Use Discord’s In-Game Overlay

How To Use Discord’s In-Game Overlay?

Do you require a tool that you can utilize for simultaneously video/voice chatting, stream from the computer, and message friends, all while playing games? Discord is an instant messaging program that has many amazing features and is the best option for gamers to connect with their friends. You can simply download Discord free of charge on any computer.

All you have to carry out to start utilizing it is to make an account. Once you do that, you’ll be capable of having access to all of the features Discord comes with. It comprises its own in-game overlay.

What’s this overlay, though, and what’s it utilized for? Here, you can learn more about the amazing Discord overlay feature, why it is so helpful, and how you can utilize it yourself while playing your preferred games.

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What’s Discord’s In-Game Overlay?


The Discord in-game overlay feature essentially allows you to make use of Discord’s voice chatting and messaging while playing the game. You can launch and close it at any point, making it easy to utilize even while in the middle of gaming. It is great to utilize when you are playing a game with other users, so you can talk and coordinate simply while you play.

It is also helpful for when you desire to stream the Gameplay over Discord and manage it while you are in a game. Discord makes utilizing this feature extremely simple and customizable to your likings. You can make use of the Discord overlay with only the games you choose, and you can have the overlay appear over the game or set it to be totally invisible unless you launch it up yourself.

How Can You Launch The Discord Overlay?

Make use of the following steps to launch the discord overlay:

  • Before launching the game, navigate into Discord > click on the User Settings. It’s a small gear-like icon that you can find at the bottom of the window, next to the username.
  • After that, click on the Overlay option under the App Settings.
  • Then, toggle the Enable In-Game Overlay option by simply clicking on the slider.
  • You can also modify what button combo brings up the in-game overlay by clicking on the keyboard icon under the Toggle Overlay Lock option.
  • Settings for displaying avatars, names, and other users can also be changed, as well as notifications that appear while you are gaming.
  • Next, navigate to Game Activity under the App Settings. You ought to see a list of different games that have been connected to your Discord.
  • If you do not see any games, you can connect your game by launching it > clicking on Add it at the top.
  • You can also connect to the Steam account or any other gaming platform to see the games. For doing that, choose Connections under the User Settings.
  • Next to the games, you’ll see an icon of a PC. You can toggle the in-game overlay to be on/off for every specific game. Make certain the overlay is on for the games you desire to play with it.
  • Now, launch the game you desire to play utilizing the overlay. You can now make use of the keyboard shortcut Shift + ‘ for launching the overlay or whatever shortcut you have set for launching the overlay.

How To Make Use Of The Discord Overlay?

After launching the overlay, you can launch any chats you might be part of. You can also search for channels or users you desire to begin a chat in.

  • Voice Chat Or Direct Message:

In the overlay, you can voice chat or direct message. For starting a voice chat, simply click on the phone icon from the top. Relying on how you changed the settings for the overlay, a user’s name will appear when voice chatting. You will be capable of seeing all the users in the voice chat in the upper corner, or you can launch the overlay and move your voice chat box to anywhere on your screen.

  • Pin A Chat:

You can also pin the chat to have it stay open even when you close the in-game overlay. For doing that, you can click on the thumbtack icon from the top of the window. The chat ought to detach from the sidebar, and you will have the capability of moving the chat box around and resizing that, so it does not interfere with the game.

  • Typing In The Chat Box:

You can hit the ] key for typing in the chat or whatever key you might have set this action to in Discord. Also, if you desire to change the chat box’s opacity, you can do that by choosing Opacity from the top and sliding the bar until you locate the opacity level you want.

  • Stream The Gameplay Over Discord:

Another option you have is to stream the Gameplay over Discord. If you are in the server channel, you can click on the PC icon from the bottom next to the title of the game. It’ll begin streaming the game over the server to those who select to watch.

The settings of the Discord overlay can also be changed while you are in the game. Once the overlay is launched, go to the gear icon for launching the settings. You can change the same under the Overlay Settings in the main program of Discord.


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