The ‘https aka ms remoteconnect not working’ Issue In Minecraft

How To Fix The ‘https aka ms remoteconnect not working’ Issue In Minecraft?

Minecraft has grown to possibly be one of the most accepted gaming titles in the past decade. Not only has it located its audience among children but also adults, numerous of who took to streaming and are presently best Minecraft streamers on Youtube and Twitch, having millions of subscribers.

Created by Sweden-based Mojang Studios along with Xbox Game Studios, 4J Studios, and Other Ocean Interactive, the game is mostly played in the multiplayer setting, and you can connect your devices utilizing the feature.

However, individuals have recently been pointing out problems while connecting, and here we have talked about what’s the https aka ms remote connect sign-in bug in Minecraft and how you can resolve it on Playstation, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Why Does The https aka ms remoteconnect Issue Occur In Minecraft?


Even though Minecraft is small in size as compared to different games, it’s one of the most complex games ever launched. There can be numerous reasons for the happening of sign in not working issue. Let’s have a glance at a few of the most common causes that direct to this issue in Minecraft.

  • Cross-Platform Feature:

While Minecraft permits you to play with gamers across numerous platforms, it does not allow you to play on any alternate platform unless you have signed out the Microsoft account from the earlier device. After signing out, the problem is most likely to get fixed easily.

  • The Corrupt Game Data:

While you are attempting to update the version of the game or installing it just now, there may be a few problems with the server or the internet connection. It might cause your game files to get corrupted and overridden, which leads to not working.

  • Firewall Or Antivirus Restrictions:

If you are playing Minecraft through any sort of launcher app like Tlauncher, there is a high possibility that the issue may be caused because of the antivirus or firewall program that might have detected your game files as malicious. On the other hand, the address can also be blacklisted on the firewall.

What Is The Sign In bug In Minecraft?

As stated above, permits individuals to connect with different Minecraft players and makes it simple to play your game even when on diverse consoles, comprising Switch, Playstation, Xbox, PC, and smartphones.

However, if the service is not functioning as expected, individuals would have problems playing Minecraft with others, and here we have mentioned possible solutions for https aka ms remoteconnect not working problem.

Solution#1: Making Use Of Microsoft Log In Code From Minecraft:

  • First of all, open Minecraft > click on log-in access multiplayer option > link the Microsoft account.
  • After that, click on the link > enter the code you have gotten in the message.
  • Then, open any web browser > sign into the Microsoft account at
  • Now, in the new tab on the same web browser, go to
  • Next, enter the code in the new window > click on the Next button.
  • Now, agree to the terms & conditions on the next page > hit Yes.

The issue ought to disappear. New Microsoft accounts can frequently show the https aka ms remoteconnect not working issue even when logging in using the code. Try a few times to access your game using the code before moving on to the next solution.

Solution#2: Reboot The Device:

Whichever gaming console, PC, or smartphone you are making use of for playing Minecraft can have cache bugs and temporary files, which can be fixed by simply rebooting your machine. It ought to also resolve the not working error.

While it may seem an elementary way to resolve the solution, it works in the majority of situations and does not harm the system or save your game files in any way; however, a must-try before going onto other solutions.

Solution#3: Make Certain Your Account Is Not Being Utilized On Another Device:

If you are making use of the same Microsoft account on some other device, particularly that of a diverse make like Playstation and Switch or Playstations and Xbox, it is quite possible that it’s causing this Minecraft not working issue. To resolve the problem, you can sign out of the previous device if you are not utilizing it actively or make a new Microsoft account for your new gadget.

  • Make A New Microsoft Account:

As stated above, if you are making use of the existing Microsoft account on another device, you may require a new one to log in to your new console. Simply navigate to Microsoft’s official site and make a new account, and it ought to resolve the not working error.

Solution#4: Remove Minecraft Saved Game Data:

Another thing that can trigger the not working problem is saved Minecraft game data, which may have a few corrupt files and cause your remote connections and game to crash. You can make a backup of your saved game data before removing it in case that is not triggering the problem.

Solution#5: Logout And Reinstall:

If removing the saved game data does not seem to assist you in any way, as a final resort, you can sign out of your game, uninstall it from the console and then install it once again for resolving the not working issue.

How Can You Resolve Not Working On Playstation 4?

  • First off, log in to the Microsoft account after opening Minecraft.
  • After that, type the eight-digit code > navigate to and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • Alternatively, navigate to for entering the code.

How Can You Solve The Not Working On Switch?

Now, it may sound a little weird, but patience is really the key here. Usually, Nintendo Switch will show the not working problem whenever you attempt to enter the code in the site and sign you out. However, the key is actually to keep trying to sign in over and over.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: https // not working

Well, you have to make a new Microsoft account for connecting if https // not working. Moreover, a new account will assist you in fixing the error. After making a new account, follow the steps mentioned above.

Q: Is aka MS Remoteconnect Safe?

Yes, https aka ms remoteconnect is a safe site. It is offered by Microsoft, which lets you play Minecraft on different platforms such as Windows, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Q: aka ms account settings

If you desire to play multiplayer games on Xbox, then you need to follow a few settings. For more information, go to https // settings.

Q: Where Do I Put Code?

When you click on, then you’ll see a field. You need to enter your code of six or ten digits in that field.

Last Words:

If you come across the issue, know it’s very common, and the majority of Minecraft users have come across it before too. Although the issue might be annoying, as it stops you from playing your game and utilizing features to the fullest, it’s simple to resolve. Utilizing one of these fixes above, you can easily fix the issue and continue playing.

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