Best Sites Where We Can Watch Movies From A Mobile Phone

What Are The Best Sites Where We Can Watch Movies From A Mobile Phone?

There’re a lot of free movie applications for Android users these days. You can really watch movies online for free through web browsers as well. However, the top movie applications for Android users make it much easier.

You don’t need to rely on web browsers for watching TV shows or movies. You can simply download the free tools from the app store and stream films on the go.

Best Sites Where We Can Watch Movies From A Mobile Phone:


Most of the applications for Android also provide some excellent additional features. You can also search for live TV channels and content through some free apps. Besides, you can stream movies utilizing the apps on the Chromecast, TV, or Game Console too.

Sites to watch TV online on smart phone

Down here, we will be discussing a few best sites and apps for the phone where you can easily stream your favorite movies. So let’s begin!


It’s the most well-liked tool for watching movies and television shows around the world. It’s accessible on android, iOS, and Windows Phone as an app.

Netflix Sites Where We Can Watch Movies From A Mobile Phone

Netflix played a huge role in changing the manner we watch television and movies, popularizing the monthly model for subscription and leading the charge for seeing films anywhere. Its plans begin at 7.99 dollars per month, though you need to pay more for 4K and HD content.


Do you watch lots of TV series and animation movies? Crunchyroll is one of the movie applications for Android users for streaming animated videos. The free Android tool has more than twenty-five thousand episodes and fifteen thousand hours of anime series.

The premium features provide HD quality, the most recent shows, and an advertisement-free experience. The premium users can also buy the most recent shows and download them on their smartphone for watching later as well.

Crunchyroll watch online

You can also get the previous seasons of your favorite shows to watch. The most well-liked ones comprise Dragon Ball Super, Naruto Shippuden, and One Piece.

You can also watch these shows for free. Other well-known series you can watch are JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hunter X Hunter, Bleach, and Blue Exorcist, etc. Crunchyroll is incredible for watching animation series and movies. Yet it doesn’t provide the most recent series always. Furthermore, the majority of its content is Asian.


This one is one of the top sites for watching movies online free of charge.


It is actually owned by Sony Pictures, so as a user you can really enjoy a lot of the latest TV series and full-length movies. It permits users to watch some spectacular and amazing films on whatever dimension of your screen and monitor is accessible.

Tubi TV:

It provides hit TV series and movies for watching for free with the Android application. It’s one of the top movie applications for Android. It permits you to watch the most recent TV shows and movies legally. You will not need any credit card or subscription as well.

Tubi TV

Tubi has a fantastic collection of films in various genres. It comprises from drama to comedy, classics to kids, anime, Korean dramas, and British series.

The Android video streaming program also appends HD movies and shows each week and can really keep you updated. You can see films online for free in the animation category also by simply utilizing this app. It has an incredible collection that comprises Yu-gi-oh, Naruto, and Cowboy Bebop. You can make a collection of films into the account for watching them later too. The tool supports streaming films on the huge screen through Chromecast.


Who doesn’t know about YouTube? It is a platform used by almost everybody. It’s an online video-sharing platform.


It comprises content such as TV shows, video clips, music videos, documentary or short films, live streams, movies, and video blogging, etc. With a lot of experience promoting video, if anybody can nail TV on the smartphone, YouTube can. Its lately released TV service and apps are just accessible in the chosen cities, and they stay a little rough around the edges.


A lot of individuals do not acquaint themselves that their local library card can really get them more than only books. If the local library can support it, you can access a few diverse services that allow you to watch movies online for free, and this app is one of them. Hoopla features a lot of free TV shows and movies online and through its mobile application.


Beyond films, this app also has a lot of comics, eBooks, audiobooks, and music, so it can really turn into the one-stop-entertainment-shop. Just remember, it works sort of like a normal library, so you’ll just be capable of borrowing a certain number of TV shows, movies, or books, and you have a set time for finishing them before you need to check them out again.


This one is a leading premium streaming service providing TV and movies at just six dollars per month.


You can locate a lot of channels on Hulu like DIY, lifetime movies, science channel, FYI, and discovery life, etc. It has more than 1650 shows, forty-three thousand TV episodes, and over twenty-five hundred films.


Just like Hoopla, all you require for getting up and going with this app is your library card. We cannot assure each library supports it, but if the one you go to does, this platform is a treasure trove of the free films online.


You might also be capable of tapping into Kanopy’s library through the university or school. You can access Kanopy through the mobile app or online, and there’re more films than you can ever hope to see. Plus, its film selection is top-notch, featuring award-winning movies such as Ex Machina, Moonlight, and Momento.


It is a go-to video streaming program for TV shows, entertainment, news, LIVE cricket, and films. You can buy a yearly or just monthly plan for watching your videos.


You can also watch free movies and TV shows online, but few movies and shows are limited to premium users. All the new subscribers are qualified for a free one-month trial.


It permits users to watch free TV shows, movies, funny comedy shorts, and documentaries. All that can be accessed on the Android tablet or phone whenever you desire. The movie library features full-length action-adventure films, independent movies, and a lot of international hits.


The film categories in SnagFilms comprise adventure, action, horror, drama, comedy, sci-fi, erotic thrillers, thrillers, and romance. They also provide difficult-to-find classic movies, indie movies, silent movies, cult horror, and Golden Age movies.

You can watch complete episodes of your preferred TV shows utilizing this app. It has a great collection of nature shows, comedy shows, animated series, and cartoons. The tool provides extra features such as appending films to the queue for watching later. They also permit syncing videos between Android tablet, phone, and the site. Also, you can easily cast videos on television when you see films online for free.


This platform is much more than just a method of streaming NBC’s original content. It provides thousands of hours of movies and TV shows.


It provides a standard 7-day free trial for premium tiers. You can simply unlock the complete library of movies and shows for a price of five dollars a month for the complete catalog plus advertisements or ten dollars a month to go advertisement-free.

Pluto TV:

It’s a free television streaming program for Android users. It provides more than one hundred live TV channels and thousands of TV shows and movies for streaming. There’re no monthly bills or contracts. It’s one of the top free movie apps for Android users. For film lovers, it provides top hit films, blockbuster films, and cult classics. You can watch the hits such as Shutter Island, Batman Begins, and Rango, etc., for free.

Pluto TV

It also permits you to cast the movies and TV shows from the application to the big screen as well. You might require Roku, Chromecast, or any other dedicated device for this purpose, though. The service is provided with advertisement support, and the tools might freeze at times. However, it doesn’t weigh down the astonishing Pluto TV’s features. It really deserves to be on this list of top free movie sites for phones.

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video is one of the top premium on-demand and live video streaming services. They’ve an excellent collection of TV shows, movies, and curated content. You can easily stream all that utilizing the Android tool. However, you’ll have to buy or rent TV shows and movies for streaming on the device. It also has a lot of original television shows that you can enjoy wherever and whenever you desire.

Amazon Prime Video

Their well-liked shows comprise Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Tumble Leaf, and a lot more. There’s also a feature for downloading videos. Like this, you can easily watch them later without any active network connection.

You can choose a thirty-day free trial for checking out the services offered by Amazon Prime Video. Its members can see thousands of videos at no additional charges to the membership. If you have FireStick, you can stream directly through there to your big television screen.

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