Page?

Here is how you can append an Impressum to the Facebook page:

  • First of all, click on Pages from the left-hand side menu of the News Feed.
  • After that, simply navigate to the Page > click on the Edit Page Info option.
  • Then, simply scroll down to the more section > type in the company details in the Impressum field.
  • Next, just click on the Save Changes option.

Next Steps:

Now that we have walked through what an Impressum really is and how you can make one, let’s revisit what you have to acquaint about Impressum:

  • An Impressum is actually a statement of authorship and ownership.
  • An Impressum assists in combating disinformation and spam by simply holding the creators responsible for the content.
  • An Impressum is needed legally for the commercial websites working in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.
  • A standard Impressum text comprises the names of the website or business owner, business contact details, and any government-issued registration or identification numbers.

Before making the Impressum, confer with the different other Impressum resources or check out the Telemedia Act for thorough descriptions of all the requirements. When writing the Impressum, you can draw inspiration from the examples given here. Lastly, show the Impressum in prominent places on the Facebook page or website for complying with the German laws.



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