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Is The GTX 1050 Still Good In 2021

The GTX 1050 has always been a trustworthy card, but the games keep changing and getting even more demanding, so does it still really perform as well as it did when it first launched? How does it compare to different other cards near the same cost? What are different other options available other than the GTX 1050?

GTX 1050 Release:


The GTX 1050 was first launched back in October 2016. When the card was released, the tech community was extremely excited about the new performance that is provided. It was not like such games were not that demanding either, the best games comprised Uncharted 4, Battlefield 1, Overwatch, and more.

But how well did this card really do in such games? On all the games mentioned above, the GTX 1050 could actually handle high settings at 1080p having more than 60fps. But how do they really compare to the games in 2021? Games are even more demanding now than ever; however, it’s also combated with the better optimization of games.

Is The GTX 1050 Still Good In 2021

How Are Games Really Now?

A few of the most well-liked games now are very demanding. A game that launched recently, Hitman 3, runs at a great frame rate of 50-60fps at 1080p Low settings. Though this game is at low settings, the graphics are still very good, and your game will still run well.

Games running well is frequently a matter of how optimized the game is for the card to be great for gaming now. Fortunately, the majority of well-liked games now are becoming much more optimized, which is good for this card.

How’s The GTX 1050 For Low-End Gaming?

If somebody does not game very often or just plays low-end games or does not even mind 720p or even lower settings in games, then this particular card will definitely work for you in 2021. Single-player games such as Minecraft or Stardew Valley will run flawlessly on this card, and it can also run a few first-person shooters too. The card is very good for low-end gaming, but it can be utilized for even more demanding games too.

How’s The GTX 1050 For The Medium-End Gaming?

The different medium-end gamers can anticipate some good performance from this GPU; however, it’ll most likely only be able to run most first-person shooters at medium settings. A few games might be capable of running with good frames at the high settings as well.

How’s The GTX 1050 For High-End Gaming?

For the triple-A titles, you shouldn’t expect much from this GPU if you want 60fps; on Hitman 3, it really does very well, but it’s not the same for a few other AAA titles. For instance, running the medium on low settings still just gets you around 20fps. However, you might be able to get more out of the card by overclocking.

What Are The Top Games To Play With The GTX 1050?

The GTX 1050 is great for low-medium end gaming, but what’re the great games for the card for handling? The majority of the games mentioned will be played on the max settings at 1080p. The first game is Grand Theft Auto Five that gets around 53fps on average at max settings.

A few other games that would be great for the GTX 1050 are Valerant, Overwatch, Warzone, and Fortnite. All of such games are run on the maxed settings and also use 1080p, having 60fps that is absolutely playable at this cost range.

Is It Really Worth Overclocking Your GTX 1050?

What is overclocking? Overclocking a graphics processing unit is a procedure where you give your GPU more power to work harder and give you extra performance. It can direct to more fps in games; however, it’s extremely unhealthy long-term and reduces the lifespan of your card; it can also make your card run quite hot.

Overclocking can be a viable option if you’re just utilizing it as a temporary card until others reduce in cost or that you have the money for a better one. Overclocking a regular card, however, may not be worth it because of all the risks that accompany it long-term and cooling issues.

What Are Different Other Options Instead Of The GTX 1050?

Though this GPU can be great in a few cases, there are different other options at the same cost point. The GTX 1050 is actually priced at around $100; this cost might change because there’s very high inflation in graphics card costs.

A few other options that hail from the AMD spectrum versus Nvidia’s GTX 1050 would be the Radeon RX 560. It is on another point than 1050 for the same cost; it’s the same amount of performance that the Ti version of the card does for around one hundred dollars less.

Even better, for around $50-$70 more, you can acquire the RX 570 that is a large step up from the level of GTX 1050; it can handle games much better than the 1050 Ti for about to or even the same price as the 1050 Ti.


The GTX 1050 vs. the RX 560 isn’t just about the fps; it’s the hardware too that actually impacts the performance not only in gaming but productivity as well. A few main differences between GPUs can be VRAM and cooling.

On the VRAM side of things, your GTX 1050 has 2GB, it is not bad, but these days individuals frequently have 4 GB to 8 GB of VRAM in the GPU. That’s where your RX 560 comes in; The GPU has 4GB compared to your 2GB that 1050 has for the same cost.

Though the RX 560 comes first in that part, the GTX 1050 does pull forward in the number of ports it actually comes with. The GTX 1050 has one display port having three HDMI ports, where the RX 560 just has one HDMI port and one display port. Both of such cards also come with the DVI port.

How are the temperatures? The temp for both of these cards are very close and nothing too noteworthy to favor ether in this characteristic of the graphics cards.


The GTX 1050 is still a reliable option for gaming in 2021; however, it ought to be noted the difference in a performance involving your RX 560 also. Both of such cards are extremely good for their cost and ought to be greatly contemplated by the low-medium end gamers but ought to not be relied upon like it was the high-end GPU.

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