Vizio TV Doesn’t Connect To Wifi

What To Do If Your Vizio TV Doesn’t Connect To Wifi? Issue Solved 7 Step Guide

With an excellent smart television, you can really stream your preferred shows online on a larger screen. Vizio Smartcast television allows you to watch your shows and movies online at any time. However, if the Vizio Smartcast television can’t connect to the Wifi network, it can really block you from online entertainment.

If you are facing the Vizio TV won’t connect to wifi issue and looking for the best solutions to get rid of it, then you have come to the right place. We will be explaining different underlying causes of this issue and also how you can fix it, so keep on reading.

What Causes The Vizio TV Won’t Connect To Wifi Issue?


We have discovered the underlying causes to be:

  • Disabled DHCP:

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP is a network protocol that permits your device to be capable of assigning a dynamic IP Address automatically that permits your device to communicate with different other IP Addresses. If it’s disabled, the television may not be capable of actually identifying the IP Address that’s being allocated to it, and it would not be capable of connecting to the Wifi.

  • Corrupt Launch Configurations:

In a few cases, the launch configurations that are being utilized by the television or your router may be corrupted because of which the connection issue is being caused. Such configurations are cached by your devices for decreasing the loading times and for increasing performance while offering a smoother experience.

How Can You Resolve This Problem? Vizio TV Won’t Connect To Wifi:

Try the following methods if your Vizio smart television can’t connect to the wifi network to get rid of it:

Method#1: Checking The Internet Connection

Simply do a speed test to check if you have a great network connection.

Checking The Internet Connection

You might also attempt to connect to your network utilizing some other device to check if it’s functioning or not.

Method#2: Power-Cycle Your Devices

In the majority of cases, the issue is triggered because of the problem with the launch configurations in which they may have been corrupted. Therefore, here, we’ll power-cycle the devices, and for doing this, we need to clear the cached data. Such data will be regenerated automatically. For doing so:

  • First of all, unplug the power cable from the socket for all your devices involved in the procedure.

unplug the power cable from the socket

  • After that, hit & hold the Power button for your devices for about fifteen secs.


  • Then, plug the power cable back again > press the power button for switching them on.
  • Wait for your devices to switch on > see if the error persists.

Method#3: Enabling DHCP On The Device

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is the full form of DHCP. It’s responsible for offering the IP address to every device utilizing the network connection so that every device has a unique IP address.

  • First of all, hit the Menu button from the Vizio remote control > choose the network option.

Vizio network option

  • After that, click on the Advance or Manual option.
  • Click DHCP > choose ON.
  • Now, try to connect to your Wifi network > check if the problem still persists.

Method#4: Restart The Gateway

It’s possible that your Gateway may have to be restarted for the router. This procedure engages a diverse approach to diverse internet routers. Therefore, it’s suggested to consult the Internet Service Provider for getting this sorted out, or you can simply search the web for checking the way to reset the Gateway.

Method#5: Making Use Of The Wired Ethernet Connection 

If your television has some Ethernet port, simply connect it to your modem or router directly with the Ethernet cable. If this resolves the Vizio TV won’t connect to the wifi issue, then the wireless adapter of your TV can be broken.

Method#6: Factory Resetting The Vizio Smartcast Television

If none of the fixes work, you might attempt to hard reset or factory reset the television. Remember that hard reset denotes it can change the setting of your TV back to the default factory settings.

  • First of all, hit Menu from the Vizio remote > choose System or Help.
  • After that, click Reset and Admin > choose Clear Memory or Reset TV to Factory Defaults.
  • Now, wait for the procedure to be finished and see if the error persists.

Method#7: Contact The Vizio Consumer Support

Vizio televisions have free lifetime technological support. You can simply call them on the service helpline number or go to the Vizio technical support site for further assistance. If the television is under warranty, you may be capable of getting it replaced or serviced.

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