Opera VPN Is Not Working

What Can You Do If Your Opera VPN Is Not Working?

The VPN is temporarily unavailable. Opera is fixing the issue prompt denotes that your browser has failed to connect to the Virtual Private Network. Being one of the fantastic browsers in the industry, Opera provides numerous outstanding capabilities and features, comprising an incorporated VPN. This feature lets you automatically connect to a choice of 3 VPN locations and for free.

Not just does it permits you to browse the internet anonymously, but it also permits you to access the geo-restricted content on different platforms like Disney Plus and Netflix. Despite being really essential, you might discover that the VPN feature on the Opera browser isn’t working. Get to acquaint what triggers the Opera VPN not working problem on Opera as well as how you can troubleshoot it.

What Triggers The Opera VPN Not Working Issue?


After checking the initial reports from different users and testing, we came up with a list of reasons which may cause it not to function. Here’re a few of the causes:

  • Defective Opera Installation:

There’re a few cases where installation files of Opera are defective and have a few corrupt or missing modules. Reinstalling your browser may fix the problem.

  • VPN Location:

In a few cases, the specific location of the VPN may be unavailable to you. Changing your location does this trick here.

  • ISP Problems:

If the Internet Service Provider has blocked access to the VPN of Opera through its major gateway, you’ll not be capable of connecting. If there’re indeed Internet Service Provider limitations, odds are you’ll not be capable of using other Virtual Private Network products as well.

  • Security Apps:

Opera officially launched a statement that there’re security programs that conflicted with the inbuilt VPN of the app. Disabling them or appending Opera to the whitelist may fix the error.

  • Opera Extensions:

If you’ve some 3rd-party extensions of Opera enabled on the browser, they may be conflicting with the Opera Virtual Private Network. Disabling them may fix the problem.

Before moving onto the fixes, make certain that you’re signed in as an admin on the PC. Furthermore, you ought to also have access to the Opera account credentials if you’re utilizing it to sync.

Resolving Connection Issues With The Opera’s VPN:

It is frequently tricky to identify connection issues with the VPN, and even more so if the service you are utilizing does not offer live chat consumer support. That said, there’re some fixes you can utilize for finding the root cause of the majority of connection issues:

Fix#1: Restarting Your VPN

The easiest and quickest method of resolving a lot of VPN issues is to simply cancel the attempt of connection, reboot the browser, then connect to your VPN again.

Restarting Your VPN

You can carry out so by pressing the VPN button in the address bar of the Opera browser and hitting the toggle button twice. Were you capable of connecting now? If so, great, but if not, try the other fixes mentioned.

Fix#2: Change The VPN’s Location 

Before trying any technical fixes, we’ll try to change the VPN’s location. Opera VPN has an option to utilize the VPN of a particular location.

Change The VPN’s Location

If your VPN for that particular location is not accessible, Opera will not be capable of connecting to it. Here if you’ve some other particular location selected, try to move to a default one, and if you’re utilizing the default location, switch over to some particular location.

  • First of all, click the VPN icon beside the site address.
  • Once a window appears, click Virtual Location > Change the location.
  • After changing your location, simply save the changes > close the opened pop-up.
  • Now, try to reaccess your site and see if the error is fixed.

Fix#3: Checking The Browser Version And Disabling The Extensions

If you cannot connect to any of the Virtual Private Networks servers, it may be worth checking that you’ve Opera’s most recent version installed.

Browser Version And Disabling The Extensions

It’s a crucial but frequently-overlooked step. If everything looks awesome there, you can try to switch off the browser extensions you may have installed. For doing so:

  • First of all, click on the Opera icon from the top of the screen > hover over the Extensions > click Extensions from the list that emerges.
  • Now, you ought to see the list of the extensions in your Opera browser. By default, there s simply one: the Opera Ad Blocker.
  • Move ahead > click on the Disable button.
  • Once that’s done, simply try to connect to the Virtual Private Network again. Note that if it does not fix the issue, it is excellent to reenable the Opera Ad Blocker later.

Fix#4: Disable The Security Apps

Opera officials have launched the official statement on Twitter where they advised their users for disabling the security apps on their PCs. According to them, there’re numerous apps that tend to block the activities of Opera and cause a few of its features not to work. Hence you ought to move on and temporarily disable the antivirus apps on the PC and check if that does the trick.

If it really does, you can go on to whitelist Opera from the program and enable your antivirus again. Frequently, such apps think that Opera is utilizing a lot more modules or resources than expected and flags them. One particular antivirus which was seen to trigger problems was Avast.

Fix#5: Update Or Reinstall Opera

If all the fixes mentioned above do not work and you’re still facing the Opera VPN not working issue, there’re chances that the Opera installation either has missing modules or is corrupt. It’s an extremely common case and frequently appears when you change the browser’s installation directory without proper steps or if it was disrupted in the update.

Reinstall Opera

Note: Make certain that you have the credentials at hand and have stored all your relevant work. This fix will remove Opera entirely from the system, and we’ll then try to install the new version.

  • First of all, hit the Win + R buttons > enter appwiz.cpl in the opened dialogue box > hit Enter.
  • Once the app manager appears, search the appeared list for Opera > simply right-click on it > choose Uninstall.
  • Now reboot the PC. After rebooting, go to the official Opera site and download the most recent version > simply right-click and choose Run as admin.
  • Reboot the PC and open your browser. Now see if the problem is fixed, and you can make use of your VPN correctly without any problem.

Hopefully, you have found this guide really helpful and finally got rid of the VPN connection issue.

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