Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity Online

4 Sites To Play Cards Against Humanity Online

When you are stuck at home, there are a lot of things you can do to entertain yourself. If you are sharing the living space with other individuals, playing board games is an awesome way of killing time. Cards Against Humanity is an all-time classic here.

A party game for atrocious individuals, this game is actually a lot of fun for everybody. While it is absolutely NSFW, it is an awesome way of letting off steam and just having some laughs with your family and friends. Here is how you can play cards against humanity online and what you will require for it.

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What’s Card Against Humanity?


Card Against Humanity is actually a party game that will assist you in killing some wonderful time with your family and friends. This amazing game is for completely weird and horrible individuals, as it’s as awkward as you and your buddies.

The game is pretty easy and is divided into rounds to make it more interesting and fun. It also reminds me of some other astonishing game, Apples to Apples, which was created in 1999. At each round, one player is permitted to ask a question utilizing their black card.

And the rest of the players can respond, expressing their humorous thoughts through a white card. The question-and-answer rounds are actually like fill-in-the-blanks. So, you really need to fill certain blanks within the sentences as asked by others.

Rules For Playing Card Against Humanity:

Like any other game, this game also has a few basic rules and regulations. And players are supposed to pursue them throughout the whole Gameplay. Now a few of such rules are as stated below:

  • Every player gets ten white cards at the start of the game
  • The one joining the match latterly draws the black card and becomes the Card Czar
  • The Card Czar reads a question as stated in that black card
  • The rest of the members answer those questions utilizing their white cards
  • The Card Czar then shuffles all the answers as given by the other players
  • He then chooses one card with the most humorous answer
  • The particular answerer lastly gets the point
  • Once the round is finished, another player takes the place of the Card Czar, and the cycle keeps going over.

Before Playing Cards Against Humanity Online

With games such as Cards Against Humanity, half of the enjoyment is to see how your buddies react to the picks. So before you begin this game, we suggest setting up the video call in one of the well-liked video conferencing applications. If you have never done that before, you can rapidly learn how you can set up Zoom and how you can join a Zoom meeting.

Certainly, you also have to make certain the webcam and mic are in working condition. Lastly, ask all the players if they know the rules of this game. Give them a bit of refresher if required. Cards Against Humanity has two card types: white and black, as mentioned earlier. Every round, a participant asks a question from the black card.

Then everybody else picks one of the white cards for submitting the funniest (and most out of place) answer. The winner is the participant who, by the end of this game, submits the most cards with the most humorous answers.

Once everybody’s clear on the rules and all set to play, navigate to one of the following websites for playing cards against humanity online.

Number Of Players: up to 6.

Difficulty Level: Honestly, a bit too simple.

This website is the best option on this list for some reason. First is the simplicity of it all, although it’s both a downside and an advantage of this website. The user interface is rather minimalistic and sometimes does not quite resemble the actual Cards Against Humanity game.

That is because this game on the website is actually called Remote Insensitivity and has a diverse visual representation. At the same time, Remote Insensitivity has all the similar cards and is very simple to play on the website, even for complete newbies.

One amazing feature here is that this game is not automated at all. That denotes you need to deal, move cards, and discard yourself. That assists in creating a realistic feeling and appends to your game night atmosphere.

  • For starting this game, first of all, navigate to
  • After that, simply scroll down to the Create a new room part.
  • From there, select the Remote Insensitivity option > click on Start Game.
  • You will get the shareable link that you can utilize for inviting other players.

Pretend You’re Xyzzy:

Number Of Players: From 3-20.

Difficulty Level: Advanced. A great option for those who have each CAH Expansion pack.


Pretend You’re Xyzzy

This one is another Cards Against Humanity clone that will be your preferred if you are a fan of the game’s depth. The original game has many expansion packs that append up to hundreds of cards and amusing combinations. Pretend You’re Xyzzy claims of having them all that makes this game that much more exciting.

The problem here is that you cannot start this game unless you have three or more participants join in. However, once you have the correct amount of players, it is up to you to customize the game and append as many cards as you want. You also make your own rules, as well as who can play and who can simply see your game if they do not feel like joining.

  • For playing this game, go over to the site, fill in the nickname > click on Set.
  • That’ll take you to your game customization screen.
  • Select the number of players, card sets you would want to make use of, as well as the game password.
  • Share the game URL and wait for other players to join and start your game.

All Bad Cards:

Number Of Players: up to 50.

Difficulty Level: Enough for surprising a skilled player and impressing a newbie.


All Bad Cards

While it would be amazing to play Cards Against Humanity online from the official site, at times, a clone is just as enjoyable. All Bad Cards operate just like Cards Against Humanity with a few equally disturbing cards. This website is a mix of premium and free options.

You can simply jump into an accessible game, make your own, and even play with artificial intelligence competitors if you are all by yourself but still require a good laugh. That’s our personal favorite for various reasons. First of all, it is so simple for everybody to play, and setting up the account is free. There are a lot of free decks for playing with, comprising a few made by other players.

And yes, you can make your own, too. But, if you would want to support the developers of All Bad Cards, back them by purchasing the premium decks. Super Backers get ten exclusive decks, equaling over twenty-three hundred additional cards, for only seven dollars. You can have private or public games and comprise up to 50 players.

  • For starting this game, go to the site > click on New Game.
  • The website will then ask you to enter the nickname.
  • You will then receive a shareable link for inviting other players, and you can also append up to ten AI players.
  • Once everybody’s ready, click on Start to begin this game.

Some more impressive features of this website comprise the capacity of hosting a game for up to fifty players, as well as a family-friendly Cards Against Humanity version (seriously).

Cards Against Humanity Lab:

Number Of Players: 1.

Difficulty Level: Not suggested if you are feeling lonely already.


Cards Against Humanity Lab

If all else fails, this website is the final resort. A perfect option for when all your buddies are busy but you still simply desire to have some laughs with yourself. Cards Against Humanity Lab is an official website for CAH online experience. However, it is not precisely social since you are the only one playing.

Here, the PC deals you the black card, and you have a variety of white cards to pick the most humorous answer from. There is also an option of saying none of the cards on your screen are humorous at all. You can probably guess the tool’s purpose. The CAH artificial intelligence learns which cards are the worst or best combos in your game.

It may not seem amusing at first, but you will find that a lot of cards in the CAH Lab are not the ones you have played before. That is because the website is used to explore future game editions. So if you are a true aficionado of this game, go over to the site and enjoy some rounds of CAH on your own.

Make Your Own CAH Entertainment:

Being stuck at your home is the best time for changing some rules and beginning making your own games. You can create your own deck of CAH by simply downloading and printing it from the official site. There is also a special family-friendly version available that you can play with your friends and family.

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