Remove Water In iPhone Speaker If The Sound Is Muffled

How To Remove Water In iPhone Speaker If The Sound Is Muffled?

Are you having a problem listening to the iPhone speakers? Maybe it got damaged by the water you spilled on it by mistake. If both of these are true, then you do have a setback. However, it might not be as serious as you think.

Many iPhone users are coming across the same issue, making it quite safe to say that you aren’t alone. In this guide, we will give you some directions on how to get rid of water from your iPhone speakers to get rid of the muffled sounds.

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Your iPhone Speaker Damage From Water:


Although newer iPhones are actually marketed as waterproof devices, Apple doesn’t suggest getting the phone wet because water damage is not covered by its service warranty. While iPhone 7, 8, and X are created for keeping water out of the device, don’t always think that the phone is protected safely from the water. You still have to take care of the device to prevent any potential risks from ruining the phone, including the water damage.

Newer models of iPhone might be able to handle splashes, but the water might still go through the small holes of your speakers. So, what exactly will happen to the device if water penetrates your speakers? Let’s just say that it can trigger the sound from the speakers to become inaudible or a little muffled.

How Are Apple Speakers Actually Created?

Technically, iPad Touch, iPad, and iPhone models are all created with built-in speakers. It permits you to take calls, play music, videos, and listen to different audio files. A few devices have more speakers than the others, but they all work the same way.

The speakers are made up of tiny holes that emit sounds. Apple has yet to find a solution to open and close your speaker vents to prevent water and other substances from sneaking in. Having said, the speakers of your device might experience issues and malfunctioning that can direct to the audio issues.

Hence, as an iPhone user, you ought to know how you can properly take care of the unit to avoid any potential issues that might occur. Simultaneously, learning how troubleshooting the device can really make a huge difference when it comes to addressing different iPhone problems.

How Can You Remove Water From The iPhone Speakers?

(Water In iPhone speaker Muffled: How To Remove?)

Here is a simple guide on how to remove water that has affected the iPhone speaker so that it can begin working correctly again in no time.

Step#1: Installing The Sonic Application On The iPhone

  • For manual checking, you can navigate to the Apple application store and look for the Sonic app.
  • After that, tap on the get option > download and install it on the device.
  • Afterward, you’ll be asked to enter the password, touch, or face ID relying on the model and settings of the device.

Step#2: Removing The Water From The iPhone Speakers Through Manual Frequency Setting

You may be thinking about how you can remove water from the phone through an app. Well, here is how it actually works. After you launch the Sonic tool, you will be shown diverse options to pick from. We suggest you select the manual frequency setting. What you have to carry out is simply adjust the Hz or frequency by simply swiping up or down.

The suggested frequency to get rid of the water is around 165 Hz. Therefore, simply try to adjust this setting the closest to it as much as you can. Once you get to the perfect setting, the mechanical waves from the vibration and pressure will be capable of shaking all the water out. Interesting eh.

Step#3: Cranking Up The iPhone Speakers

To make this technique more helpful, you ought to boost the volume of the speakers as high as you can. Observe your speakers until you see little droplets of water coming out of the tiny holes of your speakers. Water might also exit from your speaker in your earpiece.

However, this step will work, relying on the volume of the water inside your speakers. Alternatively, if you notice water drops coming out from your speaker, then it simply denotes that you can play the speakers normally once again. Simply click on the stop button to end the procedure.

Step#4: Making Use Of The Automatic Setting

In case, the step two to three does not do anything, and the speakers of your device still appear muffled, then you might try another additional step.

  • Simply navigate to the automatic settings.
  • Begin by clicking and holding down the water drop button that can be found in the middle of your screen. It’ll prompt another frequency that will go above 165 Hz.
  • Afterward, release that button to stop the sound.

The Sonic app is a practical, simple, and convenient fix to the phone’s speaker problems. This program can be extremely helpful in case of accidents and emergencies that are waiting to occur.

Other Recommendations:

Here are some other solutions you can make use of for getting rid of any water inside your iPhone speakers:

  • Dry Water Using The Blower Or Fan:

Apple suggests making use of a blower or fan for accelerating the water evaporation. Make certain to take good caution while following that.

  • Silica Gel (Better Than Rice):

Yes, unboiled rice does work. But it’s a slow procedure that might take up to twenty-four hours. We recommend making use of the silica gel to get quicker and better results. For that, keep the iPhone in a closed container with some packets of silica gel.

  • Apple Support:

Lastly, if you think that the iPhone speakers still sound a little muddy, give it a few hours, and then get in touch with the Apple Support service center. You might also take the device for a little inspection at the Apple Store or any other authorized service center.

A Guide To Different iPhone Models That Are Water-Resistant:

The newer models or iPhone are created to resist splashes, water, and dust, comprising the following:

  • iPhone X, iPhone XR (max depth: one meter up to thirty minutes)
  • iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max (max depth: two meters up to thirty minutes)
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus (max depth: one meter up to thirty minutes)
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus (max depth: one meter up to thirty minutes)


Daily wear and tear can actually lower your iPhone models’ resistance listed above. Users ought to be continuously reminded that Apple doesn’t cover any liquid damage in the warranty provided. Hence, we highly discourage you from testing the limits of your iPhone by playing with it in water.

However, in case you splash some water accidentally on the iPhone, quickly wipe it off and dry immediately. Then shake your phone and turn it upside down to get rid of any water inside. If you’re not capable of successfully removing any water specifically from its speakers, we highly recommend you install the Sonic app on the iPhone.

Make use of the manual frequency settings and increase it to 165 Hz or if it does not work, then go on to the automatic frequency setting. Be careful of taking care of the phone to evade any mishaps. In case of any accidents, simply follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial, and you will get the speakers back into their original state.


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