Steam Game Won’t Launch

How To Fix: Steam Game Won’t Launch?

If you find yourself stuck on the library page of steam and not being capable of opening any Steam games, try to relax a little. We got you all covered. Steam game files can run into issues because of problems while updating or downloading.

It can also occur when you simply upgrade to Win 10. For getting back on playing the favorite Steam game fast, follow the easy guide below for troubleshooting this issue with steam.\

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Causes Of Steam Games Not Launching Error:


If you’re also experiencing a few steam games not launching issues, well, the issue might occur because of a few obvious reasons. For starters, if the game is installed incorrectly, then the problem may occur, as the files get corrupted or don’t install at all.

Also, there’ve been a lot of users who say that compatibility is also the main reason for the problem. At times the problem can be with your game files as well; there are chances that the game files are not installed properly or they got corrupted.

Troubleshooting The Steam Game Won’t Launch Problem:

Whether it is a video game you just installed or the title you had no problem playing before, we suggest you run through the following methods to get rid of the issue.

Method#1: Restarting Your Steam Client

If you’re facing an issue where Steam games are not opening, you can try to reboot the Steam client to ensure that all of the resources are properly loaded.

Restarting Your Steam Client

  • First of all, hit the Windows + X Key from the keyboard > choose Task Manager.
  • After that, navigate to the Processes section > locate the Steam client from the list.
  • Then, click on your Steam client > click on the End Task button to stop it from running.
  • Next, return to the desktop > run Steam and sign back into the Steam account, and see if the Steam games will now open on the PC.

Method#2: Verifying The Integrity Of Your Game Files

Steam has a built-in program for verifying and checking for broken or missing game files. You can make use of the Steam Verify Integrity of your game files options to permit the Steam client to recognize which game files are missing or broken, and it’ll download those files automatically.

  • First off, open your Steam client > sign in to the account.

sign in

  • After that, navigate to the Steam library folders.
  • Then, right-click on the Steam games that you’re having issues launching.
  • Now, choose properties > click on the local files.


  • Click on Verify Integrity of the game files.
  • Wait for your Steam to complete the Steam game files verification procedure.


  • Once your Steam has verified the game file’s integrity, try to open the Steam games that are having problems and check if it’s resolved. If you’re still facing the Steam games, not an opening problem, proceed to the next solution.

Method#3: Removing ClientRegistry.blob

There is a possibility that the issue is actually triggered by the corrupted ClientRegistry.blob file. That’s frequently what causes your game to be struck in the launching game windows. If it’s the culprit, then you’ll have to remove this file.

  • First off, open the Task Manager by hitting Win + R key > enter taskmgr.
  • Then, end all your Steam-related tasks beginning from Steam Client Bootstrapper.
  • After that, navigate to the Steam installation folder by hitting on the Win + R key > entering C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam.
  • Now, find ClientRegistry.blob > rename the file to ClientRegistryold.blob.
  • Reboot Steam > permit the file to be remade.
  • See if the problem still appears. If it does not, then go on with the following steps.
  • Return to the Steam directory > find Steamerrorreporter.exe.
  • After that, run the app and reopen Steam.

See if the Steam game won’t open problem still appears.

Method#4: Rebooting The PC

You can simply restart the PC if you’re facing problems such as Steam games, not opening. A temporary issue might have occurred on the system, which causes problems like Steam games, not opening. It’s also possible that a few drivers weren’t loaded when Windows started the first time and required a reboot. Follow the below steps for rebooting the system:

Rebooting The PC

  • First of all, click on the Windows icon from the Taskbar for accessing the Start Menu.
  • Then, click on the Power button > choose Restart.
  • Now, wait for the system to restart.

Open the Steam client once the PC has rebooted and see if the Steam games are now opening correctly. If Steam somehow fails to open and the Steam games not opening error still appears, continue to the next solution.

Method#5: Deleting The Application Cache

There is a possibility that the Application cache may have corrupted your data which is triggering the issue.

  • First of all, navigate to the Steam installation folder by hitting the Windows + R key > enter C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam.

Windows + R key

  • After that, search for the folder named appcache > get rid of it after making a copy of it on the Desktop.
  • Reopen Steam as an admin. It’ll begin downloading all the missing files.

See if the Steam game would not open error still appears.

Method#6: Checking The Video Game Requirements

A Steam game might not begin at all if the PC fails to meet the lowest system requirements (like the accessible physical memory, processing speed threshold, or a compatible video card) required for running it.

Video Game Requirements

You can locate that data within your system requirements section at the bottom of any Steam game’s store page.

Method#7: Running Your Game As Admin

If you’re only facing the error on a particular game on Steam, try to run your game as an admin to bypass any restrictions that could be stopping your game from opening. See the below steps:

  • On Steam, navigate to the Steam Library folders > simply right-click on the Steam games you’re having problems with.
  • After that, choose Properties > click on Local Files.
  • Now, click on the Browse button to access the Steam installation folder.

Steam installation folder

  • Then, find the game’s .exe file, which can usually be found in C Program Files x86 > right-click on it.
  • Access the Properties > navigate to the Compatibility section.
  • Enable the Run this Program as an Administrator option > click on OK for saving the changes.

Program as an Administrator

  • Launch the Steam shortcut in your Steam folder found in C Program Files x86 and try to reopen your game to see if the Steam games not opening error has been resolved. However, if the Steam games, not an opening problem still appears, continue to the next fix.

Method#8: Checking Your PC Date And Time

If you recently updated the PC OS, then there is a possibility that this issue is triggered by the wrong date and time.

PC Date And Time

  • First of all, click on the Windows button > enter Control Panel. From the search results, launch the Control Panel.
  • Select Date and time from the categories list.
  • Select Internet Time from the three tabs > click on Change Settings.
  • Tick the dialogue checkbox next to Synchronize with the Internet time server.
  • Then, click on Update now > OK after the time is successfully updated > reboot Steam.

See if the Steam game would not open problem still appears.

Method#9: Running Game In The Compatibility Mode

By running the Steam game in the compatibility mode, you’re enabling a game created for the old Windows version to the newer ones, or vice-versa.

  • First off, navigate to the Steam Library.
  • After that, right-click on your Steam games that you’re having issues launching.


  • Then, choose Properties > click on the Local Files section.

Local Files section

  • Now, click on Browse > right-click on the .exe file of your game.
  • Click Properties > click on Compatibility on Properties.


  • Tick the checkbox next to the Run this program in compatibility mode for option.
  • After putting a tick on the Compatibility Mode, choose the Windows version.
  • Click on Apply > close properties.

Compatibility Mode

  • After setting the games to run in the Compatibility Mode, try to open the Steam games that are having the not opening issue and check if the issue is resolved. If the Steam games, not opening problem still appears, continue to the next step.

Method#10: Disabling The 3rd -Party Antivirus Program

Do you make use of the 3rd-party antivirus program on the PC? If so, try to disable it temporarily. Then, try to reopen the problematic Steam game. If that assists with opening the Steam game, re-activate the antivirus program but add your game to the list of exempted programs.

Method#11: Updating The Windows OS

The Windows version currently installed on the PC might not be compatible with the Steam games you’re attempting to play.

Updating The Windows

It’s also possible that there is an underlying problem with the Windows OS version that stops apps or Steam games from opening. To check for any accessible Windows update, follow the below steps:

  • First off, launch the Start Menu > click on Settings.
  • Now, click on Update and Security inside Windows Settings.
  • Finally, wait for Windows to check for any updates and follow the prompts that appear on your screen if there is a newer version accessible.

After updating Windows, reboot the PC and see if games are now opening on Steam.

Method#12: Migrating To A Diverse Location

Shifting your game to a diverse location on the PC is another solution that can assist.

  • Simply bring up the Steam Library > right-click on your video game.
  • Then, choose Properties > switch to the Local Files side section.
  • Select Move install folder.

Method#13: Updating The Graphics Drivers

When you play Steam games on the PC, you have to have the right drivers for the graphics card to maximize its performance.

Updating The Graphics Drivers

If the Steam games are not opening on Steam, the graphics drivers might be outdated or corrupted. For resolving that, simply follow the below steps for updating the graphics card drivers:

  • First of all, hit the Windows + X Key from the keyboard to access the Quick Menu.
  • After that, click on the Device Manager > choose Display Adapters.
  • Now, right-click on the graphics card driver > choose Update Driver.
  • Simply follow the prompts that appear on your screen to install the most recent drivers for the system.
  • Then, return to Steam afterward and try to open another game to see if the error is gone. If the Steam games not opening error still emerges, continue to the next method.

Method#14: Reinstalling Your Game

While this method seems inconvenient, particularly if you do not have good internet or the ISP (Internet Service Provider) has the bandwidth limit, it’ll certainly resolve launching issues with steam games. Before doing that, make certain that you’ve tried the other methods above this guide.

  • First of all, navigate to the Steam Library.
  • Then, right-click on your Steam games that you’re having trouble launching.
  • After that, click on Properties > the Local Files section.


  • Now, click on Uninstall game.

Uninstall game

  • After uninstalling your Steam games, navigate to the Steam store > look for the Steam games.
  • Download and reinstall your game.

Method#15: Clearing Your Steam Download Cache Files

Another possible cause why the Steam games won’t open is that there’s a corrupted download cache in the Steam client. It’s frequently caused when the Steam update is disrupted, and the only method to resolve it is to clear your Steam game cache files.

  • First off, open Steam > click on the Steam option from the upper corner of your Steam homepage > click on settings.


  • Now, click on the Downloads option > click on the Clear Download Cache option > click OK for confirming.

Clear Download Cache option


  • After that, restart the PC and launch Steam, and see if the problem has been resolved.

If the game still won’t open, contact steam’s customer support service and report the issue. It could be problems within the server, and everybody is having issues launching the game.


In the above troubleshooting tutorial, we’ve demonstrated different ways to resolve steam games not opening issues. We’ve also talked about the possible causes of this particular problem. Hopefully, the issue is now resolved by following this Steam Games Not Launching guide.

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