Active Now Mean On Facebook Messenger

What Does Active Now Mean On Facebook Messenger?

If individuals are in the Active Now list on FB, it denotes they’re actively utilizing Facebook at the moment. They’re viewing their chatting, feed, playing games, or doing other activities. That individual is online, and you can talk to them.

Does it denote active on the only messenger or active on both Facebook and Messenger? And also, when it says active four hours ago, does it denote on Facebook or messenger?

Seeing Active [so many minutes] ago denotes that was the last time that the user was on FB. When you see the conversations on mobile messages, you will see how recently the friends interacted with FB.

This built-in feature assists in giving you the idea of how rapidly they might respond to any messages you send. A few individuals have tested this feature in FB and discovered that it is not very accurate. They knew somebody was sleeping all night, and it said they’re active two hours ago, but they actually were not.

Active of fb

Facebook Invisible Mode:


Being active denotes you are online, and all your buddies can see that you’re online. I think it is time FB came up with the invisible mode, don’t you? That’d be nice; you could be on FB without anyone knowing.

When It Says On Mobile Or Is Active On FB, Are They Really Online?

  • When you see the Is Active or Active Now status, that denotes that an individual is online utilizing Facebook Messenger utilizing their mobile phone (Android or iPhone app).
  • When you see something like Active ten Minutes Ago as the status, that denotes the user was active ten minutes ago on Facebook Messenger.
  • Seeing 1m would denote one minute ago, and 2m would denote two minutes ago, and so on.
  • If there’s no time mentioned, it denotes they’re making use of it at the moment (if it is showing that they are active) or that they have been on FB in the previous few hours.
  • When you see the status saying On Mobile, it actually denotes they’re signed in on the mobile device but not active on Facebook at present.

Facebook tracks the status on mobile devices but not really when you are on a laptop or desktop system.

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The Bottom Line:

So if you see users online and they are not talking to you, then there is a great possibility that they are not ignoring you, but they’re actually away. We will see if FB improves this notable feature over time or not.


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