Best Sites To Check Teacher Ratings And Reviews

9 Best Sites To Check Teacher Ratings And Reviews!

Do you know that, in the old days when the internet wasn’t there, students used to ask their buddies whether to take the classes from a particular teacher? Also, back in those days, students would get different forms to fill in about their teachers’ lectures. However, nobody read the student’s reviews. The reviews and ratings were for the requirements of the educational institutions.

But now, it’s simpler to get the lecturer or professor ratings these days. Simple, you’ll go online and look for different sites that offer ratings for the lecturers or professors. In fact, students share their opinions, views, and personal feedback on the particular course and professor. You can make use of the following sites to make you know how other students rate their professors.

In this way, you can know what to expect from that teacher. The following sites permit you to rate the teachers. Also, these sites will make you look into the various professor reviews given by the different students.

These sites assist the students in preparing better, know what to expect from the teacher, and switch to some other by evading enrolling for the ones who got off-putting reviews. In addition to the teaching techniques and style, you can also determine how teachers have fared on other metrics like behavior, personality traits, grading curve, and subject expertise.

Now, it’s the best time to know about the teacher before the course begins. Thus, you’ll comprehend if your decision is good or bad. Check out a few of the top teacher rating sites to review and rate teachers in this guide.

Check out:

Top 9 Websites To Check Teacher Ratings:


You can check out the following sites to know the professor ratings:


Over a million college students make use of the Koofers site for rating their professors or teachers. It is one of the top sites where thousands of professors and teachers get ratings. Koofers provide you with the best comprehension of the professors to students.


Furthermore, the main intention of this platform’s creators is to give simple access. You do not need to spend much time writing reviews on a professor. It also gives you the overall ratings of all the students who’ve taken classes. Student ratings of professors comprise:

  • Textbook use
  • Easiness
  • Knowledge
  • Exam difficulty
  • Clarity
  • Helpfulness

Koofers is an awesome resource for learning more about the teachers and the course before signing up for a class. Koofers permit the students to rate their professors. Also, this site shows the grades that professors give their students. Thus, this platform is useful for the students to pick the best professor. Students can get a lot more benefits from utilizing Koofers websites.

You can also find almost millions of study material files on their site. You can get such material for free. Also, you can get a paid subscription for rating a professor and get all the study materials for that particular class. The creators of Koofers also apply a few conditions and rules for rating the best professors on their site.

One of the top things about Koofers is that it can assist student’s jobs and internships. It’s worth visiting for any student searching for guidance and assistance. Koofers provides students access to different resources, including Grade distribution data, Flashcards, Class schedule maker, Practice exams, Study materials, and Test banks.

Rate Your Lecturer:

This one is another top teachers rating site accessible online. One of the top things about Rate Your Lecturer is that this site engages students in assessing their schools, universities, cities, and colleges. Also, locating somebody is very simple for anybody to rate.

Rate Your Lecturer

It takes less time to rate professors. There’re three diverse options to locate somebody on this site. They are:

  • By the location name
  • By the university’s name
  • By the teacher’s name

You can also read all the previous ratings, reviews, and comments to know more about an individual. It also permits you to rate the different skills of a teacher or a professor. For instance, students can rank the professor’s quality of:

  • Feedback
  • Office hours
  • Tutorials
  • Seminars
  • Lectures
  • Approachability
  • Teaching style
  • Intranet support

All of the ratings will be from 0-10 stars, with the professor’s overall score based on the individual rankings. You can also append the professor and give the rating if you do not see the professor’s name on the list.

Rate My Professors:

Check out the Rate My Professors site if you desire to see more students’ personal ratings. It’s one of the most well-liked teachers rating sites available online. According to their site, almost twenty-five million ratings were appended to their site for almost a million teachers. And, almost thousands of schools from the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom are on this site.

Rate My Professors

However, it’s widely utilized by the students. This platform is simple to use. All you have to do is to locate the name of the professor or the name of the school you desire to rate. After that, you’ll see the overall reviews and ratings about the teacher and whether the learner would take a class from them.

Do you know that you can compare different schools by looking at the teachers’ overall scores? Yes, it’s possible on this site. It shows each school page, average professor’s ratings, top professors’ ratings, and how that school stacks up to similar schools. You’ll also be capable of seeing the professor’s quality and the difficulty level on this site.

Rate My Teachers site offers a vast list of names of teachers. Thus, you can get the teachers and rate him/her simply. However, it does not take much time to locate somebody on this site. It’s because it makes you look for the teachers by name or educational institution name, or school name.

You can locate the search option and type the professor’s name after going to the Rate My Professors site. Then, you have to locate him/her from the search results. Lastly, you can check the place of his/her occupation. Thus, you can ensure the individual. In this Rate My Professors site, it’s possible to filter your search results by professor name and school name.

You can simply click on the Rate This Professor option if you locate the professor on the site. It also shows all the earlier ratings from the students. Thus, you can have an idea about the teacher. The majority of students believe that only constant reviews are right and are trusted. However, let’s not forget the fact that we have to read between the complete lines. A few of the students may give negative reviews because of their personal problems.

Rate My Teachers:

One of the top teacher rating sites is Rate My Teachers. It mostly focuses on secondary and elementary school professors and teachers. Whenever you go to this site, you’ll be asked to select the country. Since its creation, it’s changed a lot of hands between diverse owners. It had a redesign from the new owners.

Rate My Teachers

However, Rate My Teachers offers all the same features similar to the other sites for rating teachers. Also, this site is one of the top platforms to provide first-hand data to the students about the teachers and professors. On this site, you can locate teachers by the college name, school name, or university name.

In simple terms, if you desire to rate a professor or teacher of a particular school, you have to open the school name. Then, you can get the link of the teacher to give him/her ratings. However, this procedure has advantages and disadvantages. One of the top things about this procedure is that anybody will make mistakes while giving a rating to the professors.

Also, the great thing is that this platform has a few schools in a few particular countries like Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the USA. The drawback of the Rate, My Teachers’ site is that you have to go through a lot of options accessible for searching for that particular professor in that institute.

Rate My Teachers site tried to stop the negative reviews of the student by breaking it down into a rating form. Students could not say what’s good and what’s bad about the professors. Thus, they can make their voices heard through the application form.

However, this site has opened up to reviews after a lot of demand. They’re tightening their guidelines and rules so that the negative reviews will get deleted. A few of the characteristics that comprise in the rating system are:

  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Determination
  • Homework
  • Respect
  • Effective

One of the top things about this site is that you can append the school to the database if you do not locate it. To get started, first of all, you have to go to their site, make an account, locate the school, get the professor, and rate him/her.


Uloop is also one of the top sites to rate professors. The Uloop database contains almost all the schools in the United States. On this site, students at any school rate their lecturers and professors. Also, students will go to assist other students to avoid getting stuck with a bad professor. This site is more useful than just ratings of the teachers.


Uloop is contemplated as one of the top sites that are powered by students. Students will have an idea about the teachers by checking out how other students have reviewed and rated them. This platform offers diverse services to the students, including Campus jobs, Course notes, Professor ratings, Textbooks, Tutors, Student loans, and Help in finding roommates.

Uloop provides teacher reviews and ratings. Previous students of the professors write the reviews and give them important insight into their behavior, teaching style, and personality. Teachers are rated based on their helpfulness, clarity, and easiness to the students. There may be a few reviews that can assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of that particular teacher. Don’t you think it’s better to know about a teacher before joining the class?


This one is one of the most preferred online platforms for students. They believe that this platform is the top site for rating their professors, teachers, and lecturers. Also, students can take part in networking with other students by talking in the College Chatter Board. They can also upload photographs and can listen to the Campushopper radio.


One of the great things about this website is that students can also play different free online games. This site covers almost 6000 colleges from all across the globe. The students allocate a grading system to that particular teacher. Also, they can write feedback and reviews about the professor’s teaching style, and respect towards students, etc.

Students have the right to provide feedback, either negative or positive. For example, if you see the top grades for a professor by a student, then the reviews will tell you why that particular professor is really good. Similarly, if you see the poor grades, you can also see why the off-putting ratings are mentioned.

For rating a professor, students have to choose the school’s name and location from the menu list of this site. One of the top features of this website is that it provides neutral significance to all the schools and teachers. Thus, this site has an awesome impression.

Rate Your Prof:

Rate Your Prof is the top site for teacher grading sites. It’s been running for more than two decades. It’s a site that provides first-hand data to the students about teachers and schools from all across the United States. Students can begin their search by entering the name of the school, professor, or location.

Rate Your Prof

You can also give ratings to the teachers from 1-5 stars against the name of that particular teacher. Also, students can see how other students have rated the teachers. The grades of every teacher will be displayed with the overall experience.

It results in a combo of the characteristics of a particular teacher. Thus, whenever you click on the name of the professor, you can comprehend the teacher’s quality. Grades assist the students in making the correct decision for their careers.

Student Reviews:

One of the top teachers rating sites is the Student Reviews. It allows the students to rate their professors, teachers, and lecturers. Also, Student Reviews provides school ratings, pay rates, college’s finder, researching careers, researching careers, professor ratings, and school ranking, etc. This website assists the students in picking a career path.

Student Reviews

One of the great things about Student Reviews is that it provides the students with more data about the course. The Student Reviews website’s interface does not look organized. However, you’ll comprehend when you open it a few times. It’s because this site makes the database rich in helpful information.

It’s disorganized well, as it’s misleading. This site contains all the universities, schools, and colleges from all across the world. Also, the Student Reviews site has rankings for thousands of professors. On this website, students rate teachers on a huge list of their characteristics.

A few of the characteristics include Instructor effort, Teacher enjoying teaching or not, Offering study material or not, Friendly, Respect for students, Sociable, and Clarity in teaching. The main problem of Student Reviews is that it’s a smaller database compared to other platforms. However, there’re still hundreds and thousands of teachers who got rated.


Niche is contemplated as one of the top teacher rating sites. It’s quite diverse from all the teacher rating sites. The Niche site provides a list of the top colleges, schools, and universities in the United States. It also comprises the list of the best lecturers, teachers, and professors from all the colleges, schools, and universities.


In this Niche site, you can see the collective rating and ranking of how a school fares in all the divisions when it comes to the school faculty. It denotes that you do not see individual professor reviews and rankings. The categories on which a school is rated comprise student life, curriculum activities, academics, teachers, and overall experience.

The rating grades also comprise terrible, poor, average, very good, and excellent. One of the top sites of teaching reviews and ratings is the Niche site. It has almost 100 million survey responses, ratings, rankings, and reviews from residents, students, and parents. Thus, it provides them with valuable data about the teacher and the school.

Also, the Niche site provides helpful data to the students and their parents for the career. It assists the students in choosing what’s best for them. The Niche site is one of the top platforms to research USA schools, colleges, and universities.

Every month millions of students make use of this site as it’s simple to get access. Also, parents even get complete report cards, reviews, and rankings of their students’ teachers. This site does a thorough analysis of large sets and merges everything with feedback and reviews.

How Can You Pick A Good Professor Or Teacher?

Do you wonder how you locate a good teacher or professor? Well, if you’re wondering, then you came to the correct place. Attending a class from a professor you know nothing about can be worrying for anybody. This anxiety will be increased if you’re looking for a professor or lecturer. Professor ratings and reviews play an important role for the students.

Students do not require inexperienced professors for their courses. Also, they ought to not be up to the mark to somebody who impacts the overall grades. Thus, it’s the responsibility of the student to research well and choose the best professor. Teacher rating sites assist the students a lot. Also, such sites come to filter out the professors.

However, students have to contemplate the grades of their teacher’s consistent grades on the sites. Students have to watch the reviews keenly. It’s because a few teacher reviews can be the result of revenge and personal bias. Nevertheless, nobody ought to forget the reviews. If teacher ratings are poor, you can ignore taking lectures from them.

Similarly, if the professor’s ratings and reviews are good, then you can take lectures from him/her. If you’re already in school and searching for more opportunities for improving your grades, then you have to go through the following features:

  • Homework checklist
  • Class planner and schedule
  • College budget
  • Printable homework planner
  • Assignment schedule
  • Class schedule
  • Homework schedule
  • Multiple-task planner
  • Student planner
  • Student notebook
  • Student calendar

It assists you in becoming a more successful and efficient student.


In this guide, you can see the list of the top professor rating sites. It assists you in doing a little screening of their ranking and views. We know that the top courses are the most challenging choices. According to the stats, the sites mentioned above are the top professor rating sites. Also, you can comprehend the features of the professor rating sites.

A few of the sites will provide you with the best features, like radio, playing games, study materials, and a lot more. From this guide, you can have a clear idea about the teaching faculty of any school. Then, you can make the correct decisions. Even parents can pick the correct school for their kids with the assistance of the sites mentioned in this article.

However, the sites mentioned assisting parents in understanding the school quality, discovering inequities, and pushing for better schools. Also, students ought to contemplate the diverse perspectives on the school or professor. You might or might not agree with what everybody says.

Also, there’re a few sites where students can rate their teachers and professors. In this case, professors will be quite familiar with their department and course. If you desire to tell others about your experience with that particular professor, you have to do your own little research before choosing it.

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