Play Music From iPhone To The Car Without Aux

How To Play Music From iPhone To The Car Without Aux?

A lot of individuals who own old cars have one common issue. Such cars don’t have a Bluetooth connection or the aux port thus; you’ll be incapable of listening to music from the iPhone through your car speaker system. There’s a fix to this issue. You ought to know how to play music from iPhone to the car without aux.

If the car model is of the 2000s or later, the only audio output capability it has is from the cassette or CD player. If you desire to listen to music in the car, you either play a cassette or CD or listen to your radio. But you certainly would want to listen to music from the iPhone.

The iPhone today is a great source from which you can actually listen to some great music. You might have saved music in the playlist or might have a Spotify subscription. But what can you really carry out if you’re unable to pair the iPhone to the car head because of the absence of a Bluetooth or an aux connection. You can blend new and old technologies for filling the car with great-sounding music while you’re on the road.

The FM Transmitter is all you require for doing just that. The FM Transmitter will permit you to establish a sort of Bluetooth connection between the car stereo that might have a cassette or CD player and the iPhone. You can turn the FM transmitter into your Bluetooth receiver. A few FM transmitters are plugged into your cigarette lighter of the car. A few FM transmitters are plugged directly into the iPhone.

How Can You Play Music From Your iPhone To Car Without Aux?


Here are some methods you can make use of for playing some great music from your iPhone to the car without the aux connection. Be sure to follow the instructions properly.

FM Transmitters Plugged On The Car Lighter:

This kind of FM Transmitter gets the power from the cigarette lighter of the automobile. This FM transmitter doesn’t have any wires because it gets the Bluetooth signal from the FM frequency.

  • First of all, simply plug your FM transmitter on your car’s cigarette lighter.
  • After that, tune it into the unutilized FM frequency in the car stereo.
  • Now, tune the car stereo to the same frequency.

When you are finished with the easy setup, play some music on the iPhone, and you will hear the sound coming out of the speakers of the car.

FM Transmitters Directly Plugged To The iPhone:

It’s an easier way because you’ll be utilizing a smaller FM Transmitter. This amazing gadget will also permit you to transmit music from the iPhone to your car stereo without an Aux input or Bluetooth.

  • First of all, simply connect your FM transmitter to the iPhone.
  • After that, set the car radio to the 87.9 frequency or the frequency stated in your FM transmitter. You’ll hear the static sound at first.
  • Now, select any music on the iPhone you desire to play.
  • Then, plug in the FM transmitter. Make certain the setting on the transmitter matches the setting in the car radio.

After completing the easy setup, you’ll now be hearing any sound from the iPhone in the car stereo.

The Final Verdict:

There are no limitations on listening to different tunes from the iPhone while in the car. Even if the older car radio is without Bluetooth or an aux input, you can simply plug in the FM Transmitter and listen to the favorite tunes from the Playlist, Spotify, or Pandora.

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