What’s The Significance Of The Number 32665 To Facebook?

If you have found this post, then you may have been getting many spam text messages from 32665. This number is utilized by Facebook for communicating with the users. It frequently makes use of it for informing the users of notifications about the profile or when they ask for the FB confirmation code for resetting the Facebook password.

Now recently, a lot of users reported on how they’re barraged with text messages from 32665 about the FB notifications. Also, another big issue was if an individual replied to a certain text that’d get posted on FB as a post or a reply to whatever notification that response was. Facebook later elucidated that it was a bug that caused such a bombardment of messages to its users.

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What Does The Text From 32665 Really Mean?


FB sends text from the number 32665 to inform its users about the notifications in the accounts. People can also update the status by simply sending it to this particular number. And also, if they respond to any notification, then the response is also posted as a reply, or the status updates automatically.

Number 32665 To Facebook

If the text was about somebody’s birthday, then the response is posted on the timeline of the individual whose birthday it is. If it’s a reply to some comment, then the response sent through text is appended as a response to the comment in the said notification.

How Can You Stop Text Messages From The Number 32665?

You can simply stop such text messages by simply sending the phrase ‘STOP’ to this number 32665, and you’ll get a message from FB that the SMS notifications have been stopped successfully. If you’re still getting notifications from FB, then you ought to try disabling the notifications from the FB site or the mobile application.

How Can You Turn Off The Text Notifications From FB?

You also have the option of disabling the text notifications on the Facebook site. Turning the text notifications off ought to disable any sort of messages related to the FB notifications you’re still getting from the number 32665. Here is how you can quickly switch off the text notification on FB:

  • First of all, go to the Facebook account settings > navigate to Notifications > scroll down to the bottom.
  • After that, simply change the SMS frequency to Only about the account and switch off all the other available options below about the SMS notifications, such as the reminders, tags, and comments, etc.

How Can You Turn Off The Text Notifications From FB On Mobile?

The steps for switching off the text notifications from FB on the mobile application are also pretty similar to the steps it’s accomplished on the desktop site. Here is how you can do that:

  • First of all, launch your Facebook application > open the account settings from the hamburger menu options.
  • After that, search for the Notification settings in the options list on the settings page.
  • Next, open Text Messaging > edit the notifications option.
  • Now, hit the Not Now option on the next screen and also untick all the options below Get notifications about.

There’s also another a little diverse way to stop the text messaging notifications from FB, and here it is:

  • Similarly, like the previous method, go to the account Settings > open the Notification settings.
  • After that, swipe down to the bottom > choose the SMS option > change the SMS frequency to Only about the account.
  • Also, untick all the options below to make certain that you don’t get any text messages for anything at all.


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