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Fix Service Host Delivery Optimization High Network Usage

The creators at Microsoft are continuously working on the development of the MS products, which comprise the well-known OS we acquaint as Windows. Win 10 is the extensively utilized OS. You’ll locate it in schools, in offices, and in homes almost everywhere.

The standard updates of win make it even better day by day. The major cause behind the updates is to simply optimize your windows, making it even more user-friendly, keep it free of different bugs so that there’re no complaints by its users.

At times, a user might come across an issue of delivery optimization, but that’s a common problem that is easy to resolve. We’ll show you how you can resolve the service host delivery optimization issue, but first, we’ll increase the acquaintance about what the service host delivery optimization actually is.

What’s The Service Host Delivery Optimization?


It’s actually a client that assists the PC to update the win utilizing the non-local and local devices with the assistance of your internet. It actually takes your data from the MS data centers, and local devices merge and then completes the update on the minimum network bandwidth; it makes the updates easier and faster to install.

Common Problems Of The Service Host Delivery Optimization:

The delivery optimization is actually a feature that assists in getting the updates fast, but a few users have reported that it more often than not slows down their computer by utilizing a huge chunk of the disk. They frequently are encountered with the issue of high disk usage. If you’re coming across the same error, you can keep on reading this post below for the fixes to this issue.

There’re a lot of methods in which you can stop the delivery optimization from reasoning the high disk usage issue throughout the delivery optimization. Here’s how you can resolve this problem and make the PC work fast throughout the delivery optimization procedure.

Fix#1: Turning Off The Allow Download From Other Computers

The first fix is to switch off the automatic updates completely. The win will not download any updates automatically that will resolve the high disk usage problem as MS connects several devices for making the update downloading and installing time quicker. Here’s how you can resolve the issue:

  • First of all, look for the settings menu from your search bar.

settings menu

  • After that, look for Update & Security in the settings menu.

Update & Security

  • Now, in the Win update settings, simply select the advanced options from your right-hand side.

Win update settings

advanced options

  • Then, click on the delivery optimization settings > disable the option that says allow from other computers.

delivery optimization settings

It’ll not let windows download any updates from other computers and will solve the high disk usage problem caused by different services. If you’re still coming across the host issue, you have to try these other fixes to resolve the services issue.

Fix#2: Disable The Automatic Updates

Microsoft more often than not downloads the application updates from the MS store in the background when you’re working on the computer or laptop. This feature is useful, but it can trigger a high disk usage error issue, slowing the computer down. If you desire to disable the automatic updates, it’s how you can do this:

  • First off, look for the MS store from the search bar.

MS store

  • In the MS store, navigate to the settings panel.

settings panel

  • After that, switch off the update apps automatically feature in the settings panel.

update apps

Fix#3: Disabling The Background Downloads

Users have reported about coming across the service host delivery optimization utilizing the disk storage at the max capacity when the win tools are updating or downloading in the background. You have to open the MS store and see if there’re any pending updates or downloads.

Disabling The Background Downloads

If you come across any pending updates or download, simply finish them or remove them as soon as possible. It’ll surely solve the issue, and the PC will be back at its original speed. If you still are encountering the issue, you have to check out the other fixes to fix the error.

Fix#4: Start A Clean Boot Up

If the fixes mentioned above have failed to help you, then you can try to start the PC with a clean boot. It’ll assist you in resolving the issue and will start the computer without the service host. Here’s how you can do this:


  • Now, simply change the section to the services section > hide all the MS services.

services section

  • Next, click disable all > hit the apply button.

disable all and apply

  • Then, move to the startup section and open your task manager.

startup section and open your task manager

  • In your task manager window, simply choose the running services one by one > click on disable for disabling them all.


  • Reboot the PC, and it’ll resolve the error.

Reboot the PC

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