11 Sites Like BatmanStream To Watch Live Sports [Free]!

If you’re a sports aficionado and love streaming the top sports matches online, then you have to be familiar with the BatmanStream online sports streaming site. It’s an awesome site to stream live sports matches free of charge.

But recently, a lot of users are coming across problems in watching the BatmanStream website as this website would not stream content on the server, and it’s also supported by advertisements. So, today in this guide, we are listing down the top BatmanStream alternatives for streaming the best sports online.

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BatmanStream Overview:


BatmanStream is an amazing free online best sports live streaming site and provides a lot of online sports such as basketball, soccer, NFL football, handball, baseball, motor, hockey, tennis, rugby, and a lot of other sports live for free using a browser on any device.

This free streaming BatmanStream website searches the internet for free live sports streaming and makes it accessible to the sports fan in some simple clicks. And like the free online streaming websites, BatmanStream is also supported by the advertisements revenue, and for visiting the website, you have to disable the advertisement blocking program on the program as a few of the site streams would not work when the ad-blocking program is turned on.

Despite that, in a lot of situations, this free online streaming website would not launch when the users browse for watching their favorite sports live. Well, it’s an extremely irritating issue for the users, so here we are gonna list down a few of the top online streaming websites like BatmanStream.

How Can You Safely Stream Websites Like BatmanStream?

We don’t encourage any copyright violations. We always advise you to watch the content through legal streaming sites only. However, if you still desire to watch from such sites as BatmanStream, let us brief you, how you can stay safe while streaming free live sports.

Before you watch such free alternatives to BatmanStream, here is something extremely significant that you ought to know and have to follow to keep yourself safe from legal consequences. Watching free sports live content is linked with illegal downloads, making you the target in the eyes of the Government and ISP surveillance.

We always make use of a VPN for hiding our online identity while streaming free top sports online on websites like BatmanStream. We advise you to do the same and keep the streaming activities anonymous. Furthermore, a few of the sites listed in this article are geo-blocked for some particular countries or locations. In such a situation, you have to make use of a VPN for unblocking such sites.

In our experience, ExpressVPN is the top VPN which not just offers military-grade privacy but also superfast speed. It also has a thirty-day cash-back guarantee in case you choose to cancel the subscription in the first thirty days. You can get three months free and save forty-nine percent on the ExpressVPN annual plan. Follow this three-step process for setting up ExpressVPN on the device.

  • First of all, go to ExpressVPN.com and subscribe to the service.
  • After that, download and install the VPN program.
  • Lastly, launch the ExpressVPN program and simply click on the power icon to connect to the VPN.

Top BatmanStream Alternatives For Streaming Live Sports:

The following are the best alternatives to the BatmanStream website:


VipBox is the top sports live streaming site particularly created for sports lovers. With the support of this site, you can stream live sports from around the world and provide everything from ice Hockey tournaments in Russia to football matches in Brazil. Wherever you are in the world, you will have the capability of streaming online football matches easily.

Not only that, it’s possible to see any portion of your game live through internet streaming, which offers it an extremely huge relief. The user interface of this website is quite straightforward to understand.

It works really well for those who do not desire to research more and directly click out exactly what he/she requires. The website intends to give out the best articles to everybody. The matches found on the site are broadcasted utilizing the utmost upper flow, but then the rate will always rely on the speed of the internet connection.

What We Like:

  • Fast loading time.
  • Interactive design.
  • High streaming quality.

What We Do Not Like:

  • Show pop-ups and advertisements.

ESPN Player:

ESPN is a United States-based television channel. The site has everything that’s been telecasted on this channel. It permits the user to watch different sports such as rugby, cricket, basketball, and football, etc., for free. Aside from sports sites, also watch documentaries, talk shows, and sports highlights.


It also provides access to users to watch NCAA College Pass content that has different college games on it. An official application is also available for this site and is supported both on Android and iOS devices.

The display of this site is really awesome and catches the users’ eye, and has an extremely friendly UI. It’s an advertisement-free platform. Although the site works free of charge, not all the features can be used for free. A few countries have also restricted this site.

What We Like:

  • Advertisements-free.
  • Modern design and simple to browse.
  • Numerous sports are accessible in HD quality.

What We Do Not Like:

  • Limited access is restricted in a lot of countries.
  • A few features are not free.



This one is an internet sports television that provides sports aficionados with a lot of content worldwide with the top sports videos and an awesome alternative to BatmanStream. It’s accessible to users for the last four years and is highly well-liked among users for streaming live sports free of charge.


The design of the site is very modern and provides a lot of diverse sports such as Football, Cricket, Beach Volleyball, Hockey, and a lot of others. The database is updated regularly and offers links to stream live sports matches free of charge. On the homepage, you can check that the content is classified into three diverse sections from various free live sports.

The quality of the video is high, and for enjoying advertisement-free streaming, you can log up for the premium account. Otherwise, just log up for a free account, but you might experience advertisements. Its content is accessed in 2 languages like German and English.

What We Like:

  • Simple to access, and sports live streaming quality is high.
  • User-friendly and clean user interface.

What We Do Not Like:

  • Show advertisements and pop-ups.
  • Need logging up for live streaming sports.



It is another renowned website for watching free sports online. The huge accessibility of sports is the major reason we comprise it in this list of top alternatives to BatmanStream. It permits you to stream plenty of sports such as basketball, soccer, hockey, Moto GP, boxing, rugby, handball, and others.


The database of this website is constantly updated for offering the most recent sports regularly. The design of this online sports stream live site is straightforward and permits simple browsing anywhere and anytime.

It’s a highly used platform for watching online sports for free effortlessly. The user interface is extremely simple and provides free Live TV, Live Stream as well as stream SW. It offers links to different sports listed at the top of the site.

What We Like:

  • A simple user interface and advertisements-free.
  • A lot of sports matches are accessible.

What We Do Not Like:

  • Bit out-of-date.


Stream2Watch is one of the amazing sports online streaming websites like BatmanStream. Just like a few of the amazing free sports streaming sites, this one also streams a lot of sports matches like cricket, hockey, football, basketball, baseball, and a lot of others.


Stream2Watch design is modern, and the content is well-structured in diverse categories as well; in the menu section, the live sports are also accessible for simple access in some clicks. You can also access the site on diverse devices like mobiles, laptops, and tablets anywhere.

Day by day, the reputation of this BatmanStream alternative is increasing because of its smooth interface, and direct access to sports live streaming for free.

What We Like:

  • High video streaming quality.
  • A lot of sports are accessible.
  • Direct and simple access to live sports.

What We Do Not Like:

  • Show ads and pop-ups.
  • Only the most recent matches are streamed.


SportLemon is another amazing BatmanStream alternative and is a contributor to the free sports live stream. Despite that, the site aims to make sports simply accessible to sports aficionados worldwide for free.


The website’s user interface is clean, smooth, and user-friendly. It also provides a lot of sports such as live football, boxing, baseball, tennis, hockey, moto, cricket, and others. Despite the sports streaming links are updated regularly to provide the most recent content.

And in this popular streaming site, you can locate different sports categories and simply locate the list of free stream live sports matches in high streaming quality. It provides a unique experience and makes live sports streaming free even more comfortable.

What We Like:

  • Completely free to use.
  • Smooth and interactive user interface.
  • Provides high streaming live sports matches.

What We Do Not Like:

  • Show pop-ups and ads.

Sony Liv:

Sony Liv is also recognized as the top soccer streaming site; however, it provides a lot of other sports as well in HD quality. Its many amazing newest features are the reason why we included it in the list of top alternatives to BatmanStream.

Sony Liv

It’s a well-liked sports streaming site that is free to stream sports online; however, the premium package is also accessible for other entertainment channels and movies. The user interface is beautifully structured and highly interactive.

You can also see the list of sports trending videos like coolest touchdown on NFL, best knockouts on UFC, and best knockouts on UFC, etc. It’s simply accessible on a broad range of devices such as iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows as well.

What We Like:

  • Interactive and awesome user interface.
  • HD video streaming quality.
  • Huge sports content is accessible on different devices.

What We Do Not Like:

  • Limited access to a few countries.


Sportrar.tv is a sports streaming website. There is basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, handball, volleyball, and other sports from different countries. The website is sorted at diverse leagues and matches that are played.


The users can search games by progress or by date if a game is currently streaming live, finished, on television, or has not begun yet. The consumer might produce a registration, but it’s not needed for streaming the streams.

The design of the site is eye-catching and effortless; everything is sorted and simple to discover. The site makes use of simple and intuitive sorting, so users can simply locate the sport they would want to watch. Here you will locate live sport streaming links and television channels where you can stream live basketball, soccer, and tennis official.

What We Like:

  • Completely free to use.
  • Simple to use user interface.
  • HD videos streaming quality.

What We Do Not Like:

  • Plenty of pop-ups and ads.


MamaHD is an awesome alternative to BatmanStream and permits live sports watching online in high quality. Just like the other free streaming sports site, it’s highly well-known among sports aficionados, and its users are also increasing almost every month, with at least 20K unique users to stream their favorite sports.


The user interface is smooth and simple to browse through; also, diverse sports streaming on the site are listed in diverse categories at the top of its homepage. Despite that, it also streams live matches of each sport listed on the site.

MamaHD is accessible in the majority of countries but is well-liked in western countries, particularly in the US and the UK. The content is updated regularly for watching each event of the sports listed on the site for free.

What We Like:

  • Interactive user interface.
  • Accessible on different devices.

What We Do Not Like:

  • Live stream video lags in many times.
  • It shows pop-ups and ads.



This one is totally focused on online sports watching and is streaming a lot of diverse sports online for free. It’s an adjacent website like BatmanStream, and its features are pretty astonishing. The site is highly well-liked among North Americans and has no restrictions.


Despite tennis, golf, football, and cricket, it also streams different American sports, including NFL, NHL, and NBA. On its homepage, you can also watch the trending sports news, replays, live competitions, upcoming games, and a lot more.

One of the amazing features of this site is that you can stream the replays of any sports, chat with users all across the world. You can also make a list, but for that, you first have to register to the site.

What We Like:

  • An online chat facility is provided.
  • A lot of sports are accessible.

What We Do Not Like:

  • Streaming quality is low.
  • You can come across advertisements and misleading redirection.


The name of this website may sound a little strange, but it is a well-liked platform for streaming live sports online. A lot of sports are accessible on the homepage, and you can stream your preferred sports with some simple clicks. The user interface of the site is a little out-of-date but is user-friendly.


Here the most recent online games are accessible to the users. The content isn’t hosted on the Atdhe site, but it provides a link to live streaming sports from diverse platforms. It’s totally free, but you might experience lots of advertisements. You can simply access live streaming sports without even logging up on the site.

What We Like:

  • Need no signup.
  • Simple to use.

What We Do Not Like:

  • Outdated design.
  • Plenty of pop-ups and ads are shown.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: What Is BatmanStream?

BatmanStream is actually an online sports streaming website that permits you to watch different sports categories, including tennis, soccer, golf, basketball, boxing, and volleyball.

Q: Does BatmanStream Have A Virus?

No, they do not have viruses, but they create income from ads, and pop-up type advertisements have programs from unofficial sources, and that frequently causes viruses. Make certain you make use of antivirus and not to download or install programs from advertising.

Q: Is BatmanStream Legal?

Yes, BatmanStream is totally legal because they’ve embedded scripts from the original source.

Q: Is BatmanStream Down Right Now?

BatmanStream isn’t down, and we can simply access it well. If you cannot access BatmanStream from the device, please make use of a VPN.

Q: Is BatmanStream Safe?

BatmanStream is the most well-liked and safe sports streaming website to access. You can make use of a VPN to protect the IP address.

Q: What Are The Top Free Sports Streaming Websites?

We suggest VipLeague, Stream2Watch, Feed2all, StopStream, and SportP2P as the top free sports streaming websites.


That was all about it. The listed online streaming websites like BatmanStream are functioning and permit streaming a lot of sports live for free. All the listed BatmanStream alternatives are tested by the team and totally safe to make use of. You can access any site simply.

However, as all the listed live sports watching websites are free, therefore you might come across various pop-ups and ads. So, here it’s recommended to select the VPN network connection for remaining safe online.

Also, such websites permit you to live stream for watching any sports live airing worldwide simply anywhere in HD quality. Hopefully, you have found this guide effective, and feel free to share this article with your friends and family.

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