Netflix Error Code NW-8-17

How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-8-17?

Everybody knows about Netflix, and why not? It is an excellent source of entertainment and a guilty pleasure for a few of us.

But at times, you can come across some error messages. NW-8-17 is an extremely common error code that occurs, and it ought to not trouble you much.

It appears because of the bad or no network connection. It causes the device to fail to connect to the Netflix servers.

But don’t worry, as this error code can easily be resolved by following some simple steps. These easy steps will help you out re-establishing your network connection, as a result of which the issue will be fixed.

Although this issue typically points to some problem with the internet or network connection that connects the servers with Netflix, in a few situations, it can appear on the device as well through which you are trying to connect the app. There’re a few troubleshooting methods you can make use of for getting rid of this issue.

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How Can You Resolve The Netflix NW-8-17 Error Code?


The following are a few methods you can use for getting rid of this Netflix error code:

Method#1: Testing The Internet Connection

The first thing that you have to carry out is to simply check if the device is really connected to your Internet. The ways for doing so differ from one device to the other. For the gaming consoles, you can make use of the option for testing the network connection that is built right into the device.

Testing The Internet Connection

Run that test and check if you’re really connected to your internet. You may desire to check if you’re connecting to the correct network.

You can also try to simply disable and reenable your network connectivity setting of the device. If there’s no direct method of testing your network connectivity on the device, you can try and open some other program that also needs an internet connection. If the program connects to your internet without any issue, then you can simply move on to the next troubleshooting method.

Method#2: Restarting The Device

Simply power cycling the device can really do a lot when it comes to the connectivity problems that trigger this kind of problem. You’ll have to shut down the device completely.

Restarting The Device

Unplug and then plug it again to complete the power cycle. You can also carry out the same for the router. Switch it off and carry out the power cycle process by simply unplugging it from the wall socket.

Method#3: Logging Out Of The Netflix App And Logging In Again

You can also try to log out of the Netflix account and then log in back again. This process can do wonders at times. For doing so, simply follow the below steps:

Logging Out Of The Netflix App

  • First of all, open the menu from your left-hand side of the Home screen.
  • After that, choose Settings. If you cannot see the menu, then simply try to go up and choose the gear icon or Settings.
  • Then, choose Sign out > choose Yes for confirming.
  • Now, once logged out, simply log back in and try streaming the Netflix app again.

Method#4: Making Certain That The Network Supports Streaming

A few networks are actually configured for blocking streaming of any type for protecting the limited bandwidth. If you’re making use of the public Wi-Fi network, then streaming may have been blocked deliberately.

You ought to check with your network admin if you can, for simply verifying. If you are utilizing a cellular data network for streaming the Netflix app, it’s possible that the current connection can’t sustain your bandwidth load that the Netflix app needs.

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