Retrieve A Deleted Facebook Post

Is There A Way To Retrieve A Deleted Facebook Post?

If you accidentally removed a Facebook post, then this article is for you. Here we will explain how you can recover deleted posts on FB pages, walls, and groups. Let’s begin and see how you can do so.

Recover Your Deleted Posts On Facebook:


According to the support center of Facebook, when you remove a post from the Facebook page, profile, or group, not just it is deleted from the Facebook application but also from the servers. But a few things can just be removed when you remove the account.

So it denotes you are still capable of retrieving Facebook posts, so here we will show the ways by which you can not just see but also retrieve, recover, undo or restore deleted posts on Facebook.

Retrieve A Deleted Facebook Post

Way#1: Undelete Your Facebook Posts

This way might not be appropriate for everybody, but you can try it to see if it works for you or not.

  • First of all, log in to your Facebook account.
  • After that, go to the Notification section > search for any notification you received of the removed post. If you received any notification, then simply tap on it and undelete it.

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Way# 2: Finding And Recovering The Removed Posts On Facebook

If the above way did not work, then do not be anxious because by utilizing this way, everybody can restore removed Facebook posts.

  • First off, log in to the account > navigate to Facebook Settings.
  • After that, scroll down > click on the Download the Information option for creating a copy of the data.
  • Then, click on the Deselect All option > simply tick the Posts if you desire to retrieve posts on Facebook. You can also choose a date range as well.
  • Now, scroll down > click on Create File for creating a copy of the Facebook post data.
  • It’ll take a little time to make a copy of the information. Once done, you’ll get a notification.
  • Simply click on the notification and download your data from the Available copies option.

Once your file is downloaded, open it and locate the removed post that you desire to restore, then simply restore that post.

Way#3: Using The Manage Activity Feature Of Facebook

Facebook released a Manage activity tool feature by which you can remove data that’ll no longer be seen by others, but it’ll remain in the trash for thirty days. You can undelete your data before thirty days pass.

  • Log in to the Facebook account > go to the Settings & Privacy.
  • Now, click on the Activity Log option.
  • Choose Trash and see if there’re removed posts accessible.
  • If there’re posts accessible, just click on the Restore option. If not, then you ought to follow the method mentioned above.

How Can You Recover Removed Post On Facebook Group & Page?

If you desire to recover accidentally removed posts of the Facebook group and page, then you need to follow the second way. All you have to do is choose the Pages and Groups options as well while following the second way. Like this, you can simply recover removed posts of the Facebook groups and pages.

Cancel The Facebook Account Deletion:

If you remove the entire Facebook account, you have also removed all of the Facebook posts and media. If you change your mind and desire to recover the content, you have thirty days to undo the deletion procedure.

  • To cancel, sign in to the Facebook account using a web browser or your mobile app within thirty days of initiation.
  • Then choose Cancel Deletion. You could not recover a Facebook account if you began the deletion procedure more than thirty days ago.

Strategies To Find The Removed Posts On Facebook:

If your removed Facebook posts are gone and unrecoverable, here’re a few workaround strategies to try:

  • Find The Original Post:

If you shared and then removed an interesting or funny post, somebody else made, try to track down that original content. Make use of the search function of Facebook or try a Google search utilizing the keywords from the text of the post or the web page’s title linked to in that original post.

  • Check The Emails:

If you enabled the email notifications for some Facebook posts, you might have a copy of the post you are searching for in the email in the inbox. If you can remember a little of the exact text from that post, try the inbox search. Otherwise, carry out a search for the word Facebook.

  • Check Your Friend’s Emails:

A few of the Facebook friends with email notifications enabled might have gotten notifications referencing the post, particularly if they are tagged or mentioned. Ask the friends to search their inbox for that removed post you are searching for.


I hope you liked this tutorial on how you can retrieve the removed Facebook posts. We shared three ways in which the second one will work for everybody, but the first and third ways will work for a few users. Do not forget to spread this useful tutorial with your relatives and friends.


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