TV Doesn’t Support The Program’s Content Protection Error

How To Fix The TV Doesn’t Support The Program’s Content Protection Error?

You can sometimes come across our TV does not support this program’s content protection problem when you are using your DirecTV. It actually goes on to suggest that replacing your HDMI cord of the television with the component cables will let you see your program. In a few situations, some people frequently attempt to switch off and on their receivers.

It can actually make this issue go away, but you will keep on seeing pictures in 720p. When this happens, it will become nearly impossible for the users to see the pictures in 1080p. It is worth pointing out that DirecTV does not have any 1082p channels, except for a few PPV movie channels. All of the high-definition channels are either in 720p or 1080i.

What Causes The ‘Our TV Does Not Support This Program’s Content Protection’ Issue?



We have been receiving many reports about this particular issue, and after looking into these reports, we figured out that there are many culprits that cause this problem as opposed to the statement of AT&T. some of the problems behind this error are mentioned below:

  • 1080p Mode Bug: 

It’s also another common issue you can come across where the settings of your TV had the 1080p resolution set on it. However, the majority of the channels didn’t really support the resolution, and hence the error appeared.

  • AT&T Servers Down: 

Although it is quite improbable, there is a possibility that the AT&T servers themselves are actually down. If that is the situation, you will not be able to watch or stream television.

  • Receiver And TV In The Problem State: 

Maybe it is the most common reason why users encounter this issue. If your devices are in the problem states or stuck, the handshake of content protection will fail eventually, and hence the error will emerge.

  • Connection Cable Is Not Actually Complaint: 

For that handshake to be done, AT&T has actually applied a technology where only the certified wires are able to finish the process of the handshake. If you are making use of a third-party one, you will come across many issues.

Before moving ahead, you first need to ensure that you have a stable and working connection. If the transmission is not really working, then you will not be able to connect and watch any shows or channels. It is a very important point, so ensure that you don’t miss it out.

Troubleshooting: Fix to Error

If you come across a problem that says something like your TV does not support the content protection of the program, you can fix it by using many ways. We have mentioned some of the helpful methods down below.

Method#1: Power Cycle Your Receiver And TV:

The first and foremost step that you need to take in case you encounter such an error is to simply power cycle your entire setup that consists of your TV and receiver. In a lot of situations, these devices get corrupt or have bad configurations set, which causes your receiver or TV to encounter unexpected errors.

It is a very common situation, and power cycling your devices might help you out in fixing the error without much problem. You just need to make sure that you don’t have unsaved data before performing the power cycling.

Step#1: First of all, switch off the TV and receiver by using the power buttons.

power buttons

Step#2: Once you have turned off these devices, simply take out the power cable from both of these devices.


Step#3: After that, simply press and hold its power button for about 4-5 secs. It will help in draining all the static energy from your devices.

hold power

Step#4: Now, wait for about 3-5 minutes and let the devices stay idle.

Step#5: Once the time’s up, simply power up the devices and try again to connect. Check if the error is gone.


Method#2: Resetting Your TV Connection:

Many channels on DirecTV come with the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). It is a type of copy protection that can really stop the interception of the audio content and the digital video when it travels across DVI or HDMI interconnecting cables.

directv receiver box

If you also come across the DirecTV message, simply restart your receiver and HDTV. You can do this by turning them off for about a minute and then turning them on again. If the error hasn’t been fixed yet, then simply check out the next solution!

Method#3: Checking Your Server Status:

Even though this situation is very unlikely, we still came across several instances where servers were actually down. When that is the situation, the handshake will not go on in any possible way, and you will not be capable of streaming or watching any show or channel. In such a case, you can visit numerous forums accessible online and check out similar reports.


If users mention that they are also encountering issues, it probably means that the error is not at your end, and there is something else going on at the backend. In most situations, the downtime is very little and is frequently fixed within some hours. You can try again after a little time and see if the issue is gone.

Method#4: Disable 1080p:

As mentioned before, DirecTV does not have many channels that support 1080p, and if your television does not support 4K as well, it is great to simply lower the resolution.


If you are coming across the error, simply disable the 1080p on your HDTV DVR or video, or receiver setup. Once you are done with that, simply change your settings to either 720p or 1080i. Now try again to stream any channel with the new settings.

Method#5: Update The Firmware Of Your TV:

You may also be encountering this error because of the different HDMI handshake issues. Fix it by ensuring that your television has the most up-to-date software or firmware updates. In other cases, you may need to either make use of the component video cords or get some new Tv set that can actually support High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection.

support software update Update Now

You need to follow that with the issues with HDMI; your inline equipment and television need to be compatible. If they are not compatible, you will then have to make use of the component wires and not the HDMI wires. Also, if you are making use of your DirecTV program and update it to version 2.0 and above, it will actually break the capability of making use of HDMI.

Thus, you will encounter the DirecTV HDMI output not supported problem. When you get this error that says something like our TV does not support this program’s content protection, the primary cause behind it, in some situations, is the HDCP’s protection scheme. The error could also be your TV box or the DirecTV. A simple fix is to reboot your complete setup, even its signal source.

Method#6: Contact Support:

If the solutions mentioned above did not do anything to resolve the issue and you still can’t start channels and TV shows, there is no choice left for you but to call the support team. Since you are a subscriber of DirecTV, you can simply ask them for some assistance, and if you recently purchased your receiver or DVR, then there’re chances that they will even replace the components that are faulty for free.

Contact Support

You can visit the official support website and make a note. If you want, you can even call them on their UAN and explain the entire case. Just make certain that you have the credentials of your DirecTV within your reach. If needed, you might be required to take your receiver or DVR to their official service center or the support person will come to fix the problem.

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