Play Music In Your Car Using Your iPhone Via Bluetooth

How To Play Music In Your Car Using Your iPhone Via Bluetooth?

The majority of individuals enjoy listening to music while they’re driving. It assists you in relaxing and lifts the mood. Music also keeps the company, particularly during the long drives.

Whether you like listening to Apple Music or Spotify, the iPhone can certainly assist you in entertaining yourself wherever you go. If it is the first time to play the digital music files from the iPhone in the vehicle, don’t worry because we are here to guide you through the procedure.

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Connecting The iPhone To The Car:


Modern vehicles are frequently equipped with a USB port or AUX, which you can make use of for connecting the iPhone. Alternatively, you can also play your favorite music wirelessly through the Bluetooth connection.

However, if the car model does not have any of such connections, don’t worry because there are other methods you can make use of for listening to the tunes. All you require is to get the correct accessory. In this guide, we will concentrate on how you can play music in the car using Bluetooth.

How Can You Play Music From Your iPhone To Car Using Bluetooth?

While there are diverse methods for playing digital files in the car, using Bluetooth speakers is possibly the most convenient method of enjoying music. As an Apple subscriber, you need access to a massive music library which is ideal for long drives. Modern vehicles are designed using Bluetooth functions.

This option is a convenient method of listening to mood music without any fuss. Utilizing the vehicle’s Bluetooth function gets rid of the need for cables or wires. Hence, you would not need to be anxious about accidentally leaving your USB cable at home or losing it.

Plus, it is easy and simple to set up. However, you have to check if the vehicle’s speakers are compatible with the device. Using the car’s Bluetooth function makes streaming music simpler and more practical.

  • All you need to carry out is simply switch on the Bluetooth in the iPhone’s Control Center panel.
  • After that, search for the car’s Bluetooth device > pair it with the iPhone.
  • Now, make certain that you pair the iPhone to the car stereo properly.
  • Once connected, you can begin enjoying the music.

It permits you to control what you desire to play and skip tunes that you do not feel like listening to. You can also pause your song and adjust the volume through the control panel on the dashboard or the steering wheel.

Troubleshooting The Music Not Playing Using Bluetooth In The Car:

In case the Bluetooth does not begin automatically, here is what you can carry out.

  • First of all, reboot the iPhone > turn off your Bluetooth.
  • Now, wait for 5 seconds and switch on the Bluetooth.
  • Read the car stereo’s manual on how you can pair it with the device.
  • If you have several phones connected to the stereo, rename the iPhone device and try to connect once again.
  • Update the device and install updates on the stereo.

The hitch to using Bluetooth mode is that the iPhone will lose its battery quicker. Playing tunes, listening to audiobooks or podcasts can drain the iPhone’s battery. In this situation, make certain that you always keep the 12V charger handy in the car so that you can charge the iPhone whenever required.

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