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How Do I Merge Two Facebook Pages Which Are Part Of Two Different “Business Manager”?

You might have more than one Facebook Page for the blog, business, or site. If somebody else has made a duplicated Facebook page for the business, you can also claim it. We have a helpful post on how you can claim a Facebook page for the readers. You can merge Facebook pages to engage the audience on your official page.

You can read before merging the Facebook pages. You can merge 2 Facebook pages to clear the confusion. The same way will work if you desire to merge Facebook business pages. In this post, I’ll cover all the steps you ought to take care of while combining Facebook Pages.

Why Should You Combine Facebook Pages?


Before we cover this topic, how you can merge Facebook pages. There might be some reasons to combine Facebook pages if you have more than one page.

  • Recover administration rights to the old pages if lost.
  • The Facebook page isn’t listed as Local, and individuals are trying to make a new place Page(s).
  • You set the incorrect page name or changed your business name by managing two pages for the same business.
  • You have an FB profile in place of a Facebook Page for the business.
  • Someone is trying to steal your business identity.

Important Things To Acquaint Before Combining Pages On Facebook:

Before answering how you can combine two Facebook pages, it’s significant to know significant conditions.

  • If no option to combine Facebook Pages is accessible, then eligibility is dubious. Then you can request FB for the review.
  • The local pages ought to have the same address.
  • The page name ought to be similar and stand for the same thing.
  • To combine two Facebook Pages, you ought to be the administrator of both pages.

What To Contemplate Before Combining Facebook Pages?

If you desire to combine two Facebook pages, then there are some extremely significant things that you need to contemplate first. Let’s check them out!

  • If combine isn’t accessible for Facebook pages, then the pages aren’t eligible for merge. In this sort of case, you can request FB for a review.
  • If your pages are local, then both the pages have to have the same address.
  • Both pages have to have a similar name and stand for the same thing. If the names are diverse, then change the names of your pages to keep the same.
  • If you desire to combine two Facebook pages, then you need to be the administrator of both the pages.
  • After the merger is done, make a pinned post to build awareness about the combining of the pages.
  • Make certain you download a backup of your Facebook Page that you’re attempting to combine.
  • You have to keep the most followed and liked Facebook Page.
  • The About information, phone number, website address, description, and address have to be the same for both pages.

Merge Two Facebook Pages

Steps For Merging Two Facebook Pages:

How can you combine Facebook pages? For merging Facebook pages, you have to follow the below steps-

  • First of all, sign in to the Facebook account.
  • After that, navigate to facebook.com/pages/merge.
  • Next, select the two Pages you would want to combine.
  • Then, hit the Continue option.
  • Now, choose which Facebook Page you want to keep > hit the Keep Page option.
  • After that, confirm the merge request by simply hitting the Request Merge option.
  • Finally, you’ll get a message reading Merge Request Successful.

What Happens When You Combine Two Facebook Pages?

When you combine two Facebook pages, everything from your combined page will move to the main page. However, the usernames, photos, posts, ratings, and reviews will be removed from the combined page. So when you combine the two pages:

  • All of your page likes and check-ins from any duplicate page will combine into your verified Facebook page
  • All of the followers of your duplicate page will combine to the verified Facebook page
  • The combined page will be deleted from your Facebook
  • All your reviews will be combined to your verified Facebook page

What Should You Do After Successfully Combining Two Facebook Pages?

  • If you have a lot of place Pages made, make certain to set the Page to local to permit check-ins!
  • Overhaul the appearance of the new Page! Append a new excellent cover picture, set a new profile image, append as many details to the about section as possible, utilizing the important keywords.
  • Verify the Facebook Page if at all doable. The two most significant causes for verifying the Facebook Page are that Facebook will bump the page up higher in search and the (potential) consumers know that the Page is the real deal!

What Remains After Combining Two Facebook Pages Successfully?

  • Set Page to local and permit check-ins.
  • After combining two Facebook pages, update your new cover picture, set a profile image, and append relevant details to the About section. Do not overlook making use of the significant keywords.
  • If you have a Facebook business page, do not overlook it. If confirmation is successful, then the visibility of your Facebook page in the search engines will be improved.

The same way will work if you desire to merge your Facebook business pages.

How Can You Report The Duplicate Facebook Page?

You can also report any of the duplicate Facebook pages. It is extremely easy, and anybody can do that.

  • First off, go to the official Facebook business page.
  • After that, click on the three indicated dots.
  • Then, a drop-down will appear, and click the Suggest Edits option.
  • A pop-up box will open up with Report Duplicates of the place.
  • In which you might enter the duplicated URL of some particular Facebook page.

Read everything cautiously before making any report.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Facebook Page Merge:

Can I Combine A Facebook Page Without Being The Administrator Of The Page?

No, you cannot combine a Facebook page unless you’re the administrator of that page. So if you desire to combine a page, then you have to have to be an administrator of that page.

How Long Does A Facebook Page Combine Really Take?

The accurate time of combining a Facebook page differs, and it relies on a variety of things, such as whether you are combining the page directly from the Settings panel of the page. However, it would not take more than forty-eight hours to combine a Facebook page. Once the merger is finished, you would not be capable of accessing the combined page.

What Types Of Names Are Not Allowed For The Facebook Page?

When you’re naming the Facebook page, you need to pick a name that really reflects the point of your page. According to Facebook, you cannot employ names that comprise:

  • Any variation of the word Facebook
  • Slogans or descriptions (for example, The Best Café; We offer the best coffee in town)
  • Symbols (for example: ® ) or pointless punctuation
  • Improper capitalization (for instance: tHe best CaFE)
  • The word official if the Page is not the official Page of a place, brand, public figure, or organization
  • Phrases or terms that might be abusive or violate someone’s rights

When I Combine A Page Into Some Other Page, Will I Lose All Of The Combined Page’s Content?

Yes, when you combine a Facebook page, you’ll lose all the contents of that combined page comprising the photos, posts, ratings, and reviews, etc.

Can I Combine My Two Facebook Accounts?

No, Facebook does not permit combining two personal profiles because it is against the Community Standards of Facebook of maintaining more than one private profile. So if you have two private profiles, then you ought to keep on the account and remove the other one. Before removing the other account, make certain to download all the details you have appended to that account for use in the future.

Can I Combine A Group And Facebook Page?

No, you cannot combine a group and a Facebook page. However, you can link the Facebook page and group.


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