Remove A Non-Friend From Facebook Messenger

How Do I Remove A Non-Friend From Facebook Messenger Contact List?

Facebook is working really hard on the Facebook messenger tool for keeping individuals engaging on FB. However, social messaging tools such as hike, WhatsApp, and Telegrams, etc., keep on replacing the individuals who used to have a chat on Facebook for chatting on WhatsApp and other tools on mobile.

If you’re a Facebook messenger to chat, then you may have noticed unknown contacts in the Facebook messenger. In this article, we’re gonna learn to remove the non-friends from Facebook messenger.

Previously, FB had changed the pattern on the individuals who can contact you on FB. As per the new update, if the individual who isn’t your friend on FB can also send you messages, but such messages will not emerge on Messages, instead of that they’ll emerge on the Message request.

You’ll get a message request with a note that reads something like if you reply, will be capable of calling you and seeing information such as the Active Status and when you have read messages.

It denotes that if you reply to that individual, that individual will be appended into the Facebook contacts. Although that individual isn’t your friend as you had acknowledged his message request, he’ll appear in the online friend on the Facebook list. 

Facebook Messenger Contact List

If you’re like me and find such non-friends from Facebook messenger bothersome, then this article is for you. In this article, we’ll learn how you can remove such non-friends from your Facebook messenger, so without wasting any time, let’s begin reading the below steps for removing the messenger contact or removing a non-friend from messenger contacts.

How To Remove Non-Friends From Facebook Messenger?


This procedure to remove Facebook messenger non-friend contacts needs a mobile phone, i.e., iPhone or Android.

  • First of all, download and install Facebook messenger on the device > sign in to the Facebook account utilizing your sign-in credentials.
  • After that, tap on contacts, and all of your Facebook Messenger contacts will appear there.
  • Now, look for the contact that isn’t your Facebook friend and still appear online > tap on the I button.
  • Then, a menu option will appear on your screen. Click the remove option, and like this, you will successfully remove your non-friend contacts from Facebook messenger.
  • Now, simply tap on remove friend, and that’s it!

Like this, you can search and remove all the Facebook messenger non-friend contacts and clean up the Facebook contact list. It’s not all; there’re a few of the contacts that are being imported to your messenger. For removing such accounts, you have to follow a few additional steps.

How To Remove The Contacts Imported To Your Messenger?

Now you have to make use of your PC for removing contact imported to your messenger. You can even use Google chrome for android and see the desktop view.

  • First of all, open > sign in to the account.
  • After that, open the ‘manage imported contacts for the messenger page’.
  • Then, click on Delete all for removing all of your imported contacts for the messenger app.
  • You can also stop constantly uploading the contacts by disabling the synchronization of your contacts by turning off the Sync Contacts setting in Messenger.
  • Like this, you can remove all the unknown people from your Facebook messenger app and clean up your Facebook account.

Frequently Asked Question:

What Are The Messenger Contacts?

Facebook is pushing individuals from the FB web version to the messaging tool recognized as a messenger. What FB is doing is that it permits the users to add individuals to the contact list, those who aren’t friends on FB also. The individuals you find in messenger are the messenger contacts.

How Do I Remove People From The Messenger App?

We had prepared a thorough tutorial given above on how you can remove someone from the messenger app.

How To Delete The Messenger App?

If you’re aggravated by the Facebook messenger tool, then you can remove this application. Simply navigate to the settings menu > click Installed apps > look for the Facebook messenger tool > and choose Uninstall.


I hope you liked this guide on how you can remove unknown people from your Facebook messenger app, and with the help of this tutorial, you’ll be capable of removing your friend contacts from your Facebook messenger app.

At first, I was also confused by seeing how a contact does appear in my messenger, but by making use of the steps mentioned above, I had resolved the issue.


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