Kodi Could Not Connect To Network Server

How To Fix Kodi Could Not Connect To Network Server?

Kodi is the open-source media player that lets you play and access a large selection of music and video content on any device. This service was started by XBMC Foundation back in 2002 and was initially named Xbox Media Center and Xbox Media Player, but back in 2014, its name was changed to just Kodi.

The platform is being utilized by a huge majority of people since it was started, and its recognition has only improved throughout time.

But this post isn’t about what actually Kodi is because contemplating you’ve searched the title of this post and have read it up until here denotes that you already are a user of Kodi, and the Kodi is showing some problem to connect, with the error message saying something like Kodi could not connect to a network server. It’s a common issue for the different Kodi users, and you can resolve it pretty simply by yourself.

Why Does This Network Connection Problem Occur?


The Kodi could not connect to the network server problem isn’t a new one that has appeared. Almost every user of Kodi has come across it and learns how to resolve it themselves. If you’re a new Kodi user, then the below-mentioned tips and tricks may assist you in solving the issue; however, the first thing you have to remember is that you ought to follow all the steps below mentioned perfectly, and if you’re not confident in what you’re doing then it’s better to look for help from a professional.

Methods For Resolving The Issue In Kodi:

The error messaging saying something like Kodi Could Not Connect to Network Server could occur because of a whole lot of diverse reasons. By following the steps given below, you’ll at least and hopefully come across one reason as to why this network issue has appeared and will assist you in solving the issue too.

Method#1: Checking The Internet Connection

If you’re making use of the Kodi with your Android box or television, then it has to be connected to Kodi using a stable Wi-Fi connection. If making use of Kodi on such devices shows you the connectivity problem, then it’s advised for you to check the stability of your Wi-Fi or internet connection first.

Internet Connection

You ought to also run the Windows Network Diagnostics tool if you can to check if there’s some fault with your network configuration.

Windows Network Diagnostics

Running this utility will start troubleshooting, which will detect the issue right away. In case it’s not the issue, and the internet is working fine, then go on to the next reason because of which the issue may have arisen.

Method#2: Updating The Add-Ons

Though the updates o Kodi itself automatically, there’re possibilities that at times you might not have updated to the most recent version, and therefore the issue reading Kodi could not connect to the network server arises. In case it’s the factor showing the problem in Kodi, then it’s essential for you to update the Kodi simply. To do so, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, click on the Add-Ons from the homepage of Kodi > click on the box-like icon from the top or My-add on.

Add-Ons from the homepage of Kodi

  • After that, hit the left side of your remote to make the sidebar visible > click the check for updates option. Kodi will now update itself automatically if there are any updates to be completed.

checking for updates

  • Now, reboot Kodi, and hopefully, the issue will now be fixed. In case that doesn’t happen, then simply go on to the next method.

Method#3: Install Kodi Over Again

Install Kodi Over Again

Sometimes the issue might be small, which can be resolved by removing and then installing the Kodi over again.

Method#4: Checking Your URL


The Kodi could not connect to the network server problem can also be occurred in case you’ve entered the wrong URL. In such situations, review the URL you’ve entered, as at times you might put an additional hyphen or may have put an additional space which can cause the server not to detect your URL link.

Method#5: Making The VPN Usage Necessary

If you don’t make use of a Virtual Private Network, there may be a possibility that the government, internet provider, or application developer have access to the sign-in details, and at times, they might block the traffic that’s directed to the certain IP address. The Virtual Private Network will offer you security and anonymity by making the private network connection on your public forum, and hence the continuous problems may fix.


Issues are a part of each technology we utilize these days, and Kodi problems are pretty normal, which you may acquaint if you’ve been a constant user. However, it’s suggested not to freak out and have a look at the issue one step at a time, and we’re certain that by following the pointers mentioned above, you’ll be capable of fixing the issue through at least one of the methods. We’re hopeful that it may have assisted you, and you might have been capable of overcoming the issue.

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