Error Code LE On A Samsung Dishwasher

How To Clear The Error Code LE On A Samsung Dishwasher?

LE code is the leak error code. When it occurs on your scoreboard, the equipment stops working, and the protection is activated. Try to reboot: close the turn-off valve, and unplug your machine for five to ten minutes, and then start it again. At times it’s enough to fix the issue.

How Can You Remove The LE Error Code?


If the earlier mentioned measure didn’t work out, search for the other causes. Failure can be triggered by some extraneous factors.

  • Make certain that moisture doesn’t flow into its casing from the outside (you’re flooded by neighbors, the pipe break took place, you spilled something accidentally).
  • Check that your drain hose is properly joined. In case of improper position, part of your water from your sink can get into it.

Has the LE error code not gone? Most likely, the pan of your machine is full. Unplug your unit, take out the sidewall and see if there’s any liquid in it. But note: with the power off, and the door closed, your dishwasher can automatically drain the excess water. If there’s a lot of water, remove it by tilting the casing a little. The float will then click into place.

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Let your machine dry before starting. It’ll enable you to start your unit, although it’ll not fix the issue in case of any real leakage. If your drip pan is completely dry, move your float sensor. Maybe the contacts stuck on it, or it stuck to your unit’s body because of the constant contact with a soapy and greasy environment.

Possible Causes:

  • Suds forming because of the excess detergent used.
  • The tank is damaged close to its transit bolts.
  • The dishwasher’s air hose is disconnected, and water starts leaking at the drying phase.
  • The heating element of your unit has gone off the mounts and disconnected/damaged your hose.
  • Damaged gasket washers.
  • The drain hose is leaked.
  • The drain filter cap isn’t properly installed.
  • The hose between the tub and the dispenser isn’t correctly connected.


Hopefully, you will find this guide really useful. If you still have any problem fixing the leak issue in the dishwasher, it’s best to contact the specialist and conduct professional diagnostics.

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