Samsung Glaxy s4 Lag

How To Solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Lag Issue?

There is no such factor as a perfect smartphone, and regardless of how good Samsung Galaxy S4 is, it is still not flawless. A few Galaxy S4 users are coping with a few problems with their phones. One of the most widespread errors is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Lag issue. The phone lags more often than not without any obvious cause.

Troubleshooting The Samsung Galaxy S4 Lag Issue:


Samsung Galaxy S4 Lag Issue

You can make use of the following ways to get rid of this problem on your Samsung Galaxy S4 device:


  • For getting rid of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Lag issue, simply navigate to the Settings menu on the smartphone.

Settings menu

  • After that, turn on More > go to Application Manager >

Application Manager

  • Then, choose All > simply tap on Apps and show the bloatware apps.
  • Now, tap on such apps (for instance, AT&T Navigator), and choose Disable.

Make sure not to disable the applications important for the efficiency of your system. Those apps frequently have an Android brand.


  • Another way of fixing the error would need you to first navigate to the Settings menu > My Device.
  • Then, Lock display > click Unlock impact and change that to none.

Lock display


  • If you find out that your Home button is lagging, then simply double press the Home Button, and you’ll see that the S Voice is opened on display.
  • After that, tap the Menu key and choose Settings there.

Menu key

  • Then, simply uncheck the Open through the residence key.


If you have not rebooted the device for quite some time, now could be a good time to do that, as a consequence of when you restart the device, processes, and apps that can be working in the background may be closed, and it denotes that you will unencumber the reminiscence.


This simple step will improve the efficiency of the phone, which is why you have to restart the phone every now and then.


Another thing that might help you in fixing the problem is simply wiping the cache partition. Here’s how you can do that:

  • First of all, switch off the Samsung S4.

switch off

  • After that, hit and hold the Volume Up key, Power button, and the Home button all at the same time.

Volume Up key+ Power button+ Home button

  • Once the device vibrates, simply hit the Power button; however, keep holding the other two buttons.
  • Now, when you see the Android system restoration screen, release the other two buttons as well.
  • After that, make use of the Volume down key to go to and highlight the Wipe cache partition option and select the option with the Power key.
  • Once the cache memory is successfully wiped, the device will reboot.


At times, a 3rd-party tool could trigger the problem. You need to boot the device into the Safe mode, and if there’s nothing as a lag, then the tool is responsible for the problem. In such a situation, you have to uninstall 3rd-party programs one by one till the problem is fixed, or when you have a lot of applications installed on the device and find this process really time-consuming, you can possibly carry out the factory reset. Here’s how you can boot the device into the Safe mode:

  • First off, switch off the phone.
  • After that, hit and hold the Power button.
  • Once you see the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen, release the Power button and press and hold the Volume Up key right away.
  • Now, keep holding that Volume Up button till your device reboots.
  • You’ll then see the Safe mode within your backside left corner.
  • When you have to exit the Safe mode, simply hit and hold the Power button, after which tap on Restart.

Other problems that Samsung Galaxy S4 users are coping with are Galaxy S4 battery drain and inadequate storage problem. The storage problem occurs as a result of your working system in the phone and the preloaded tools that have occupied the storage of your phone.

Steps For Fixing The Galaxy S4 Inadequate Storage Problem:

As we mentioned, you have to disable the bloatware apps. Unluckily, bloatware cannot be removed, simply disabled. There’re frequently loads of such purposes, and you will hardly make use of any of them. Also, remove the programs you may now not be using.

  • Simply navigate to the Settings menu > choose Application Manager.
  • After that, select Downloaded > tap on the program you’d want to delete, after which tap on Uninstall.

Other than the above two problems, the widespread issue that the majority of the Galaxy S4 users have complained about is the battery drain problem. The issue is happening mainly as a result of the massive show and diverse sensible options.

  • The fix for this issue is to simply disable the programs that you don’t make use of. Disable the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular knowledge, GPS, and many others when you’re not using them.
  • Switch on the Power-saving mode.
  • Lower the display brightness and decrease the display timeout length.

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