Upload Pics From Google Photos To Facebook And Instagram

How Can I Upload Pics From Google Photos To Facebook And Instagram?

Image-sharing through Google Photos is difficult to beat. What is more, the application/service is completely integrated with diverse social media platforms. It permits the users to add photos and share them with different other users simply.

The main focal point of this post is adding Google Photos to an Instagram and Facebook album, with some tips & tricks on how you can make use of more sharing options. Maybe you did not know, but you can really share Google Photos to your Snapchat as well.

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How Can You Add Google Photos To Your Facebook Album?


There are actually two methods of adding Google Photos to your Facebook album: using the Google Photos app and a browser. The actions differ a little, so it pays to have a closer glance at every way.

Browser Google Photos:

Google Photos

  • First of all, open the preferred web browser > sign into Google > choose Photos from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, locate the pictures you would want to add to your Facebook album > click on the checkmark icon from the upper corner of your screen.

Note: Clicking on that picture itself opens that thumbnail on a full screen. Do that if you desire to add a single picture to your Facebook album.

  • Now, repeat the procedure for every picture > click on the share icon; the first icon on your right.
  • Next, click on the Facebook icon from the pop-up window > select Continue to Facebook.
  • Lastly, select the sharing destination from the Share to News Feed or Story option > click on Post.

One limitation of this way is that it does not provide you the option of adding pictures to your existing album on the account.

Google Photos App:

When it comes to adding pictures to your Facebook album, the Google Photos tool is better than its browser counterparts.

Google Photos App

That is to say; you get the chance to pick which album you would want to upload pictures to. Here is what you have to do.

Note: This way has been actually tested on the iPhone 6S+ running on iOS 13. The application layout might be diverse on Android, but the actions are almost the same.

  • First off, open the Google Photos application > go to the pictures you would want to use.
  • Then, tap on the three horizontal dots for revealing the pop-up window > click on Select.
  • After that, tap on the pictures you desire to add > choose the upload/share button (the first one on the upper of your screen).
  • Next, select the Share to option from that pop-up window > simply tap on the Facebook icon. The iPhone users may not locate the icon in its default carousel menu.
  • In such a situation, click on More > go down to Facebook under Suggestions > tap on it. The same menu lets you share the Google Photos to Slack, Linked In, Snapchat, and different other messaging applications.
  • Once the Facebook sharing windows appear, simply tap on + Album > choose the one you would want to add pictures to. And yes, you can also write a unique caption and select who will be capable of seeing the added pictures.

Different Other Sharing Options:

As indicated, you can append Google Photos to your email and share pictures with the contacts. The actions are almost the same for the app and the browser, so we would not comprise separate sections for both.

  • First of all, locate the pictures you desire to make use of > choose them > tap or click on the share icon.
  • The pop-up window provides you with a list of the newest contacts, or you can also enter the email into the given recipient bar.
  • After you choose your recipient, you can enter a note in the Say something section.
  • The recipient gets your email with the images/album preview, and one tap or click takes the individual to Google Photos to edit or download the pictures.

Create Link:

Apart from email-sharing, one of the most helpful options is to Create a link. It creates a link for the pictures you have chosen, and it is simple to copy it to the clipboard and then share within messages, an email, or anywhere else you see fit.

How Can You Upload Images From Google Photos To Instagram?

Google Photos provides fantastic features and tools to its users. It has a great search tool, which lets you search for places, people, and things. Making use of the edit tool, you can apply different filters and adjust colors to the picture. Sharing pictures from Google Photos to the Instagram account is simple. In just some steps, you can simply share pictures.

Steps For Share Pictures From Google Photos App To Instagram:


  • First of all, navigate to http://instagram.com/ > log in to the account. If you do not have any, then simply make one.
  • After that, simply download the Instagram App on the Android phone from the Google Play store and open launch it.
  • Then, launch the Google Photos app on the Android phone.
  • You’ll see two tabs named All and Highlights.
  • Simply tap on the All tab > choose the picture which you desire to share.
  • After that, simply tap on the Share button that can be found at the top of your screen.
  • Now, crop the photograph > tap on the Right arrow button that can be found at the top corner of your screen.
  • Next, apply the digital filters > tap on the right arrow button. A Share to window will appear.
  • Now, add a description > simply tap in the Checkmark button that you can easily find at the top corner of your screen. The photos will then be shared on your Instagram account.

Can Facebook Albums Be Added To Google Photos?

The straightforward answer is yes, you definitely can, but it may take a little more work and time than you are willing to spare. That said, you can right-click on the individual pictures, and select Save as, and then upload them to Google Photos.

  • Another method of doing this is through the Download Your Information option on FB.
  • Simply click on the arrow down from the upper corner of your screen > choose the Your Facebook Information option from the menu on your left.
  • Then, click on the Download Your Information option and deselect everything but Videos and Photos > choose the Create File option.
  • After some minutes, Facebook will inform you that your files are ready, simply hit Download > open your zip file.
  • Now, navigate to Google Photos > click on the upload icon > choose Computer.
  • Locate the Facebook pictures file > choose the albums/photos you would want to upload.

The Bottom Line:

Adding your Google Photos to your Instagram and Facebook account is a no-brainer, and you can do everything needed using your smartphone application. In fact, it is better to make use of the smartphone application because you get to add your pictures to a particular album.


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