Poke Mean On Facebook

What Does A Poke Mean On Facebook?

So, you got poked by somebody on FB, now what? A Facebook poke is actually a feature on this social media platform that allows the users to send a single virtual notification to the friend. No more, no less. Despite the name of the feature, the reason for a poke has never been completely clear.

While poking was trendy back in 2007, it is worth noting that its fame has declined a lot on FB over the past years. Back in 2011, the feature formally went into hiding on the website as part of different functionality updates. In the earlier days of Facebook, a poke was a timid and cute (though ineffective) method of virtually flirting or just saying hello.

Today pokes still exist, but it is hardly clear-cut: getting a casual poke from grandma and your crush on the same day can really leave you with strange mixed messages. Still puzzled as to why somebody would poke you on FB, or what it could really denote? Here’re all the FB poke questions answered.

Poke Mean On Facebook


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What Does Poke Rally Mean On FB?

Essentially, a poke is the same as like, with a much more vague purpose. According to the Urban Dictionary, a poke lets users say hello to or show interest in somebody without having to go through the boring procedure of crafting logical sentences. Basically, a Poke denotes somebody is trying to get some attention, flood the notifications only for some fun, or find some excuse to flirt.

An early FB Frequently Asked Questions page read, when we made the poke, we thought it’d be fun to have a feature without any particular purpose. Individuals understand the poke in a lot of diverse ways, and we support you in coming up with your own meanings. Whether or not you discover a poke unimpressive, sweet, or creepy is completely up to you.

Although if you have frequented FB a lot in the previous year, at times, it is good to have a wordless interaction void of any political commentary or rants. A Poke is arguably an out-of-date flirting manner. Sliding into direct messages, or DMs is the new method of getting somebody’s attention on social media.

How Can You Poke Somebody On Facebook?

If you utilized the poke feature in the early times of Facebook and have not much since you will be astonished to learn that the setup for this feature has really changed. It is not quite as observable as it once was, so navigating to the poke screen really takes a bit of work. The procedure to poke somebody is the same for both a desktop and laptop Facebook interface or if you are making use of your smartphone or a mobile device.

  • First of all, navigate to the poke page that can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pokes when you’re signed in to the account.
  • You’ll see the search box at the top where you can search for your friend. Caution! If you are not prepared to poke somebody, do not enter their details in the search box yet!
  • Typing and locating the name of your friend in the search box will send a poke to them automatically.
  • Note that you can’t poke the same individual twice unless the person has removed or returned the first poke.
  • If you’ve poked somebody and they haven’t returned your poke, you can click the Show pending pokes link at the top under Pokes to check which pokes are still waiting. You can decide to take back and remove a pending poke by simply hitting the grey x to the right of the user’s name.
  • Under the search box, you’ll also see a few Suggested Pokes that will all be individuals on the current friend list. If you want to delete them from your Suggested Pokes area, then simply click the grey X to the right of that blue Poke option.

How Can You Tell If You’ve Been Poked?

  • If somebody pokes you, you will get a notification underneath the bell icon for your notifications on the blue menu bar.
  • If you click that notification, you will be then taken to the Pokes page, where you’ll see individuals who’ve poked you or poked you in response toward the top of your screen above the Suggested Pokes section.
  • You can simply poke them back by clicking on the blue Poke Back button.

How Can You Stop Somebody From Poking You On A Desktop PC?

  • If you desire to stop somebody from poking you, you can simply block them by navigating into the blocking settings that can be found by simply clicking on the black down arrow at the upper corner of the screen > click Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, select Blocking from the left side of the screen that has a red circle icon with a white line in the center.
  • Now, enter the individual’s email or name in the Block Users area on your Manage Blocking screen > click the blue Block button.
  • Once an individual is blocked, they’ll not be capable of poking or tagging you. They also will not be informed that they’ve been blocked.

How Can You Stop Somebody From Poking You Utilizing Your Mobile Device?

  • If you’re utilizing your mobile device, then click on the hamburger menu (3 horizontal black lines) at the upper corner of the screen.
  • After that, scroll down to locate the grey gear wheel for Settings and Privacy > select Settings.
  • Then, scroll down your screen to locate the Privacy heading > select Blocking.
  • Next, click on the blue box on the Blocked People page to Add to Blocked List that’ll take you to the search box where you can type in their email or name.
  • Once the account appears on the list, simply click on the blue BLOCK link.

Should You Bother Poking In 2021?

FB Pokes have been marginalized from the social media platform and seem to exist just as homage for the early days of the website. As a weird and funny signal between campus classmates, it spurned engagement back in 2004. But the poke has long outlasted its purpose.

And now FB serves two billion individuals around the globe: It’s a broad range of random interpretations. Furthermore, it can come about as passive-aggressive in the US or absolutely weird. Who’s poking somebody in this age and day? But all things considered, the FB poke is all about opening the door to even more human interaction.

If you are close friends with somebody, it can be a nostalgic winking action that reminds them that you have both been on this site for ten-plus years. However, if you desire to reconnect or flirt with someone, say, an attractive individual from your old social circle, a short note on Messenger or a polite public comment on a post they have shared is a more tactful move.


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