unblock Adobe Flash on Chrome

How to unblock Adobe Flash on Chrome? (Really Possible? in 2021)

Adobe flash player has been around for as far as many of us can remember. Adobe was the reason we were able to enjoy those childhood flash games on our computers. But recently, in 2020, Adobe ceased to function. This tutorial will discuss how to unblock Adobe Flash on Chrome or any other web browser.

Unblock Adobe Flash on Chrome:


Adobe flash player was the sole software to provide the running environment for all kinds of media over the internet. You could use it to open .swf, .xlf, and many other media files. However, many large websites moved their content to a more secure architecture, such as MS Silverlight. So, Adobe decided to throw the flash player in a towel.

Why do you need an Adobe Flash player?

Despite the unavailability of Adobe flash players, some websites still rely on outdated flash content. Moreover, software such as SAP dashboard still uses .xlf file format in its operation.

Adobe Flash player

Therefore, for such purposes, you are forced to use Adobe flash player on Google Chrome. If you want to learn, then keep reading how to unblock Adobe Flash on Chrome:

The whole unblocking process consists of three stages. You can skip ahead if you already have completed any of them. The required steps are:

  • Installation
  • Updating
  • Unblocking

Next, I will discuss in detail all these stages, so keep reading.

How to install Adobe Flash Player on Chrome?

Adobe flash player is not available from the official Adobe website anymore after the EOL (End Of Life) date: 13th January 2021.

install Adobe Flash Player on Chrome

However, you can still download the flash player setup from third-party websites such as Softonic or ccm. A google search will help you quickly download the setup from any of your preferred websites.

  • Run the Adobe flash player setup as an Administrator
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the flash player.
  • This step is not compulsory as most modern operating systems come pre-installed with a copy of Adobe flash player. Therefore, you can skip this step.

How to update Adobe Flash player?

The latest version of both Google Chrome and Adobe flash player is compulsory to run any flash file. You may experience many errors if you are on an outdated version.

update Adobe Flash player

To check for the Google Chrome update:

  • Open Chrome and click on the More settings (Vertical ellipsis)
  • Select Update Google Chrome
    • You are up to date if the update button is unavailable.

Now to update Adobe flash player:

  • Open Chrome and type chrome://components in the address bar.
  • Search for Adobe Flash player and select Check for update.
  • There are two possible messages that you can get:
    • Component Updated: it means that your Adobe updated successfully.
    • Component not Updated: This means that you are on the latest Adobe. However, it is recommended to install the Flash player if you see this message manually.

How to unblock Adobe?

By default, the latest version of Chrome and many other browsers block flash player activity. Every time a website tries to access Adobe Flash Player to display its media content, you receive a warning message.

unblock Adobe

However, this restriction can be overpassed very quickly. Here I will discuss the step-by-step guide about how to unblock Adobe Flash on Chrome:

  • Open Chrome browser and go to settings by clicking the vertical ellipsis and selecting settings.
  • Go to the Privacy and Security tab from the left of the screen.
  • Select Site settings and search for flash settings.
  • Under the additional permission settings, select flash and turn off Block sites from running a Flash button.
  • By default, the enabled action will be asked first:
    • It will ask your permission every time a website tries to access Flash player on Chrome.
  • The asking prompt will be displayed once for each website, and Chrome will remember your choice for each website individually.
  • Moreover, you can always review which websites to allow or block by repeating the above procedure.

The best alternative to Adobe Flash Player in 2021:

Let’s face it, Adobe Flash Player is dead, and it won’t be resurrected ever. Therefore, the best workaround to keep your files in a working condition is to either find an alternative or update your files to the latest technology.


Adobe’s decision for Flash Player’s EOL  (End Of Life) meant to improve the flash security all across the internet. However, many websites and firms extensively relied upon the flash player for their operation. For instance, the SAP dashboard is the backbone of many corporations. The file format for SAP is .xlf(Xcelsius), which is outdated but still valuable. Therefore, such individuals need to look for the best alternative to Adobe Flash player.

What is Squirrel 365?

Squirrel 365 is a powerful tool used to create and manage spreadsheets. It gives you the power to turn ordinary spreadsheets into extraordinary content.

Squirrel 365 sofwater

Moreover, all of the major corporations that previously relied upon Adobe are migrating to Squirrel. It is because Squirrel provides the basic flash services and dramatically improves user experience in many ways.

How can it replace Adobe?

Being a major firm that uses SAP dashboard, you may have valuable data stored in Xcelsius format. This format can only be handled inside the Adobe Flash Player environment. It means that you need to migrate all the previous data to the squirrel spreadsheet format by recreating the data files.

Recreating all the data files may seem an easy job because all you need to do is copy and paste. However, the job becomes almost impossible when it comes to data migration of GBs of data. Therefore, Squirrel 365 provides the format conversion tool within its package. All you need is to insert your file folders, and the tool will automatically convert your files for Squirrel 365.


Adobe Flash Player is one of the software that defines our childhood. Many of us used it to play flash games online or to watch flash media on websites. Moreover, many corporations relied solely upon the services of Adobe Flash Player. However, the recent EOL terms entirely restricted the usage of Adobe Flash Player.

Therefore, in this tutorial, I described how to unblock Adobe Flash on Chrome and the importance of Squirrel 365 as an alternative to Adobe Flash Player.

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