How To Fix LG G3 Shuts Down By Itself

Does the LG G3 shut down by itself quite often? Well, then you are not the only one; numerous LG G3 users are also coming across the same issue. A lot of LG G3 users have stated on the discussion platform that their new device has a behavior of shutting down frequently.

For a few users, the phone comes back to regular when the Power button is hit; however, a few users need to remove the battery and reinsert it for getting your phone to come back again. To fix the LG G3 shuts down by itself problem; here, we will concentrate on a few steps. You can follow them in an effort to remove this issue.

Potential Solutions For THE LG G3 Shuts Down By Itself Error:


LG G3 Shuts Down By Itself Error

You can make use of the following solutions to get rid of this problem:

Solution#1: Reinserting Your Battery

If the smartphone shuts down by itself with not a bit cause, simply try to start your phone by pressing and holding the Power button.

Reinserting Your Battery

Once your device restarts, utilize it and verify if the problem reappears.

If the phone shuts down again without any issue, then pull out its battery and insert it again after about thirty secs. Once it is re-inserted, reboot the device and check if the error is gone. For some of our readers, reinserting the device’s battery worked.

Solution#2: Disabling The Location Service

A lot of users have stated that they may efficiently get rid of the common shutdown issue simply by simply disabling the location services of the LG G3 device.

Disabling The Location Service

So, you can also carry out this method. For that:

  • First off, go to the Settings menu of the device.
  • After that, simply tap on the Location option.
  • Then, simply turn off the toggle next to the Location option.

It’ll disable the location services in the device. Make use of the device as normal and check if the issue comes up again, whereas the location services are disabled. If the problem is gone, then keep the location services disabled, except you really desire this service.

Solution#3: Updating The LG G3 Software

LG has acknowledged the problem of the automated shutdown, and it has released a fix for getting rid of the error.

Updating The LG G3 Software

Downloading the most recent updates at all times ensures that the present software program points and bugs are fixed.

Make sure you keep the phone up to date at all times to stay away from software program-associated problems. Follow the below steps for fixing the LG G3 software program:

  • First of all, navigate to the Settings menu of the G3 device> tap on About Device.
  • After that, simply tap on the Software Updates option in order that the device can check for brand new updates.

If it locates any brand new replacement, then be certain to update the device to the most recent software program. Since a few readers have found out that the phone does not show the brand new updates, and in case you come across the same problem, then connect the device to your computer on which your LG G3 computer suite is put in and get the updates.

Solution#4: Removing The SD card

At times, a corrupted or defective SD card might give rise to certain points in the new LG G3. So, remove your SD card from the device and make use of the device as common to check if the problem lies within your SD card.

Removing The SD card

If you will be capable of making use of the device with no problems and the shutdown issue has gone completely, then the SD card was inflicting the problem.

If you desire to make use of the same SD card in the device, then it is excellent to first transfer all your data from your card to a diverse device and format your card earlier than using it within the device once more.

Solution#5: Factory Resetting

In case you’ve already tried all of the solutions mentioned above, however, did not get any helpful end result, then the factory reset is the final choice for repairing this LG G3 shuts down by itself problem.

Factory Resetting

But before that, backup all of your data on the phone, as this process will remove the whole lot. You can do a factory reset by following the below steps:

  • First of all, navigate to the Settings menu of the device.
  • After that, simply tap on the Backup and Reset option > tap on the Factory Reset option.
  • Now, tap on OK for validating the choice.
  • Allow the device to remove all the data and go back to its unique state.

If you find the above method a little tough or having a problem carrying it out, then simply flip off the device:

  • First off, hit the Volume Down button and Power button and keep holding them until your LG G3 brand seems.
  • Once you see the LG G3 brand, hit the Power button and hit it and maintain once more.
  • When you see the Factory Hard reset display, release the buttons and make use of the Power button in an effort to select options and confirm.
  • After factory reset is done, maintain the watch if the problem is going on again after putting in any particular program.

Solution#6: Changing The Battery

If this issue just is not happening resulting from any software program issue, factory unit reset cannot help you in this situation. At times a faulty battery will also be the cause of the LG G3 shuts down by itself problem, so simply remove the battery and consider using one other LG G3 battery within your handset to check if the problem is fixed.

If your device works normally, then it is a battery-related issue. You desire to change the previous battery with a new one. Since it could be hard to set up for you if your battery has a problem, it is excellent to take it to a repair shop. You can even get in touch with the retailer or provider in case the phone is under guarantee and ask for a replacement.

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