Play Music Through Mic Windows & Games

How To Play Music Through Mic Windows & Games?

You might have wondered frequently about all the fantastic music that a lot of gamers and YouTubers play through the microphone and producing all types of fascinating sound effects. You might have even looked for ways to locate how to play music through your own microphone as well, and you have to have found numerous expensive and high-profile audio-mix programs that can let you play music through the microphone.

But did you acquaint that you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to get it? You can make use of a few very simple and basic ways of playing music through your mic like a pro!

How To Play Music Through The Mic On Your Device? Let’s Find Out!


There’re several methods to transmit different sounds through the microphone of your device, and a few of them are:

METHOD #1: How Can You Play Music Through Microphone In Windows 10, 8, And 7?

  • First of all, navigate to the Control Panel on Windows.

Control Panel

  • Them, click Hardware & Sound.

Hardware & Sound

  • From there, choose the Manage Audio Devices option.

Manage Audio Devices

  • After that, simply right-click on the Default Microphone.

Default Microphone

  • Next, disable the default microphone.

Right Click and Disabled

  • Now, simply right-click on the Stereo Mix option.

Stereo Mix option

  • Then, make it the default output for your device.


  • Next, navigate to your microphone again > right-click on it.

Default Microphone

  • Then, select the microphone as the default audio input.


You can simply begin utilizing this changed setting for transmitting sounds through your mic of the device while indulging in your games or throughout the live streaming sessions.

There’s a chance that you don’t locate the option of the Stereo Mixer in the device. It frequently happens when you don’t have the soundcard installed. So, for availing of this method, you’ll need to install the soundcard on the device first.

METHOD #2: How Can You Play Music Through Your Microphone In The Form Of A Virtual Audio Cable?

If you’re attempting to figure out how to play music through a mic using this technique, it needs you to first install the virtual audio cable together with the soundboard.

There’re a lot of online sources from where you can easily get both of such things free of charge. However, just like for each free program, you’ll need to be cautious about a few potential threats and viruses that might come attached with such a free soundboard and virtual audio cable.

The virtual audio cable is something that you have to configure on the PC system’s output and input methods. If such virtual cable is configured correctly with your soundboard, your PC will begin seeing it automatically.

The idea of it is based on the Daemon programs that are utilized for making the virtual CD/DVD for the.iso files when the real CD/DVD unit is not present.

Conversely, your soundboard functions as the sound transmitter that permits the sound transmission through the microphone of the device. Now, for making the computer comprehend that this program will function as the mic, you’ll need to follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, navigate to the Win recording settings.

Sound Settings

  • Then, navigate to the Recording section.

Recording section

  • After that, click show disabled device.

show disabled device

  • Now, enable the virtual audio cable as your default output.

virtual audio cable as your default output

  • Repeat these same steps on your playback wall as well.


  • Now, navigate to the computer settings.


  • Then, set the virtual audio cable as the laptop’s or PC’s default audio output source.

default audio output

Now, for the soundboard configuration, you’ll need to follow the below steps:

  • First, navigate the soundboard settings.


  • Then simply set your virtual audio cable as input.

virtual audio cable as input

This step will make sure that the virtual microphone is connected to your soundboard.

Now, you can easily broadcast any sound that you desire while being in the middle of your online video games or are busy in live streaming. You can control all sorts of sounds for the audience through the mic, and it’s certainly a remarkable experience that’ll make you really feel just like a pro. In this way, individuals will be capable of hearing you run and talk sounds through the mic, but you’ll not be capable of hearing yourself. While transmitting different sounds through your mic, the audio will be audible for just the other players.

METHOD #3: How Can You Play Music Through Mic With The Help Of A Program?

There’re a lot of types of programs that can be utilized for transmitting the sounds through the microphone of the device. However, one of the fantastic programs is the Voice Meeter. It’s free over different online sources.

However, it’s always wise to download the program from the official page only so that it’s legal, authentic, and free of all malware. This tool will act as your audio tool of the computer, just like the virtual audio cable does. It then produces the sound again by simply producing the audio output and input within the PC.

  • First, you need to download The Voice Meeter program or any other tool of your choice.

Voice Meeter program

  • Download the soundboard as well.

The soundboard acts as the connector between the Voice Meeter or similar program that you get and the audio of the device.

  • For configuring your soundboard, navigate to the Soundboard settings.
  • Then, select the program as the soundboard’s output.
  • After that, you need to make sure that the program is set up as your default audio input as the mic.
  • For setting the downloaded program as the default voice program, you’ll need to open the tool in which you desire to run different sounds through your mic.

It can be any tool like Skype, video game, or some other recorder, chat app, or anything else according to the choice.

  • Navigate to the settings of the desired tool.
  • Then, select the downloaded program such as The Voice Meeter.
  • After that, select the program as the default audio input.

This step will allow you to produce different effects and sounds simply through the mic. This way permits you to run and transmit sounds without any problems, and it’ll also assist the other players in hearing the sounds. You’ll also be capable of hearing what you say through the sound you play.

METHOD #4: Make Use Of The Unconventional Speakers:

It is, by far, one of the simplest ways of transmitting voices and sounds through the mic of the device with the assistance of your unconventional speaker.

However, you have to acquaint that the sound you produce this way will produce extremely poor quality audio, and the gamers who listen to it might feel terrible about it as it might cause much noise for them. If you still think that it’s not a big issue for you or the audio receivers, then you’ll need to take the below easy steps for starting with it.

  • First off, if you’re making use of earphones or headphones, you’ll need to make sure that they’re near the PC and are closer to your speakers.

headphones near pc

  • It’s better to have a separate microphone for the purpose, though, as you can simply keep it in position near your speakers.

separate microphone

  • Now, you’ll need to connect the speakers to the audio source, such as your iPod.


This speakers’ connection with the outside audio source will assist you in building the direct connector system.

  • Now, when you play the item on the iPod, your speakers will broadcast it, and your mic lying near it will catch that sound.

So, while chatting, playing a game, or live streaming, when you’re speaking to somebody over the mic, that individual will be capable of hearing your sound media playing through your microphone too. However, as stated earlier, your quality of sound will be poor, and the quality of the microphone will not have any considerable effect on your audio quality in any case.

This method is simple and engages just some extremely basic steps that need no prior downloading and installation of any program. So, in this case, it’s an extremely safe way too for playing the sounds of all sorts through your microphone.

But if you and your buddies with whom you desire to share such an experience while streaming live or playing online games aren’t overly concerned about the noises that the microphone will catch and transmit to them from the surroundings, then you can go for this way any time and any day.

But if your buddies are concerned about the entire disturbance and background noise, then this way isn’t at all perfect for you. However, if you purchase a voice amplifier of good quality, it might assist you in the filtering of all of the background sounds and noise.

METHOD #5: Making Use Of The Voice Changer Program:

There’re a lot of voice changer tools such as MorphVox Pro that come together with the sound pad. Such programs can simply be downloaded from the official pages. The idea is that the voice changer tool will be capable of acting as the sound enhancer, and it’ll also work for modulating the pitch, tone, and background noises. So, what you have to carry out is to:

  • First, download any voice changer tool such as the MorphVox Pro.

MorphVox Pro

  • After that, on the system, you’ll need to connect the microphone to this program for playing the sound through the microphone.
  • When you connect the mic to the tool, it’ll automatically make sure if your connection has been made properly or not.
  • Then, you’ll need to navigate to the Audio Settings.
  • Next, search for the Hidden Connections option.
  • Now, click Hidden Connections.
  • Here, you’ll see the mic option.
  • Simply choose it for completing the connection between your voice changer program and the mic.
  • Now, as explained earlier, you’ll need to go through the configuration procedure.

You’re supposed to select the microphone as the default option in your output audio source. By following through the entire essential configuration protocols correctly, you’ll be capable of transmitting the sound and music that you desire to relay through the mic of your device.


You can make use of any of the methods mentioned above, and there’re a lot of programs accessible that you can make use of for this reason. However, while free downloading and installation, you have to make sure that the page from where you are downloading any program is legal and authentic.

In a lot of countries, making use of free or pirated programs is illegal, and sooner or later, it will have an off-putting effect on the system. Such free pages are prone to many cyber vulnerabilities, so you have to exercise a lot of vigilance while downloading any tool and making use of them on the PC.

All the methods mentioned here work absolutely fine if you get the configuration of the soundboard and the program correctly and if the mic is connected properly. You can begin your online gaming just like a pro with all the preferred sound effects, without any issue!

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