What iPhone Has The Biggest Screen? iPhone Size Comparison Chart

Back in 2007, Apple launched its original iPhone with a screen size of 3.5-inches. Over the years, a new iPhone, more often than not, always has a bigger screen. Up to now, what iPhone has the biggest screen? Some years ago, a phone with a five-inch screen was already considered large.

Today, however, you’ll almost never locate a handset with a screen smaller than that. Back in 2018, Apple rocked the whole world with the iPhone XS Max with a huge 6.5-inch screen. It’s today the iPhone with the largest screen.

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iPhone Size Comparison Chart:


iPhone NameYear LaunchedScreen Size
iPhone20073.5 inches
iPhone 3G20083.5 inches
iPhone 3GS20093.5 inches
iPhone 420103.5 inches
iPhone 4S20113.5 inches
iPhone 520124 inches
iPhone 5S20134 inches
iPhone 5c20134 inches
iPhone 620144.7 inches
iPhone 6 Plus20145.5 inches
iPhone 6S20154.7 inches
iPhone SE20164 inches
iPhone 720164.7 inches
iPhone 7 Plus20165.5 inches
iPhone 820174.7 inches
iPhone 8 Plus20175.5 inches
iPhone X20175.8 inches
iPhone XS20185.8 inches
iPhone XR20186.1 inches
iPhone XS Max20186.5 inches

iPhone XS Max:

The iPhone XS Max, as it can clearly be seen, has the largest screen of all the models of iPhone launched back in 2018 and all the previous models of iPhone, for that matter. With the size it comes with, you’ll have to have some additional space in the purse.

Since 2014, Apple has launched iPhones with diverse screen sizes. The iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max aren’t referred to as medium, small, and large. Instead, they’re frequently called the large, larger, and extremely large.


The iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch screen exactly hulking over the iPhone XS that comes with a 5.8-inch screen, and the iPhone XR comes with a 6.1-inch screen.


Bigger phones absolutely denote heavier phones. The iPhone XS Max weighs around 7.3 ounces, almost half a pound heavier than the iPhone XS that comes with a 5.8 screen. So, your iPhone XS Max isn’t just the iPhone with the largest screen but the heaviest, as well.

Display Resolution:

The iPhone XS Max has an OLED display with 2,688×1,242 pixel resolution with almost 458 pixels for each inch pixel density offering sharp pictures. It has a cam similar to that of the iPhone XS, dual twelve-megapixel camera with ƒ/2.4 telephoto aperture and ƒ/1.8 aperture wide-angle lens. It also has a 4K video capturing capability.

Battery Life:

It has a rechargeable lithium-ion built-in battery. Apple says the iPhone XS Max’s battery life lasts ten hours and thirty-eight minutes, the biggest Smartphone battery ever from Apple. That’s 1½ longer than the iPhone X’s battery life and thirty minutes more than the iPhone XS’s battery life.

  • Audio playback: Up to sixty-five hours
  • Talk time: Up to twenty-five hours
  • Internet use: Up to thirteen hours
  • Video playback: Up to fifteen hours

Up to fifty percent charge in thirty minutes, charges with an 18W adapter or higher.

Other Specifications Of The iPhone XS Max Comprise:

  • Processor: Apple A12 Bionic
  • Software: iOS 12
  • Connector: Lightning
  • Storage : 64GB, 256GB, 512GB
  • Special Features: Animoji
    • Face ID
    • Dual-SIM capabilities (e-SIM and nano-SIM)
    • IP68 Water-resistant
    • Wireless charging

Apple released the iPhone XS Max, thinking that when it comes to iPhones, larger ones are always better. While the iPhone XS Max is the iPhone with the largest screen, you’ll hardly ever feel that it’s too big in your hand.

The iPhone XS Max has the same size as the iPhone 8 plus that comes with a 5.5 screen. With your iPhone XS Max, Apple disposed of the bezel that is the border between the phone’s frame and the screen for accommodating the larger screen.

Pros & Cons Of The Big iPhone Screen:

The iPhone XS Max comes with its own pros & cons so far as its large screen is concerned.


  • It’s simpler to see all the particulars of a particular feature.
  • It’s more pleasant to watch movies and play games on a larger screen.
  • It’s simpler to read with a larger screen because you’ll not have to scroll down as frequently.
  • Videos and photos look so much better on a larger screen.
  • It’s simpler to get work finished because everything is well-spaced.
  • Social media platforms look better, particularly Instagram and Facebook because you can see pictures in larger formats letting you see certain details you’d not have seen on a smaller screen.
  • iPhones with larger screens beginning with 6.5-inch are the potential replacement for tablets. The smallest tablet by Apple, the iPad mini 5, comes with 7.9 inches.


  • For offering clear and crisp images, iPhones with larger screens require higher resolutions (QHD and above). It denotes a boost in the usage of the battery. A larger screen without a higher resolution will show an inferior picture.
  • The battery life is frequently shorter for phones with larger screens.
  • It can really be a struggle to reach the top of your screen with just one hand.
  • Too big for ladies. Back in 2018, Apple was criticized by feminists who said the iPhones, because of the larger screens, are now really big for ladies to hold with only one hand. They also said it had caused a lot of ladies to have Repetitive Strain Injury.
  • Larger screen sizes denote an increase in the physical form factor. A lot of iPhone users, though, get used to it.

The reason Apple, as well as many other Smartphone manufacturers, keep releasing phones with larger screens is just because they’re selling well. The majority of individuals absolutely prefer larger phones. It can be compared to the fact that the majority of individuals choose big-screened televisions.

What iPhone Has The Largest Screen?

As of today, it’s the iPhone XS Max with a 6.5 screen. Rumors are flowing, though, that in 2020, Apple is set to release the iPhone 11 with an even larger screen at almost seven inches. If you were asked to pick out one, which one would you choose, an iPhone with a smaller screen or the one with a larger screen?

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