Hide Text Messages On Verizon Bill

How To Hide Text Messages On Verizon Bill?

Verizon is one of the main multinational telecommunications agencies in the entire world. This company provides a lot of data, video, and voice services and solutions for global use on an efficient and large platform. The company offers reliable mobile connectivity and customer service.

The smartphones provided by the company make use of the 4G LTE network. Verizon has a very strict privacy policy, so nobody can access private info. Now, let’s talk about how to hind text messages on Verizon bill!

Here’s How To Hide Text Messages On Verizon Bill:


People frequently ask this question about how to hide text messages from phone bills. The requirement for hiding the messages might be diverse for everybody. The message you desire to hide might have some confidential material, so you do not desire others to see them.

Not all messaging applications offer the option to hide their message content. Here we’ve tried to provide a few practical methods for resolving the issue of hiding your messages. Have a glance at the following methods and check what can work best for you.

Method#1: Message Content Isn’t Viewable

First of all, it’s significant to acquaint that the Verizon bill doesn’t comprise the content of a conversation or the individual message. The bill just comprises the activity of the device as a whole.

One might not be capable of seeing the contents, but the numbers of the receiver and sender are displayed on your bill. With that, you can acquaint all those to and from activities of the device. As the content can’t be seen, you might not have to be anxious about the confidential info being leaked.

Method#2: How To Hide Text Messages On Verizon Bill: Delete The Messages

One method for keeping the message from other individuals’ views is to remove them. You do not need to remove the entire conversation if it’s not confidential. You can simply remove messages one by one by following the below steps:

  • First of all, open your web browser > log in to the My Verizon account.


  • After that, from the home screen that emerges on your screen, simply go to welcome, and a drop-down will emerge.


  • Then, choose the option of the Text online.

text online

  • On the phone, click conversation from the left-hand side.

conversation from the left-hand side

  • Next, choose the menu icon from the top corner of the phone screen.

menu icon

  • Then, click on remove message.

remove message

  • Now, choose all the messages you desire to remove, and on the lower corner, simply click the delete option.


  • Finally, click on yes to remove all your messages from your phone completely.

trash icon

This procedure stops others from reading your messages so you can actually have some privacy even if the number of message receivers emerges on your Verizon bill.

Method#3: Remove A Conversation From Your Phone

Another method of eliminating the risk of leaking private or confidential messages from your phone is to remove the entire conversation from My Verizon completely. You can make use of the phone for hiding messages. Perform the following below for removing a conversation successfully.

  • First of all, open the web browser > navigate to My Verizon account.


  • Then, from the opened Home Screen, go to Welcome.


  • After that, you have to select the Text Online option.

text online

  • Next, click on the Delete icon that’s the trash can.
  • Then, choose a conversation you desire to remove > click on Delete.

click on Delete

  • For removing all your messages, click on the select all option from the upper corner.

select all option

  • Now, choose the yes for confirmation.

It’s a convenient method for removing all your messages instead of hiding your messages from your phone. You do not have to be anxious if your messages are significant, as you can easily restore them by utilizing your phone and with some clicks when the danger has finally passed.

Method#4: Make Use Of The Vtech Service Of Verizon

As the Verizon bill hide your confidential messages, you may be worried about revealing the number of your sender. This issue can be fixed by making use of the Web interface such as the VTech service of Verizon. For seeing how it can be accomplished, have a look at the below steps:

  • The first thing you have to carry out is to simply browse the web > navigate to the Verizon Vtech site.
  • In the Send To section, enter the phone number of the individual that will be getting the text.
  • After that, in the Your Message section, enter the message you desire to send.
  • The most significant thing is to leave the From and Callback Number sections empty.
  • Finally, click on the Send option.

It might not hide your text messages but can really hide the number of your sender for avoiding the leakage of info as the contents of your message aren’t viewable in your bill.

Method#5: Make Use Of Some Private Messaging Application

One method for hiding your text messages from others is to make use of private messaging applications.

Private Messaging Application

There’re many of them accessible these days on the App Store, which assists them in keeping the conversation hidden from other individuals. As there are many tools that assist you in hiding your text message from appearing on your bill, we’ll be briefing some best of them down below.

  • Burner App:

Burner App

Just as its name suggests, this tool provides you a number that can be utilized for sending text messages and making phone calls. The incredible fact is that this number can easily be burned any time you want and upon contacting later, it’ll emerge out of service hence saving you the hassle.

  • Pinger: 


By making use of this program, you can simply communicate with other individuals without leaving a single hint on the phone bill. After the signup, it offers you a new number, so you can easily make use of it for texting or making phone calls simply.

  • Cover Me:

Cover Me

This tool is widely utilized for hiding text messages from emerging on the phone bill. Messaging with this tool is quite safe, and you can easily send a text to whoever you desire, and it’ll emerge on the phone bill.


We have mentioned a few methods above in the article to the issue of hiding your text messages from your Verizon bill. As the content of your messages doesn’t emerge on your bill, you might not have to be anxious. But if you still desire to be secure, then make use of any of the solutions mentioned above.

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