Samsung Washer DC Code

Fix Error Samsung Washer DC Code

You can sometimes come across the Samsung washer dc code when you are trying to do some laundry, of course, if you have a Samsung washer. But luckily, this issue can easily be resolved. A DC code is actually a sign that your Samsung washer isn’t able actually to spin due to the load imbalance.

You can easily fix this DC code on your Samsung washer just like the redistribution of your existing load’s weight, removing everything to decrease the overall weight of the load in the Samsung washer, or simply changing the suspension rods or just shocking its absorbers. Keep reading this post to find out the different causes and the solutions to get rid of this DC code on your Samsung washer.

What Triggers The Samsung Washer DC Code?


There are a lot of things that may trigger this problem, and some of the solid reasons are:

  • Too many or too few clothes in the Samsung washer.
  • Your clothes might have actually piled up at just side.
  • The washer may be a little unbalanced, and it might be put on your unlevel surface.
  • A part of the washer is most likely broken.

Troubleshooting The DC Error Code On The Samsung Washer:

Try out the following fixes for solving the DC error code:

Fix#1: Take Out Your Extra Clothes Or Put More If There Is Single Load

Uneven distribution of the clothes can actually trigger this DC error. Therefore, for getting rid of the error, simply follow the below steps:

  • First of all, spread out or redistribute the clothes in the washer tub and restart the cycle.

redistribute the clothes

  • Pull out the excessive clothes if the weight limit of your washer has been exceeded and start the cycle over again.

excessive clothes

  • Add just one or two pieces of clothing in a single item load.
  • Press the start and pause key to get rid of the DC error.

See if the error is now fixed from the display of your machine.

Fix#2: Check For Any Damaged Parts

The existence of a few damaged parts can also trigger this error to appear on the display screen of your washer, and to counter this error; you can simply follow the below steps:

  • First off, simply deactivate the washer by unplugging the washer’s switch from the wall socket.

unplugging the washer’s switch

  • After that, take out the top panel of your Samsung washer.

top panel

  • Then, simply check the damper shock or the suspension spring for any kind of breakage in it.
  • Next, if they are broken, simply take out and replace these things with new items.
  • Now, plug the washer back in again and start it.

See the display of your washer and see if the error still exists.

Fix#3: Level The Samsung Washer

Your Samsung washer must be leveled, or else it can trigger this DC error, and you can simply follow the steps mentioned below to get rid of it.

  • Firstly, simply deactivate the Samsung washer by unplugging the switch from the wall socket.

unplugging the washer’s switch

  • Then, make certain that your Samsung washer is placed at the leveled surface.

leveled surface

  • After that, see the balance of your washer by simply putting the bubble level on top.
  • Next, if it is not really balanced, then adjust the legs of your Samsung washer.
  • Now, loosen the lock nut a little from its leg you want to adjust.
  • Then, rotate it counterclockwise to raise it or clockwise to lower it.
  • Now, simply tighten its lock nut tightly.
  • After that, put your bubble level over again to see if it is balanced now.
  • Plugin the Samsung washer once again and start it.

Now, see if the Samsung washer dc code error is fixed.

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