Turn Off iPhone Without Screen And Home Button

How To Turn Off iPhone Without Screen And Home Button?

Has the iPhone ever fallen from your purse, pocket, or hands? Try to give it a thought, what if the iPhone you own falls down and damages its Home button or breaks the screen? How will you use it? The odds of your screen becoming unresponsive are high if the fall is actually on the bad surface.

You might desire to turn the iPhone off and send it to the Apple store for service. Is it possible to actually turn your phone off without utilizing the home button or the touchscreen? It’s very much possible to switch off the iPhone without making use of the Home button or the touchscreen. First of all, revisit the regular procedure of turning off the iPhone.

You hit the power button for a little time for the power off screen to emerge. The power-off screen provides you with the option of sliding the power button on the display for turning off your phone. In the case of the unresponsive screen, this sliding step will not function. In case of a damaged Home button, the power off screen can’t be seen. Let’s see what the options are.

How Can You Turn Off The iPhone Without Making Use Of The Touch Screen?


For switching off without making use of the touchscreen, you’ll need to make use of the physical buttons present on the iPhone. Your iPhone has some physical buttons. One button for screen unlock/lock is available on the top, one Home button having a Touch ID sensor present on its front.

Two Volume control buttons and one Silent/Ring button on the iPhone’s left side. In such a case, you’ll need to make use of just the Top lock/unlock button and the Home button. The combo of the Top and Home buttons will trigger your iPhone to the turned off or shut downstate.

  • First of all, put your finger on the Home button.
  • After that, put another finger on the top unlock/lock button.
  • Now, press both of these buttons simultaneously.
  • Hold the buttons for a moment till your screen goes blank, and then release them.

This combo of keys will switch the iPhone off from functioning mode. If you hold these keys long enough, your iPhone will reboot instead. So to switch it off, make sure that you release the keys as soon as your screen goes blank.

How Can You Switch Off Your iPhone Without Making Use Of The Home Button?

For being capable of turning off your iPhone without making use of the lock/unlock or Home button, you have to set up the assistive touch on the iPhone. Follow these easy steps.

  • First of all, navigate to the Settings app > tap on General Settings.
  • Now, navigate to Accessibility.
  • After that, search for the Assistive touch.
  • Then, tap on Assistive touch.

Now, you’ve turned the Assistive Touch Option for the iPhone. A new concentric circle button emerges on the screen.

  • Tap on that Assistive Touch button for launching the menu.
  • Next, an iPhone picture will be shown with the labeled Device. Simply tap on it.
  • Now, hit and hold the lock screen option. The Power Off screen will emerge.
  • After that, simply slide the power button on your screen to turn off the iPhone.

For iPhone XS, X, XR, and XS MAX: Navigate to Settings > choose General > tap on Shut Down.

You can easily move the concentric circle icons of that Assistive touch across the display of your phone. You can put it wherever you desire. This Assistive touch will overlay any applications that you open.

It really makes it simpler to make use of for the users who always have to access it. The iPhone is a really powerful device having numerous options of getting the same action for the benefit of the users. Now you know how you can switch off your iPhone without the home button and screen.

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