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Fix Ps2 Slim Disc Not Spinning

PS2 Slim is actually a device that permits individuals to play different games. This device is extremely well-liked in the gaming community, and a lot of individuals really like playing the game on it. But, a lot of individuals that have Playstation are coming across an error that the disc slip of the Playstation isn’t working. There can be a lot of reasons because of which the issue can appear.

Because of the slim disc not spinning in the Playstation2 slim, the Playstation 2 cannot read the disc because of which you cannot play the games as the program of the game isn’t read by the Playstation 2. It can be because of some hardware problem in the Playstation 2 slim or in the disc system of your Playstation 2 slim because of which the disc isn’t spinning in your Playstation 2. It triggers issues for the user who is trying to play games on the Playstation 2 or just usually makes use of the Playstation 2 in general.

Problems With PS2 Slim Disc Not Spinning:


This error is encountered by a lot of individuals who have the Playstation 2 slim, and there’re a lot of triggers of this issue, and you can figure out the fixes as well.

PS2 Slim Disc

Search for the problems that are stated below for the disc not spinning in the Playstation 2 slim.

  • First, you can see if the lasers present are functioning or not. If the laser really moves when its lid is closed, then your disc is spinning, but if the laser isn’t really moving when its lid is closed, then it can be that the two switches that notice the disc when its lid is closed are broken. One of such switches is at the back of your system is the center is the one that is commonly recognized to trigger this issue.

For resolving this error, you may desire to solder cables from one side to the other, it may help you in fixing the laser problem, and then the disc may begin to spin once again.

  • Second cause because of which the disc may have stopped spinning is because of its ribbon wire in the spinning disc part. The damage of that ribbon cable for its motor that spins its disc may be the cause that your disc isn’t working.

So, resolving the ribbon cable will assist you in starting your disc to spin over again, and the issue will be gone.

  • Thirdly, if everything appears to be working fine but still if the disc doesn’t spin, then try to replace your disc with a CD simply. If the Playstation 2 slim reads your CD, then you may desire to see the internal hardware of your disc system and see the laser part as it’s not capable of detecting your disc but is capable of detecting the simpler version of the media that’s the CD or the DVD player that’s spinning in your disc location.
  • You may even desire to contemplate checking your disc that’s inserted in your Playstation 2 slim. There may be some sort of crack in your disc. It can trigger the Playstation 2 slim in reading your disc, but yet your disc will spin.

Therefore, if you notice any small breaks in your disc, it can be a cause for the problem of the PS2 slim disc not working correctly.

  • One more cause because of which the disc may not be spinning if the motor in your system that’s actually responsible for the laser movement and the spinning of your disc is broken. It’ll cause your disc to enter your system, but if your laser isn’t really reading your disc because of the motor breakage, then your disc will also not spin. It triggers the PS2 slim disc not spinning, and therefore you’ll not be capable of playing your games on your Playstation 2 slim device.

You can get its motor fixed from the shops, and then your disc will spin easily, and the laser will also begin to read your disc.


The disc isn’t spinning in your Playstation 2 slim device problem is extremely common amongst the users of the Playstation 2 slim. It makes the users unable to play any games and does their work on the Playstation 2 slim device. This problem can appear because of a lot of causes; a few of them are stated above. The majority of the issues arise in the hardware of your disc system.

At times, the laser doesn’t function, or your disc is broken, or at times, its motor that’s responsible for the spinning of your disc causes the issue. All of such are hardware problems. But, at times, your disc itself isn’t compatible, which also causes a few software problems, or the Playstation 2 slim can’t read your disc, albeit the hardware of your system is working perfectly.

Any one of the problems that are stated above can be a reason because of which the PS2 slim disc not spinning error can appear and hence causing difficulty in playing your games or making use of your Playstation 2 slim in general.


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