Fix Netflix Error

Fix Netflix Error tvq-st-131

If you ever come across this tvq-st-131 issue while attempting to start a film or a show on the Netflix app, and if it shows that message that says something like ‘we are having a problem accessing the title for you.

Please try later, then it definitely denotes that you have some sort of internet connectivity problem that is actually juggling around with the Netflix experience. You can make use of different methods for fixing this issue. However, it actually depends on the device you are making use of to stream content on Netflix.

The steps for troubleshooting this error are pretty much the same for the majority of devices, but these steps may differ a little for the Smart Box, Nintendo Wii, and Blu-ray Player, etc. You can make use of the following common ways to get rid of this error on most of the devices like Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV/Stick, and more.

Solutions You Can Use To Troubleshoot Netflix Error tvq-st-131 Error:


The following solutions can help you out in getting rid of this issue on your device:

Solution#1: Checking The Internet Connection

As mentioned earlier, sometimes you can come across this issue mainly because of internet connectivity problems. You can make use of this solution to resolve it. All you have to carry out is:

  • First of all, turn the device off.

Power off

  • Then, turn off and unplug the Wi-Fi router or modem.


  • Then, wait for about half a minute.


  • Now, simply plug in the modem and router again and wait so that they can catch the signals.


  • Once you see the stable internet connection is established, turn the device on.


Now, simply try to access the Netflix app now.

Solution#2: Unplugging And Re-Plugging The Device

  • Firstly, unplug the device and take out all the power cords from your wall socket for finishing any sort of power or electrical supply completely running through your device.


  • Then, keep it unplugged for about one to four minutes.
  • Now, plug it in again.


  • Switch the device on using your corresponding device remote control.
  • Now, wait till you see the stable connection is established.

stable connection

  • Now, see if the Netflix app is functioning or not.

It ought to ideally resolve the issue and assist you in getting rid of this problem.

However, for the Blu-ray Players, if you’re utilizing the wireless router that can connect to the modem, and if the steps mentioned above don’t help out, you can opt for some alternative:

  • Switch the Blu-ray Player off.


  • Now, using the Ethernet cable, simply connect the Blu-ray Player directly to the modem.

Ethernet cable

  • Turn off and unplug the modem and wait for about a minute.


  • Plug the modem back again and turn it on. Let your internet connection get a little stable.

turn it on

  • Now, simply try to access the Netflix app.

If this direct technique of bypassing your router helps, it denotes that the issue is actually with your router, not your internet. So, you’ll need to get it repaired then.

Solution#3: Clearing The Application Data

You can make use of the following steps if the method mentioned above doesn’t help. All you need to do is:

  • Navigate to your device’s Home screen.

Home screen

  • There, navigate to the Settings menu.


  • There, you’ll find Applications. Simply click it.

app management

  • It’ll open another menu. Simply choose the Manage All Installed Applications option.
  • You will now see a list of all the apps. You need to choose Netflix here out of all the apps.


  • Once you open the application, you’ll see the Clear Data option. Simply choose it.

Clear Data option

  • After a minute, return to your Netflix application and log in again.

This time, the tool is almost certainly going to start functioning normally.

Solution#4: Improving The Wi-Fi Signals

If you have an internet connection, but the signals are a little weak, or you’re at a spot where you don’t have your close by, then you’ll need to try to simply improve the Wi-Fi signals by following the steps mentioned below:

  • If possible, try moving the router to some other place where it may catch some better signals.

Router Signals

  • All your wireless devices, such as microwave ovens, and cordless phones, etc., can interfere with your Wi-Fi signals. So, try moving such devices to some other place, or try keeping the router in a spot where such appliances can’t trigger any disruption with the signals.
  • If you put the router at some elevated spot, that frequently can assist you in improving the Wi-Fi signals too. On the other hand, you can make use of the bookshelf top or a high desk for placing the device. It’ll assist in strengthening the signals.

Place Router Higher

  • Once the Wi-Fi signals are stable, and you see the signal strength all powered up, simply try connecting the Netflix app again.

Solution#5: Calling The Internet Service Provider

If none of the solutions helped you, then you ought to get in touch with the ISP and allow them to look into the matter.

Calling The Internet Service Provider

At times, your internet service is actually down from the backend. So, the ISP will be capable of assessing the issue way better and will also give you a fix.

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