How To Type Backwards 3 As Ɛ Symbol On Android iPhone & PC

How To Type Backwards 3 As Ɛ Symbol On Android iPhone & PC?

You are attempting to enter an E that looks just like Backwards 3, and you desire to form a heart symbol like this Ɛ>. But, you do not know how you can enter like this Ɛ>, Am I correct? Well, it also happened to us once when we attempted to put a status on our Facebook.

But then we learned the ways for typing the reverse 3 or backward 3 as Ɛ. Here in this guide, we shared how you can enter backwards 3 on the keyboard in Android, PC, and iPhone, or wherever you desire to type. Sounds interesting? Let’s begin!

Why Typing Backwards 3 As Ɛ Has Been So Popular?


Metering a reverse 3 or backward 3 that looks like E is becoming trendy because it’s mainly utilized in tweets, status, and messages shared on different social media platforms as a symbol of love as Ɛ>. Individuals in their messages make use of this symbol to appear cool on social media and other platforms.

Enter Reverse 3 With ALT Code On PC:

The reverse 3 symbol has gotten even more interesting by the day and is utilized a lot by not just gen-x but also the gen-z. Entering the backwards 3 as Ɛ is no rocket science, particularly if you’re trying it on the computer.

All you need to do is to simply copy the backwards 3 symbol from the symbols list or even from Google and simply paste it wherever you desire to. You can also make use of the backwards 3 alt code for doing more on the PC. The steps to follow are mentioned below.

  • First of all, open the computer > click on any text-based program like Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint, or Microsoft Excel for opening it up.
  • After you’ve made a new and blank doc, simply enter type 0190 ().
  • Following that, press Alt and X at the same time from the keyboard, and you’ll see that the text you had written above has actually converted into the reverse 3 symbol.

I know it’s difficult to believe, but it really is that easy. That’s how you employ this code for entering backwards 3, not just on Word but also on Google Docs. What you have to keep in mind though is that this technique will not work in Microsoft Notepad. Of course, it is not the only way to enter the backwards 3 symbol. Let’s have a glance at a few more.

Copying And Pasting The Symbols:

Another very easy way of entering backwards 3 on the computer is to simply copy the symbol and then pasting it wherever you desire; doing that will also allow you to make use of the backwards 3 symbol for your Instagram stories, WhatsApp messages, and WhatsApp statuses, to name a few.

There can’t be a simpler way than just copying the symbol and pasting it onto the desired page. However, there’s something about this technique that might make it the second option. It’s that each time you want to make use of the reverse 3 symbol, you’ll need to open the website from where you want to copy the backwards 3 symbol.

Enter Reverse 3 As E On Your Android Phone:

Now that we acquaint all the methods of entering the backwards 3 symbol on the computer let’s attempt doing the same on Android. But here’s the thing. You can’t enter the reverse 3 symbol on any OS that makes use of Android.

In fact, the Android keyboard doesn’t offer you an option that assists you in entering the reverse 3 sign. And again, here’s the thing. You’ll not have to search for a symbol on your keyboard. You can simply copy and then paste it wherever you desire.

Pretty easy, isn’t it? Simply open the web browser, copy the reverse 3 symbol, and then simply paste it into any of the texts. If you desire a few tips on how you can make use of the reverse 3 symbol, we’d recommend utilizing it for comments on Facebook. You can make use of it followed by > for making a heart shape.

How To Enter Reverse 3 In Documents?

Another easy option is to type the reverse 3 symbol in the writings. Simply follow the east procedure below for inserting the reverse 3 symbol:

  • First off, Turn on the computer.
  • After that, go to any text app such as Google Docs or Microsoft word.
  • Now, launch a new Blank Document.
  • Then, click on the Insert section from the menu section.
  • Next, search for the Symbol tab > click on it.
  • Now, you can see a long list of symbols and characters in the next window.
  • Now from this list, you can enter reverse 3 symbols Ɛ and a lot of other symbols as well.

Note: To get a huge list of symbols, you have to utilize a standard windows font like Times New Roman or Arial.

Typing Reverse 3 On iPhone:

And now, lastly, let’s know if we can enter the backwards 3 symbol on an iPhone device. Well, the short answer is yes. But let’s not get carried away. How about a few basics first? The iOS devices such as the iPhone don’t offer a keyboard where you can locate the reverse 3 sign for typing.

In such a situation, they are much similar to their Android counterparts. But they’re also similar in another way. You can simply copy the reverse 3 sign and then paste it on the text just like you did it in the case of your Android device. The procedure is the same as that of the Android.

Facts About Backwards 3:

  • What Language Consists Of The Reverse 3 Sign?

The reverse 3 symbol is frequently a lowercase variant. It’s been adapted from the Greek alphabet in the medieval format. It’s actually encoded as U+03B5. It’s also referred to as Ɛ (the Small Letter Epsilon) in Greek.

The modern variant of the reverse 3, however, has a diverse origin. It’s contemplated with the Modern Greek small letter epsilon’s version. It’s notably used to denote the heart symbol and is emanated from the medieval minuscule.

  • Does The Reverse 3 Symbol Resemble The Letter E?

The short answer is yes. The backwards 3 does look like the E letter from the English alphabet. In fact, many individuals have even described it as the upside-down E with the caps off. However, the actual sign does, in fact, trace its source from the number 3.


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