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How To Ping A Phone? 6 Methods To Find Location

Have you ever lost your cell phone and do not know where to locate it? Or have you ever forgotten the phone in some public travels and do not know how you can bring it back? Are you the concerned parent of a rebellious teen and feel the need to have an eye on their location? Here’s how you can ping a cell phone

If you’ve come across this type of situation at least once in your life, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a way to get the device back or keep track of the kid’s location for safety reasons. This method is actually known as pinging a phone.

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What Does Pinging A Phone Actually Means?


Pinging a phone denotes the procedure of determining the device’s location with any reasonable accuracy using the GPS installed on your phone. Through this procedure, a signal or message is sent to your device through the signal towers. Then the signal is returned with your device’s GPS location details.

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How Pinging A Phone Technology Really Works?

There are two methods a cell phone location can actually be located by the cellular network provider, Triangulation and Pinging. Pinging a phone is the digital procedure, whereas triangulation is an analog procedure of locating a phone location.

To ping in this context means to send a signal to a particular phone and have it reciprocate with the requested data. When the new digital phone is pinged, it determines its longitude and latitude through the GPS and sends such coordinates back using the SMS system.

Why Ping A Phone?

Well, this modern technology is actually utilized for locating the location of a lost iPhone or Android device, or at times this technology is utilized for keeping track of the live locations of individuals with criminal records.

Moreover, this technology is utilized by the android spy application companies for keeping a record of the user’s devices. A lot of parents who desire to keep track of their kids about their locations make use of diverse spy applications for tracking purposes.


But it’d be great if you remembered that spying or tracking on somebody’s device and location without their permission is against the law. Before installing any spy applications or utilizing any technique mentioned in this post, please inform your kid that you’ll track them.

Ways Of Pinging A Cell Phone:

There are a lot of ways of pinging an iPhone or Android device, but in this tutorial, we talk about six ways of pinging a cell phone to find the device’s location. Ways to locate a cell phone location or ping a cell phone are:

  • Default Phone Mechanisms
  • GPS Tracking Software
  • Ping from computer
  • Spy apps
  • Using the Phone’s Carrier’s help
  • Tracing the Phone Number Details

GPS Tracking Software:

The first and simplest method of locating a lost iPhone or Android device or keeping track of the loved ones and family location is pinging the cell phone utilizing GPS tracking software.

GPS Tracking Software

There are hundreds of Paid and free GPS tracking software available for iPhone and Android, but here we are listing a few of the best GPS tracking software for pinging a cell phone to locate its location. A few of the GPS tracking applications to ping a cell phone are listed below:

  • Google Maps:

Google maps is one of the most popular and reliable GPS tracking programs available for pinging an iPhone and android device to find the phone location.

Google Maps

It’s a free application and accessible for both iPhone and Android devices. Google maps allow you to manage the sharing options and make use of this technology for tracking the location of your lost device.

  • Life 360:

Life 360 is another great GPS tracking program that allows you to ping the phone to locate its location. It has a range of outstanding features. Along with locating the lost device, you can also keep a record of the location of the family members. Here we mention just two GPS tracking programs that allow you to ping the cell phone, but there are hundreds of other location-tracking programs accessible for iPhone and Android.

Life 360

Such GPS tracking applications are helpful in locating the live location of any device, but these applications will not function if the GPS isn’t enabled on the lost device or if a fake GPS application is installed on the lost phone. In such situations, you can make use of the second way we’re gonna talk about in this article.

Default Phone Mechanisms:

If your phone’s GPS location is disabled, then you can make use of the default mechanism of your phone for pinging the cell phone to find the location of your device.

Default Phone Mechanisms

By default, the android devices have an inbuilt feature known as Find My Device, and similarly, iPhones also have this inbuilt feature known as Find My iPhone that allows you to track the device’s location. Steps for pinging your phone utilizing Find My Device:

  • First of all, navigate to android.com/find.
  • After that, log in to the Google Account through Gmail details.
  • Now, you will see the live location of your lost phone on the map.
  • Furthermore, you can remotely erase some data, play a ringtone, or can lock the device.

Spy Applications:

This way isn’t suggested primarily as it’s a little risky for privacy. There are thousands of spy applications available out there that claim to track the phone numbers and even offer possible information from the victim’s phone.

Spy Applications

The majority of the spy apps operating in the stealth mode denote that after installing any device, it gets hidden and operates in the background. So, let’s find out the process of this method.

  • First off, you can easily download any spy application from the web as the majority of them need cash.
  • After installing, simply sign up.
  • Now, they’ll ask you to install the same app on your targeted device. So you need to install it on the device which you desire to keep track of.
  • Once that’s done, the app will ask you to enter the details that you logged up for. As that’s the verification step, you have to do this.
  • That is all. It’ll begin running in the background, and if you lose your device, you can simply track its location.

Ping From Computer:

This method you can utilize for locating the lost device’s location is to ping from the PC. Yes, with the help of the PC, you can ping the phone to find its location.

Ping From Computer

Follow the simple steps given below for pinging the phone utilizing your PC:

  • First of all, go to the Settings menu on your Android device.
  • After that, simply tap on the About Phone option.
  • Now, tap on Status and get the IP address.
  • Then, turn on the PC and look for the Windows Command Prompt.
  • Following, launch CMD as Run as Administrator.
  • Next, enter ping followed by the IP address of your Android device > hit Enter.

Tracing The Phone Number Details:

Another way of locating the location of a SIM number or your device is by tracing your phone number details. Many applications bring universal caller ID services to the phones, which assist in keeping track of your phone number.

Tracing The Phone Number Details

Showcaller, True caller, and CallApp are a few of the well-liked phone number tracker applications that allow you to check the SIM card owner name, registered place, and a lot more information. It’s more helpful to locate fraud caller, unknown caller location details.

Utilizing The Phone Carrier’s Help:

In case any of the above ways don’t work, the final option you can try to ping the phone is contacting your phone carrier. The mobile phone carrier companies assist their clients in locating the lost phone by tracing the live location of the device. They locate the phone location by utilizing the triangulation procedure.


Pinging a cell phone isn’t very complex. This tutorial will absolutely have solved the queries regarding how you can track a phone online or how you can find someone’s location by cell phone number. The above ways will assist you in pinging the iOS or Android simply.

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