LG V20 Tips And Tricks

Best LG V20 Tips And Tricks To Get The Most From Your Phone

LG V20 is the most recent lunch by LG that has come filled with a fantastic deal of useful options to blow the users’ minds. It has clearly retained a few features from its predecessor LG V10 however has added more to it.

So users are left with a lot of problems to uncover. If you have also got yourself the LG V20 device by now, you’ll have to have come across a lot of options; however, nonetheless, there’re many that need some small details to uncover.

MIL-STD 810 G certification for ensuring safety, removable battery, twin digital cam on each the edges, and secondary display screen are the distinctive options that had been added in LG V10. However, there’re many diverse superior things to uncover, and the LG V20 tips and tricks will allow you to get to know them better.

LG V20 Tips & Tricks:


Smart Settings:

One of the most useful options of LG V20 is its Smart settings that automate a few things to make the work easier, which finally saves a great effort and time. However, this feature is not unique to LG V20. It’s on the market on diverse LG devices as effectively however is not utilized extensively.

Smart Settings

It needs a few small adjustments within the settings. The smart settings section is can be found in the General settings section. For that, the state of your device and the location have to be set. Also, it’s advisable to allow the My location service.

  • For example, if you’d want YouTube, Google Play Music, or Spotify to start off as rapidly because your headphone is connected, then simply navigate to the settings menu > open Smart settings > choose the Headphone settings > allow it and select the program which you want to start.
  • Similarly, if you’d want your Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and sound profile to on-off mainly based on the location, then set your home location, and the set simple preferences for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Sound profile and sensible settings will make all the adjustments automatically based on the place you are at.

App Drawer:

The default home display screen of LG V20 does not have any application drawer that makes it look a little cluttery with all of the programs on the home display screen.

App Drawer

So, the idea is to deliver the application drawer to have a warm look which can make it easier to locate any program from the home display screen.

  • For delivering the application drawer, navigate to the Settings menu > open General.
  • After that, go to App > choose Menu > tap on Configure app, and select Home & app drawer.

However, diverse thirty social gathering home screens such as Google Now Launcher or Nova can also be utilized if you are not interested in using the LG V20 app drawer.

Set Customized Signature Within Your Secondary Display Screen With The Matching Wallpaper:

Settings signature on your secondary home display screen is a feature present in the LG V10 device, whereas LG V20 has retained that same feature however made a few enhancements on that. For example, now users are in a state to set the matching wallpaper with the signature, whereas their signature could be a little longer than in the LG V10 device.

  • For setting it, first, navigate to the Settings menu > choose Second display screen > select Show when main display screen on and select the signature.
  • Here, set the signature that could possibly be anything while the font too could be easily modified.
  • Now, once you tap on for evading wasting the setup, you will be asked to make the most of the signature’s primary letter for utilizing as your lock screen wallpaper. You can do so later.
  • If you have any interest, simply tap on the setting option and select the wallpaper you want.

Next time your phone wakes up, it will welcome you with the wallpaper and the signature.

Make Use Of The Comfort View:

Comfort view is a fantastic LG V20 feature that LG has introduced with this phone. Users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 additionally effectively know that. The comfort view is absolutely the Blue gentle filter that carries that yellowish view which could be extremely comfy to your eyes.

It presents a lot less strain. You can enable it by navigating to the notification shade, after which enable the comfort view mode. Also, you might change the depth of your gentle blue filter by simply navigating to the settings menu and lengthy urgent on that toggle that once more presents diverse options like medium, low, and excessive to choose from to have an additional comfy view.

Enjoy Audios With Quad DAC Settings:

The x32 HelloFi DAC (Digital to Analog converter) allows users to enjoy audio at an awesome sound best quality from that superb 3.5mm headphone jack.

LG V20 Quad DAC Settings

When that’s activated, it can really use a little more energy; however, the distinction you might locate simply.

  • Go in the direction of the fast settings and there enable the HelloFi Quad DAC settings for having more enjoyable audio.

When the HelloFi setting is toggled on, you can too change your left and audio steadiness if you want that.

Display Measurement Adjustment:

LG V20 display of about 5.7-inch is adequately big. However, the textual content and icons and buttons too are a really large measurement, so if you’d want additional stuff to fit into your display screen, you might clearly do that by adjusting the display measurement.

  • For that, go into the Settings menu > choose Display.
  • After that, tap on More > choose Display measurement > simply drag the slider to your left for having denser and smaller icons.

Activate The Mini Mode For One-Handed Use:

Among the most useful LG V20 trick is the option to activate the mini mode that is actually hidden. The device is kind of big so, if usually, it’s advisable to cope with it by one hand, the mini mode will allow you to try this.

  • For activating the mini view, navigate to Settings > choose Display > tap on More and enable the mini-view option.
  • After that, when it’s advisable to shrink your display, simply swipe your display screen all through the navigation bar in the direction of the way you require it.
  • For example, if you’d want the mini display within your left-right corner, drag it from good to the left.
  • Also, the shrunken window’s dimensions could be easily modified using the handle on the upper corner, whereas a click on the X will take your system again to the full display.

So, almost certainly, the most useful LG V20 tips and tricks are defined above in the article, which will allow you to get the most out of your brand new device, and over time, it’s possible for you to find out much more about the LG V20 device that might make you a get it.

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