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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 Stuck On Download Mode?

Samsung Galaxy S3 was quickly adopted by the users because of the efficiency and nice options it provides. Even although a lot of people, by no means, skilled any points with this device, others did report a few glitches and bugs.

A few users of this device reported a problem saying that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is stuck on the download mode, and no matter what they do, they can’t connect with Odinthree.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 Stuck On Download Mode:


Samsung Galaxy S3 Stuck On Download Mode

One being reported that his Galaxy S3 was working fine, but immediately the phone switched off and rebooted by itself. After the device switched on, a black display screen emerged with the android image that reads ‘downloading, don’t turn off.’ It denotes that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is Soft Bricked.

A Few Of The Occurrences Of Galaxy S3 Soft Bricks Are:

  • You attempted to flash the customized ROM that went wrong.
  • The Samsung Galaxy can moreover be gently bricked by some corrupted firmware.
  • The device keeps repeatedly rebooting by itself.
  • The device is stuck on the emblem.

How Do You Find Out If The Galaxy Device Is Gentle Bricked?

When you are capable of entering the Download mode, then you have a program that is turning on at the least midway. It denotes that the device is gently bricked, and it might be fixed.

How Do You Find Out If The Samsung Galaxy Device Is Hard Bricked?

If you are not able to enter the download mode or restoration mode or if the device cannot start up in any respect, it denotes that the Samsung Galaxy device is tough bricked, and chances of fixing it by yourself are extremely low.

Solution For Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Stuck On Download Mode Screen

Usually, the Samsung Galaxy S3 device is caught on the download mode display screen because of the corrupted firmware, nasty replace, or a customized ROM flashing gone wrong. For exiting from this download mode, simply pull out the battery of the device, then wait for a few secs and insert the battery back again.

After inserting your battery and switching on your device, connect it to the computer and as soon as it is booted completely, check whether or not you have the best drivers installed on the laptop. If your device connects and comes up as the storage device, then the device has been mounted, and the problem is fixed. However, if your smartphone does not do anything, then you could get Kies.

Samsung Kies has all the drivers that may be needed for the device to speak with your computer. At times upgrading the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the most recent firmware can clear up your error. If you’re planning to the flash inventory ROM, do a bit of analysis first on how to flash inventory ROM via Odin. Here’re some steps that you need to carry out to get 4.2.2 on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Steps You Need To Take:


First of all, make sure that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is fully charged or to at least sixty percent. This method is applicable to the Galaxy GT-I9305.

fully charged


Next, back up the Samsung Galaxy device. There’re many ways to make a backup of the device. Follow the below steps to make a backup.

  • One of the best options is to make use of the very personal Kies software tool of Samsung that we more often than not utilize for replacing the software tool of the Galaxy gadgets.
  • The second one to make a backup of your device is with the Google account. For that, first, go to the Settings menu > choose General > go to Backup & Reset, and it will show two options named as computerized restores and backup my knowledge. Make sure that these options are ticked by simply tapping on the checkbox next to them, and it will backup things such as app knowledge, Wi-Fi password, bookmarks, and Google settings automatically to your Google server in order that they’re frequently retrieved again in case something wrong happens with your device.
  • Another option for making the backup of your device is using the Samsung account. For that, navigate to Application > choose Settings > go to User and backup > select Account and test if you are logged in with the Samsung account. If the option is toggled on, it ought to sync your calendar, contacts, and web settings to your Samsung account automatically.

Settings Backup & Reset


Once you are done with the backup of your device, Get the root entry. (OPTIONAL)



After that, download the custom firmware and Odin.


Now, simply extract the zip file of your firmware and then open Odin.exe.



Next, you may be needed to take the device into the Download mode. Disconnect the device from your laptop > hot and hold the Power button + Volume Down + Home button all at the same time.

Power button + Volume Down + Home button


Now, press the volume up button to proceed.

volume up button


Connect the Galaxy S3 device to your laptop, on Odin, you’ll see an additional message.

Connect the Galaxy S3 device to your laptop


Click on the (PDA, OR, AP for the later model) option > click browse for the firmware file you just downloaded. (Very Important: Make sure the re-partition field isn’t ticked).


Last, of all, the device will be flashed with the Status Pass at the upper left corner. But if you see fail, then disconnect the phone, remove its battery and repeat the steps once again.

Once you completely flash the inventory ROM, the device will reboot automatically, and you will be on the home display screen once again. Flashing the ROM will remove all the memory from the device, so you will need to restore all the data stored on the gadget after making sure that the Samsung Galaxy S3 device is functioning as expected.


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