Replacing A MacBook Pro Screen

Is It Worth Replacing A MacBook Pro Screen? (Is It A Waste?)

Okay, let’s face it. Laptop screens are probably one of the primary things to break when you drop the MacBook. I know how terrifying that can be because the laptop screen replacements are no joke. They charge you hundreds of dollars and, at times, are not even worth it.

So is spending that much money on a screen replacement just worth it, or do you ought to get another one instead simply? Let’s learn! It’s not worth replacing your MacBooks screen as the new MacBooks with a retina display screen charge between 455 dollars to 755 dollars for replacing.

Seven hundred fifty-five dollars is almost the cost of the 999 dollars 2021 MacBook Air. It’s better to purchase a new MacBook Pro with the chase instead, as the MacBooks just have a five to eight-year lifespan. If the MacBook has been with you for a very long time, it has to have absolutely seen a lot of wear and tear.

Aside from the damage caused by surface hits or falls, all of the dirt that’s accumulated by the Mac over the years causes much internal damage without us even recognizing it. So if you’ve been utilizing the MacBook Pro for a time now and you break the screen, we’d recommend not opting for the screen replacement as it isn’t really worth it.

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Replacing A MacBook Pro Screen

The best bet would be to actually get a refurbished one from Apple or the new MacBook from Amazon. Read on to find out why replacing the screen of the MacBook Pro isn’t worth it, packed full of helpful data of the diverse tiers that the Apple store will replace a MacBook.

Why It’s Not Worth Replacing The MacBook Pro Screen?


The replacement of the MacBook Pro Retina Screen would typically charge you between 455 dollars to 755 dollars. Incorporate the labor charges for checking the laptop and also the delivery charges (if applicable). For that price, it’s not really worth it to get the replacement for the MacBook when the MacBook that has an M1 chip is the same price of the repair.

Let’s clarify why! There are a lot of things that go into settling on whether or not you ought to get the screen replacement. Let’s have a glance at them and comprehend why the MacBook with the broken screen is a lost cause now.

Why Replacing The MacBook Screen Is A Waste Of Your Hard-Earned Cash?

  • If the warranty of your MacBook has ended and you take it to the Apple store for the retina screen replacement, they’d mention you at least 455 dollars for a new screen for the earlier model as well as a hundred dollars for the labor. This price of 555 dollars is more than half of what the new MacBook would charge you.
  • The MacBook Pro’s screen replacement falls under Apple Repair’s Tier 4. This tier caters to all the issues the PC may have and is the most costly Apple Repair category.
  • If you dropped the MacBook Pro, odds are a lot of other internal parts of the MacBook may have gotten broken, which aren’t noticeable on the outside. Getting the replacement will not resolve all the potential problems meaning that it’d charge you more than just the screen replacement charges for the complete repair.
  • Each machine has a lifetime. If the MacBook is the older model soon, it’d go outdated, and you’d have to switch to the newer model. So in place of getting the screen repaired, sell the MacBook Pro in the existing condition on websites such as eBay and append a little more cash for purchasing a brand new MacBook Pro.

How Much It Really Costs For Replacing The MacBook Pro Screen?

There is no cost for the screen replacement if the problem is covered by the warranty, consumer law, or AppleCare+. However, if the problem does not fall under these, the replacement for a MacBook Pro screen with Retina display would charge you anywhere between 455 dollars to 755 dollars, 755 dollars for a more modern screen, and 455 dollars for the older ones.

Without AppleCare+ pr a warranty, the charges for a screen replacement of a MacBook Pro will set you back from anywhere between 455 dollars to 755 dollars at an Apple Store. You can easily schedule your appointment at the Apple Store to get the screen checked.

The exact price of the screen replacement is computed by weighing in things like the year and model of your MacBook and the Apple Repair Tiers. For instance, the screen replacement for the MacBook Pro 2015 with Retina Display till now would charge you at least 450 dollars.

You can purchase one cheaper than a screen replacement charge! For the MacBook Air 13 from 2010-2017, replacing its screen would set you back for at least 350 dollars. For assisting you in comprehending the Apple Repair Tiers that determine the repair charges, the Apple Repair Tiers are explained here.

What Are The Different Apple Repair Tiers?

  • Apple Repair Tier 1:

It resolves minor parts like brackets, cables, reseating and screws, etc. It charges a total of 455 dollars, comprising the 100 dollars labor charges.

  • Apple Repair Tier 2:

This tier concerns the replacement of assemblies and minor boards in the PC. For instance, the inverter assembly board or power supplies board, etc. It charges a total of 555 dollars, comprising the one hundred dollars labor charges.

  • Apple Repair Tier 3:

The hard drive replacement falls under Tier 3. It charges a total of 655 dollars, comprising the one hundred dollars labor charges.

  • Apple Repair Tier 4:

This one actually caters to the major issues and parts in the MacBook, including the logic boards or screens. It charges a total of 755 dollars, comprising the one hundred dollars labor charges. You’d now be capable of comprehending what category the damaged PC falls under.

So the bottom line is that fixing the MacBook Pro can waste much of your energy, time, and cash. You ought to instead sell that old one on eBay and append a little more bucks for acquiring a brand new PC.

Why invest that much money on an already utilized device when you can purchase something new? Apple refurbished devices are all thoroughly tested by Apple and meet the same standards as the new Apple products; purchasing a refurbished one from Apple is like purchasing new but with special savings of up to fifteen percent. What is there not to actually like about it?

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