If you have not heard about the website called MediaTakeOut, it’s a gossip site that was launched back in 2006. It is among the websites with a lot of visitors daily searching for the most recent updates about their much-loved celebrities.

What’s The Media Takeout Website All About?


The Media Takeout site is about celebrity gossip and news. The site mainly targets African American celebrities, and the home page consists of different celebrity news headlines and comments.

The site gathers its news from unidentified media resources and tips. It includes four sections: archives, home, accounts, and advertising. The archives section has old celebrity news, while the advertising part permits subscribers to request advertising and video details. The accounts section permits returning users to sign in and new users to make accounts, which is a need for posting a comment or discussion.

The website reaches a high African American population percentage on an everyday basis and claims that it’s the most visited urban site in the entire world. Fred Mwangaguhunga, the former corporate attorney, started the site in Jan 2006.

Special features are cited by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, MTV News, the Good Morning America, BET Style, The New York Times, and the Page Six segment of the New York Post, and by the radio characters comprising Tom Joyner, Howard Stern, and Wendy Williams.

Media Take Out has broken some stories, comprising Remy Ma’s criminal accusations, Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy, and Michael Jordan’s divorce. Mwangaguhunga has expressed, We get ninety percent of the accounts from insiders hoping to provide everything like guardians, beauticians, or unpleasant ex-girlfriends.

History Of Mediatakeout:

The history of this website seems to be extremely interesting. Fred Mwangaguhunga originally launched an online laundry business and gradually entered into the online advertising division. Soon after that, he chose to give up his laundry business and switch to a blogging career. He started Mediatakeout, which was totally based on celebrity gossip and news.

After some time, the site blew up. Presently, it ranks as one of the top twenty thousand sites globally on Alexa. The platform gets millions of traffic every month. You’ll also get to know about a few of the major urban celebrity stories from their interviews and sources.

Law Suit On Mediatakeout:

Kim Kardashian has actually filed a lawsuit in the Court of New York against, which claimed that Kim faked the millionaire jewelry theft.

After being the victim of a traumatic and terrible armed robbery in France, Kim returned to the US just to be a victim once again, but this time for the online gossip tabloid that published a series of posts in early Oct calling her of thief and liar, say the papers shown in court.

These are the initial words in which Kardashian talks about the theft, which she describes as disturbing as individuals close to her had already done it.


MediaTakeOut is undeniably one of the most influential sites when it comes to African American culture and news. This site has a very engaged audience that trusts the content. It makes the website a powerful tool for companies looking to reach this demographic.

However, as with any other media outlet out there, care has to be taken to make sure that sponsored content is truthfully represented and doesn’t damage the trust that MediaTakeOut has actually built up with the readers over the years.


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