Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Damage Issue

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Damage Issue?

Galaxy S5 appeared in the market a very long time ago, but individuals are adopting this phone continuously because of its water resistance ability and unbelievable features. But a lot of users have got a wrong start about this smartphone. They’re thinking that the Samsung Galaxy S5 device is waterproof in place of water-resistant.

However, there’s a difference between water-resistant and waterproof. We’ve seen a lot of reports from users regarding the Samsung Galaxy S5 water damage problem. The Samsung Galaxy S5 device is actually IP67 certified, which denotes that this smartphone can survive in the water up to 1-meter depth for a max of thirty minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t created to cope with the high-pressure water that hails from the water tap. So don’t put the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the water intentionally. The water-resistant feature is appended as a safeguard against the dreaded toilet drop or sudden downpour.

Fixes For The Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Damage Problem:


We have mentioned a few fixes for the Galaxy S5 water damage issue. Follow them to get rid of the problem:

Fix#1: Isopropyl Liquid For Fixing The Majority Of The Water Damaged Samsung Galaxy S5 Issues

  • If you have accidentally dropped the Galaxy S5 in water, then act fast and take it out from the water as soon as possible. Don’t wait for anything else. While it’s plain and straightforward, it’s the first step to fix the issue of the water-damaged smartphone. This step is particularly significant if you have dropped it in the saltwater.
  • If you like the smartphone and desire it to function properly, then evade the urge to hit any keys. It might cause the water to go in even deeper. Don’t switch on your smartphone or make use of the touchscreen or hit any of the keys on the device.
  • A simple fix to assist in reviving a smartphone that’s been exposed to water, moisture, or any other liquid form, is the usage of ninety-nine percent isopropyl alcohol. It’s extremely helpful, and it can solve a host of issues related to a smartphone that was dropped in water.
  • Everything from the charging port not doing its job properly to the touch screen not working can be resolved with the help of isopropyl alcohol. But I’m talking about the damage that’s been triggered because of the water in your device and not because the device is damaged physically.
  • If that’s the situation, then isopropyl alcohol will not do anything. However, once you’ve tried utilizing alcohol for resolving the issue and the device still doesn’t function, then odds are that the hardware of your phone has been damaged, and certain parts of the device might have to be replaced.
  • When utilizing Isopropyl alcohol, you’ll need to submerge the device in it for at least a few hours and then dry it in a rice bowl till it’s dried completely before switching on the device.

Fix#2: Device Responds Just When Plugged In The Charger

If you’ve completely dried the device in the uncooked rice bowl and it still doesn’t function, then plug it into the charger to see if it’s charging. If the device recognizes your charger and you see the charging light, then you might be capable of giving life back to the smartphone by replacing your phone’s battery.

Plugged In The Charger

If you don’t have a replacement battery or if you don’t desire to spend on it not acquainting the result, then you can take your device to a local repair store where a professional can utilize a replacement battery to see if it’s the battery that might be triggering the issue.

If you’ve a family member or a friend who utilizes a Galaxy S5, then you can borrow their battery to see if the smartphone functions or not. If it does, then all you have to do is get a new battery for the device. But if the replacement battery doesn’t do anything on your smartphone, then you have to contemplate taking it to a professional.

Fix#3: Galaxy S5 Doesn’t Respond At All

If the device isn’t responding at all, then try to change its battery and see if that works on a new battery. If it does, then you have to purchase a new battery for the smartphone.

Fix#4: Samsung S5 Powers On But Doesn’t Charge

If the smartphone switches on, but you’re not capable of charging it, then the first thing you have to do is first make a backup of all the files on your device. Once you’ve made a backup of your important data, try to make use of a diverse charger for charging your smartphone.

not Charging

If it still doesn’t do anything, try to see if it connects to the PC and if it can be recognized by your PC. If it still doesn’t do anything, then see if the external charger can assist you in charging the battery of the device. If you don’t locate any fix, then you might contemplate the possibility of changing the device.

Fix#5: Galaxy S5 Heats Up While Charging

If you’ve issues with the Samsung S5 heating up when it’s on the charge, then there is not much troubleshooting that can assist the device.

Heats Up

You have to contemplate the replacement options if it’s the situation because repairing your smartphone might involve a lot of hassle, and there’s a chance that you’ll not be capable of figuring out where the issue is.

Fix#6: Samsung Galaxy S5 Overheats

If the device starts to overheat after it was plunged into the water, then it denotes that there’s a hardware issue, and it can be hard to fix on your own. You can contemplate a professional to assist you in sorting out the issue. The issue can be hard to find, and that’s why it can’t be fixed simply. The best option is to see if you can replace your device.

Fix#7: Screen Discoloration 

If the screen of the Galaxy S5 device looks discolored, then the water has really damaged your phone’s screen, and it can’t be fixed. It denotes that the device has to be replaced.

Fix#8: Lines Or Black Screen On Your Phone Screen

The flex cable of your phone is responsible for a proper display on the device. If the display screen goes wrong, then you have to check the flex cable of the device. For those who acquaint how to fix it, you have to take the smartphone apart and search for the abnormalities in the wire.

I’d recommend that you have a professional have a look at the problem if you’re not as tech-savvy; because if you fiddle with the phone’s cables, there’s a chance that you might trigger more issues if different other parts are hurt in the procedure.

These Galaxy S5 issues related to exposure to water and moisture are the most common ones. Mostly, it’s hard to fix the device yourself if it doesn’t work after drying up. You might need to contemplate replacement options a lot of times if your device is damaged by moisture or water.

If you’d desire to replace your device, then check for the Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI) that’ll tell you if the warranty of your phone has been voided or not; try the steps if the warranty is voided, but if your device is still under warranty then it’s great to take it to a Samsung shop for professional assistance.

For checking the LDI, you have to take out the back cover and the phone’s battery. Now see the images and search for the LDI label. A white LDI label denotes that there’s no liquid damage, but a red or a pink LDI denotes that there’s liquid damage that voids the phone’s warranty. If the warranty of the phone has been voided, then you can try the steps mentioned above to assist you in solving the issue yourself.

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